Kink/Fetish Shaming

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Sep 17 2016 2 comments 1,033

Hello Everyone and thank you for reading this…

I wanted to write about something that is very close to my heart and that is Kink/Fetish shaming. I have had several people attempt to shame me and my significant other just due to our lifestyle choices. If you are reading this and thinking “Wow, okay where is this going to go?” or “What the hell is the point?” I’m getting there.

Kink and Fetish shaming is defined as a phrase or action that causes one to become uncomfortable within their own skin. One of my personal incident for example is, My Daddy Dom and myself were at a party amongst other people, mostly vanilla couples, and I asked permission to speak to another Dom over a topic that he had brought up. People stopped and looked at me weird due to me asking a question in my lifestyle’s manner. “Daddy, May I engage in the discussion at hand?” I was called all sorts of names like child and weirdo, and so was my Daddy. He was called a pedophile and a nasty man. In the world of DDlg, asking and calling our significant others whether they be Mommy or Daddy Dominants is not thing to be shamed over. We are very reluctant, some of us, to call them such names and be their little girls/boys.

My point to this whole blog is please don’t judge others on what they are into. Everyone is going to be different in what they like and don’t like. If someone doesn’t agree with your kinks/fetishes just look at them and say “I am, who I am and if it is not your kink/fetish then I am okay with that. I may not agree with what you like and/or do, but I respect you as a unique individual.” All that our world needs is a little bit more respect. So with this I say thanks for enduring my rant and hope that you find a piece of mind that at least one person in the world is not going to judge you for being you. We can celebrate all kinds of differences without judging. Uniqueness is something that should be celebrated! So shine on my friends! 

Thank again,

Luna Panda 

Iwanttocamwithu2 Nov 23 2017

Keep doing your thing

Iwanttocamwithu2 Nov 23 2017

People should judge not lest they be judge themselves