Thrills & Wet Panties

"It has been quite the ride."

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Holy Smokes!!

Into my 8th month here on MV & I can say it has been quite the ride. From that first day in October uploading my shiny new content satisfied with my work, the first Vid sale, to the highs and few lows that have followed.

Early Content & Now:

Personally for me when I look back at my content I am never satisfied and always highly critical that It could of somehow been better. Thankfully the great comments and reviews help pull my head from my ass and allow me to feel proud about the content I make. Even before using lighting etc. some of those vids have such a raw look and feel that I begin to appreciate them more.

When I look at the array of content I have now it makes me immensely proud to have not only tried out new things, but enjoyed them and created some of the most highly charged art capable of being shot. Squirting being one of my personal favorite new fetishes, along with queefing lol.

Making Vids:

The greatest part: the making of. This for me is the best part of it all. Coming into the room sometimes with an in-depth script for a custom or with no script and just myself, toys and an array of outfits. Set them lights on bright and away I go. I find filming a custom totally different to filming one of my own Vids. You have a responsibility to ensure you get the right look and feel and portray what your buyer is looking for & bring to life their fantasy. Its such a thrill (and turn on) once you have sent it and are waiting for the feedback. When it comes to making my content great, I have discovered that everything I thought I enjoyed about sex was only the tip of the iceberg. There were some genres I had never heard of prior. Not one to be put off by indulging in other fetishes, I have embraced them, loved them, and probably had an extra 100 Orgasms for doing so. Its such a turn on doing something different that’s for sure.

Highs & Lows:

Highs are probably one of the most common things here on MV. Whether it's a compliment, some hearts on your profile or a good review etc. Then the HEART SKIPPER , Sales!!! That shot of adrenaline, the feeling of satisfaction & the dampness left in my panties. All that hard work paying off before your eyes, pure bliss and satisfaction, knowing you are going to make someone have an epic climax.

Lows are few mainly brought on by myself, the day you don’t get a sale or your month has started lower than your tits when you pop your bra off. But that is when you need to be rational. Fuck I'm only in my 7th month, was not heard of before that and can not expect to be like the Boss lady's up at the top. I have to look at it with a clear perspective. If I have done promotional stuff and feel I have done everything in my power to improve what else can I do?

Many Vids:

All in all, my first 8 months have been epic! I have grown as a person, but also grown sexually. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking a juicy cock just as much as the next girl, but I have found so many other kinks, fetishes, and taboos that I just can't keep my clothes on or panties dry. Last but definitely not least, I have had so many pleasant experience's with you the MV members, from your kind words and compliments to supporting us girls, together we have created the best adult site on the net!.

Love Roxi


CameronCabrel deleted Sep 11 2017

Love it! Great to read such a positive experience!

curvymodelmilf Aug 30 2017

Great article..keep up the great work!!

HannibalKing May 26 2017

Very pleased to be one of your buyers. That custom video is just fantastic. Loving it.

NoelLiamKelly May 25 2017

Very well said 💕😘

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 25 2017


XMeganScottX May 24 2017

Amazing ❤️😘

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 25 2017


FuckingMILFmay May 23 2017

Love the article! You are right I have grown so much sexually since joining MV. So many things I had never experienced or thought about that I am glad to say I have now done.

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 23 2017

Thank you so much <3

ReedandKelly May 23 2017


Roxi Red
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Haubgirl May 22 2017


Roxi Red
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Popups1 May 22 2017

I'm new on here and I need a friend

DirtyKristy May 22 2017

really enjoyed reading this (I've noticed you climbing the ranks, you're awesome) and I can totally relate, I've been learning so much since I joined MV :)

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 22 2017

Thank you . Us Girls rule. Love your naughty content :facial::x

Tigger Rosey May 22 2017

:) love your previews girl! always something interesting.

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 22 2017

Aww thank you :x:x

Brea Rose May 21 2017

Woohoo well done roxi!!

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted May 22 2017

:x thx Huni xx

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