Caught In PUBLIC!


Jul 19 2016 1 comment 3,500


To be honest, I'm still learning to use ManyVids, MFC and CB however I feel more comfortable on here at ManyVids. I am Brazilian I am still learning to speak English so thank all of you for being gentle with me.

Here's a funny story: 

One day I was doing videos on the road the police caught me, then arrested me and took me to the police station and everyone at the police station seen the video that I made, they deleted the video since it was illegal to have pornographic scenes in public and they scolded me for even being naked in public because "it is forbidden to be naked in public in Brazil''.

I must admit, since then I'm even more excited to make more videos in public!

I don't know why, I just love the idea of doing naughty things in public without everyone knowing! It is so hot! 

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<3 Andreza_ 

DaChampion Jan 24 2017

That's funny. I've seen Brazilian TV shows that indicate that nudity is allowed on broadcast television, or, something really, really close to nudity, and every clip of Carnival that I've seen has women in string bikinis and nearly naked, yet they arrested you and deleted your video for public nudity? Wow. Fight the power, Andreza! Fight for freedom and liberty.You're doing all of us who believe in freedom and individual liberty a favor with your super sexy videos whether you realize it or not.