Stop People From Stealing Your Content

Helpful Words From Pimp G

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So, you have taken the time to shoot some videos and have uploaded them to ManyVids. People have been purchasing your videos and you’re making some pretty decent money.  

However, you have been alerted because you have discovered that people are uploading your videos to tube/porn sites.  

Possibly you have seen your images being uploaded to other third party sites that you charge for on ManyVids, too. This is a big problem that many amateur and professional models are facing on a daily basis. So, you're probably wondering what you can do about it?

People up
loading your content to porn sites hurt you because:
It cuts into your profits and it is illegal.

It’s very common for someone to purchase your video and then upload it to a porn site. It might be a good idea to use these sites if you want to generate money from them, but if someone else is doing it to profit from it, it’s a big problem. As cam models, you might see your content floating around on the following sites, and many more: PornHub, xVideos, xxnx, Alohatube, & xhamster.

About DMCA Takedowns

Obviously, don’t panic or get mad about the situation. Let me explain what a DMCA takedown is. DMCA takedowns can be used to get your content taken down. It is copyright infringing content that needs to be removed from a website. Webmasters and hosting companies take DMCA takedown notices very seriously. The reason being is because there can be some drastic legal actions if they fail to comply with these DMCA takedown emails.

But first, before you proceed to send a DMCA takedown, remember that they should be your last resort. Instead, contact the site owner first. You can always contact the site where your content is on and ask that they, please remove it. You can easily do this by finding their contact page on their website. Most of the time this will work and within 2-3 days your content will be removed from their site.

If a week goes by and you don’t hear back from the site owner, you could send a DMCA takedown notice. But, make sure you pay close attention because there are some real ramifications to sending a DMCA takedown notice as a cam model.

DMCA Takedown Notice Mistakes

Do not send them your personal contact information. This is a very risky move that cam models make daily. The reason being is because you don’t want your personal information floating around on the internet or some crazy stalker to get their hands on it. There have been a handful of stories where people have done that and have been harassed and even blackmailed. It’s the sad truth, and it’s a crazy world that we live in. Instead, I would encourage you to use your stage name or alias that you are using for your adult camming ventures.  

Also, send the DMCA Takedowns to the right place. For large porn sites such as the ones mentioned above the correct email address would be You simply put the word legal before the @ and then the domain name. Again, this should be your last resort, though.

DMCA Takedown Notice Example:

"My name is NAME, and I saw my video/images on URL.  A website that hosts with you, according to WHOIS is infringing on my copyright material.  

This content was taken from URL without my permission.  

The unauthorized and infringing copy is found at URL.

This letter is an official notification under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and I seek to have the infringing material removed from your servers. I request that you contact the infringer immediately and inform them of their duty to move the infringing material immediately and notify them to cease any further posting of infringing material to your server in the future.   

Please be advised that the law requires you, as a provider to either remove or disable the infringing material upon this notice.  

I am providing this notice in good faith that you remove the infringed content. Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the information stated in this notification is both true and accurate.  

If you wish to discuss this matter please contact me directly.


Services To Send DMCA Takedown Notices

It’s a wise move to invest in a DMCA takedown service to help keep your stolen content from appearing on lots of different websites. There are lots of DMCA services, but a lot of them do not support adult content. One site "CammodelProtection" is very popular in the adult webcam world because they will handle all these DMCA takedown notices on your behalf. I wouldn’t sign up for CammodelProtection when you begin your adult camming ventures, though. Instead, wait until you have started generating some money and start noticing that people are stealing your content. It’s going to be a monthly expense, and in the beginning, you don’t want any more monthly expenses.

However, ManyVids will send DMCA notices on your behalf, FREE of charge, if you simply send the stolen links along with the links to the original vids on MV to their support team at

Watermark Your Videos & Images

Also, I would highly recommend that you start watermarking your images or videos if you haven’t already been doing so. For videos, you can use these to watermark your videos: Window Live Maker, Format Factory, VideoMaker, JahShaka, VirtualDub.

For watermarking images, you can use: Digimarc, PlumAmazing, & Watermarker.

Final Thoughts

It’s really quite annoying to deal with people stealing your adult content, and it decreases your income potential, too. However, it's a real problem that you need to think about once you start generating some decent money.

Are there any sites that you have seen people constantly uploading your content on? Please leave your comments down below.

- Pimp G from YesWebCam

Pic provided by: Roxy Cox 

Very informative thank you



So useful. I haven't had any problems with ppl posting my content on other pages but I will for aure ce back to this page of it ever happens. Thank you so much for sharing.

HELLO Ladies! If you'd like information on how to remove links from googles search if the site that hosts your stolen content ignores DMCA notices feel free to PM me and I will send you a link on how to get the URLs taken down from google search. You can't take them off the site if they ignore the DMCA but we can stop people from googling your name and searching for your stolen content!

Awesome! Thank you for this. I deal with this a lot. Luckily when I report them back to MV they are usually taken down. I would love to know if MVs new thumbprint feature has been working, it would make me feel better. I super appreciate the great guys close to me who send me the links to have them taken down xx

Nope not at all! :(

It's been working somewhat for me. Or at least I rarely see videos that I uploaded after it was added posted anywhere.

love this and love roxy too, its hard not to love her more after how helpful this was

There are many sites where I have found my videos such as (such an ugly name) or  they don't only steal my videos but they record every webcam show I make and upload it. It is horrible and I have paid cammodel protection but it doesn't seems to work much. I have over 700 videos of my shows and uploads in those sites!

What site do you cam on?

I've been trying to get my content off Anon V for years but they just don't remove or respond :(

My Free Cams!

It is horrible. It sucks!

Friendly heads up! Don't post the names of those sites because you're directing traffic to them and that's not what we want :) avoid giving them the exposure they need to stay afloat.

Whoever owns the copyright to the cam show should be able to request they are taken down. It's either you, or the webcam site not sure which, but yes they should be able to be removed with DMCA too.

We haven't run into this issue yet, but thank you for the helpful information. Literally just mentioned to the bf that we needed to start watermarking our stuff. Thanks!!

ashfiles Sep 17

thanks for very helpful article! :)

Thanks for your helpful info :)

This is great information, thank you so much for sharing this. <3

Super awesome! I found they change your name so you don't find them as well. It's things like this, models need to look out for each other! I've messaged several girls just to ask if it was them.

Thank you so much. I've been asking this of other stars for a long time.

This is such a helpful article!! Thank you! I get really upset about piracy and half the time just cry and feel like giving up. I feel like I'm constantly waiting for one or another video to be removed from Pornhub. It's so dodgy. I would say that ManyVids is really helpful in helping models remove content! I usually try to do it myself first, but MV has always been amazing when I needed help with pirated content!! <3<3<3

What do we do in cases where the pirated content is a list of downloadable files posted online? Or trying to access the link itself requires sign up to some crazy file downloader and/or mirage of ads that make it impossible to copy and paste to report in the dmca?

Thank you for posting this article. This is such great info! I always watermark all my videos and photos for this exact reason. Not only does it deter people from stealing your work, it also prevents people from using your stuff to catfish others.

phani3 deleted Sep 15

Amazing info thank you!!

This is great information, my cam shows are routinely ripped and put all over the place

Kitty_LeRoux Jun 21 2017

If it's a video you host here, there is a dmca request in the "contact us" section on manyvids. Also, if you're camming, your camsite is usually willing to send them on your behalf. I'd try there first before you try yourself. Streamate and ManyVids have both helped me with dmcas

yeswebcam Jun 24 2017

Great that they both helped you!

GeorginaGee Jun 21 2017

This is doo true and annoying it took me 1 month to get something taken down

yeswebcam Jun 21 2017

Yeah, it can be a long process to get your content remove once you find out someone is stealing your content.  Glad you got it sorted out though.

Snowbunnyy deleted Jun 21 2017

Thanks for the help I struggle big time with guys posting my videos

yeswebcam Jun 21 2017

Might consider signing up for accounts where you have seen them doing it.  Then you can watermark it and generate traffic and revenue from it.

curvywitch Jun 21 2017

Mine keep getting reposted on xhamster! They're slow to help, so in a few cases I just messaged the poster and asked them politely to remove my content. And it worked! I was shocked.

yeswebcam Jun 21 2017

Good to see that you got your content removed.  Just asking sometimes will get content removed.

Abbie Nooday
Abbie Nooday deleted Jun 21 2017

Great article. I have been wondering about what to do if something like this ever happened myself. Although my first instinct would probably be to comment on the video with spam to pimp myself out :H

yeswebcam Jun 21 2017

Lol, could go that option.  Say something like "thanks for stealing my video"!.  There are certain laws that might get you into trouble posting my video, though".  That should raise some flags and chances are they will probably just remove the content.

Cattie Jun 21 2017

This is definitely an article we all needed! Thank you for elaborating and sharing <3 
Also, a sidenote for MV models: you CAN email support to have them file the DMCA for you so you don't have to panic about giving any of your information to any sites. Just be sure to give them the link to the video of your privated content and the link to where it can be found on your MV page. 
 I am curious though, for those of us who have older content that is not located anywhere on our platforms anymore (ex: retired videos), how are we to go about getting those taken down? Being there is no "proof" to quick link to.

 I also want to add that if any models/members come across a model's leaked content, to link the model PRIVATELY (I have had people link it in a Tweet or elsewhere where EVERYONE can go view it and that was a major downer) so they can have it removed immediately. It's a pleasant little thing we can all do to help each other out in the community and only takes a moment of your time.

Cattie Jun 21 2017

Some of the links provided don't work, fyi. Just a heads up

yeswebcam Jun 22 2017

That is a good tip about contacting ManyVids to help get your content removed.  Our security is one of the most important parts of being a cam model.  We don’t want our private information on the internet to fall into the wrong hands.  I have read a lot of stories about cam girls that got stalked and even had death threats against them.

That is a good question about older content, though.  I would certainly like to read the answer to that question.  Possibly someone that has dealt with that issue could leave some feedback on it.

In regards to some links not working?  Which ones are not working?

For removing older content, Cam Model Protect has always removed it for me upon request, even if it's not on any of my pages anymore :)

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