I entered the femdom/findom scene in late 2014 and the more you grow, the more you know.

Some of what I've learned is common sense but I still want to share it with you!

1. Do not use your real name. All it takes is one stalker.

2. Do not post your phone number publicly. Same reason. 

3. Do not use paypal. I have seen some dommes use it for trusted subs but even that is risky and do not ever post your paypal email publicly. It will be shut down and any money on there will be lost. 

4. Every sub is different just like every domme is different. What works with one won't work with another. You have to learn to understand your sub. 

5. Do not beg for money. That is not financial domination and is a huge turn off to subs. 

6. It's best to not ever rely on a sub. They're unreliable. And if you need them to make ends meet, who is really in control of your relationship? Video sales and cam are at least more consistent. 

7. As a domme you are not better than other types of sex workers. We're all in this together. 

8. Calling someone loser and demanding money does not make you a dominant. There is much more to it than that. 

9. Don't ever let a sub push you into something you are not comfortable doing. 

10. Be original. It's better to be you than a cheap knock off of another domme. 

<3 Goddess Tay


Zaya Black
Zaya Black deleted Jun 17 2016

Really good advice! Even the common sense ones needed to be shared because some just don't realize.

DestinyDiaz Jun 17 2016

Great article Tay !!

Goddess Tay Jun 17 2016

I feel like I'm being patronizing with #1 but since many new dommes don't think it's sex work, they use their real name and concealing my identity is the only thing that saved me from an mfc stalker.

CoriiSiren Jun 17 2016

Most women don't realize that being a Domme is still considered sex work -- always protect your identity!

CoriiSiren Jun 17 2016

I'm so proud of you! This is a great article ♥♥♥

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