How Did It Change My Life?

My Camming Story!

Aug 23 2016 4 comments 2,904

I always knew that I wanted to work in the adult industry. I never knew exactly how because I don't live that close to major cities and flying across the country alone scared the crap out of me at the age of 19. One day, I was sitting on my (now ex) boyfriends bed and browsing social media and saw one girl talking about how glamorous this other girl was and how she wished she had her job. Naturally curious, I went and did some creeping on Twitter to see what the job was. "Webcam Model." I knew what it was, however I just never knew that this was something that I could actually do. I didn't do any further research except find out what website this cam model was on and I instantly signed up. I patiently waited to get approved. 

I actually ended up getting a retail job three weeks prior to signing up for my first webcam site. It was some super sketchy place that wasn't paying me for the first three weeks and I had $20 to my name. I came home one night and saw that I was approved and ready to cam. I then decided that January 30, 2014 was going to be my first night on cam. I had never even watched any cam girls before to learn how to actually put on a good show like them. Tokens were rolling in before I knew it and didn't even know what a token was or what it meant. After 5 hours on cam, I had made about $300 dollars.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes once I saw that the money had been deposited into my checking account. I was shocked that this was actually real. The first thing that I did was fill up my gas tank because I never had enough money before to actually fill it comepletly. I was so dang proud of myself and was super excited to see what my future on cam had in store for me.

I continued working my retail job for about 6 months. I remember when I get my first check from my retail job and my (ex) boyfriend took about 90% of it just because he wanted to buy a PS4. I was in a terrible and abusive relationship.There was no way I was sharing my hard earned cam money with him. Eventually, I had enough courage to leave him and get out of that abusive relationship. I never told him about my "secret job" because I feared the worst with him. 

Camming has honestly changed my life for the better. I love the fact that I can set my own hours, be my own boss and feel comfortable and safe in my own home while working. I have severe social anxiety out in public and I have never felt more at peace with myself than I do on cam. I have also made so many true friendships! Not just models, but members as well that I truly value as a huge part of my life. I am honestly so grateful and so glad that I have found a job that truely makes me happy and confident in my own skin. 

<3 NicholeAbrams

fjdfjd Aug 20 2017

Very nice

Alena LamLam Aug 24 2016

Great Story! Good LUCK!

DestinyDiaz Aug 24 2016

Hell yeah girl! Great story, I remember first getting paid for cam and I was like .. HOLY SHIT! Its REAL MONEY

Goddess Siham Aug 24 2016

Amazing story & am so glad you got out of that relationship.Congrats and best wishes in all you do.❤️


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