Ass To Mouth - TURNTABLE!

Only Britney Swallows Could Pull This Off...

Jul 12 2016 2 comments 1,636

To clarify (because I keep getting it wrong on camera) those 40 rotations from Ass to Mouth in my latest "ATM Turntable" video constitutes a personal record, not a world record. I don’t even know if there’s ever been an ATM record attempt. I’ve done the 20 and 30 ass-to-mouth repetitions before and I always planned on going for 40 or 50. Taking my experiences from the previous shoots into account I had a feeling that adding another ten reps would be exhausting enough, and I was right. There’s no way to relax during those 30 minutes. My abs were twitching, my thighs started cramping up, and my neck muscles got very tired. I even got dizzy towards the end (which I could have anticipated but didn’t) and started seeing black spots. Luckily I did not faint. And yes, it would have been much easier physically and mentally to shoot this as a pussy fucking scene. As the ambitious submissive slut that I am that wouldn’t have been half as challenging and exciting for me, though.

So, there are three things you might not notice while watching the movie that made this shoot possible after much trial and error.

1) The table. We needed a platform that was sturdy enough and just the right height for the stunt-cock (hubby) to be able to position himself comfortably. Just try standing with your knees bent for 30 minutes and you’ll see what I mean.

2) The chest mounted GoPro rig. Our camera needed to be operated hands-free. Mainly because of all the lube involved and also to help with rotation and the visual presentation of my boobs. Then there’s the constant fiddling around with Mr. Dickie as ATM involves a lot of insertions and re-insertions which make handling a camcorder almost impossible.

3) The Turntable. Bought this thing on Amazon and it turned out to be the best solution once we put a pillow on it. We’d considered rotating just the cushion on the table but it wasn’t slippery enough, and we almost went with lubing up the table-top itself but decided against it as it would have been painful and too rough on my spine.

The longer anal sex lasts, the dirtier it can get. It’s just like drilling for oil. The more you pump, the more you extract. There was a brief discussion of me having an enema beforehand, but I decided against it as you’ll be able to tell later on in the video if you look closely. So yes, this one like the others before it was also done as a Dirty Ass-to-Mouth shoot. No safety nets involved. Thankfully there were no terribly embarrassing incidents and whatever unclean moments have occurred those took place rather elegantly hidden in my mouth and throat.

Continually pulling out and re-inserting a cock into the anus is quite different than leaving the shaft inside the rectum and moving it back and forth without provoking the sphincter to open and close over and over again. There simply is more wear and tear as documented towards the end of the video. You can actually see me swell up down there. Can’t fake that. It wasn’t so much painful as it was abrasive which brings me to the question of lubricant. We were using a water-based gel instead of oil. Oil-based lube would have been much easier on my butthole, but it would also have been much more difficult to handle the camera and harness with greasy hands. Water-based lube tends to get sticky fast especially if you expose it to air a lot (as was the case here) plus I kept licking it off every 15 seconds. That’s where the mysterious glass of water comes into play. I’d like to make this very clear: the water was not for cleaning the dick off as you can clearly see by the order in which things happen. Ass, Mouth, Water, Ass, Mouth… and so on. The water has one function, and that is to make the lube that is still in my ass and on my anus more slippery. Even completely dried up lube gets reactivated by adding a few drops of liquid. So no cheating there either.

A few notes on the ending which by the way was not planned as it happened. As prepared as we thought we were, this time, we did not take into account that we’d need about 30 minutes for the whole show. We managed to get the 40th rotation in with the red battery icon blinking and at that point it was a guessing game whether to shoot the cumshot on the same charge or switch batteries and re-shoot the ending. It turns out we had to re-shoot five minutes after the 40 reps ATM ended. By that point, my better half started to relax and enjoy himself even more so instead of just me swallowing his cum we shot a whole new segment of hubby pounding away on my asshole but this time without the interruptions.

As I’m writing this, I have not yet seen the footage of that epilog scene. All I can remember is that I was much more relaxed and got insulted a lot for my bad grammar. There’s your amateur porn for you. A couple bickering during anal intercourse. Can’t get that from the major studios, right? That last issue (me sounding like and imbecile when I talk on camera) is also the reason I’m writing a lot about my videos on this website. With a camera in my face and a penis stuffed up my butt, I usually lose the ability to make any verbal sense. Sitting here taking an hour or two out of my day to collect my thoughts and correct my grammar is my way of making up for the embarrassment I feel watching myself try to speak English during a shoot. I get tongue-tied under the best of circumstances but with me almost fainting and being utterly exhausted after a dizzying ride on the ass-to-mouth turntable it’s no wonder I wasn’t as eloquent as I can be on paper.

The aftermath: My butt was fine next day, no chafing or swelling. I did not get a sore throat from the bacteria, no stomach infection. Hubby was slightly worried about a urinary tract infection (and believe me it happens if you do stuff like this) but he also felt fine after taking his Cranberry supplements and drinking so much water he pretty much peed all morning. Tricks of the trade.

Looking forward to reading your comments and opinions, have a great week everyone and thanks for watching!

Britney xoxo

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