Why Camming is Not What You Think It Is

It's much more than just porn!

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I was thinking about this blog for a long time, so here it comes. Being a cam girl is more than just porn and being naked and do sexual stuff on cam. The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize it myself when I just started camming. I didn’t know what exactly I could expect from this whole experience.

The reason I started is simple. I like meeting new people (open minded people) and just the whole entertaining idea of dancing on music, teasing. I just love it all. But we also get so much bullcrap from some people, so disrespectful at times, and that is hard for us as cam models. We don’t want bad vibes and people who mistreat us.

Some people think it is actually easy for us, you just put your cam online and get naked and do stuff, but there is so much to it. Most other people don’t even know. We need to promote ourselves every day, keep it interesting for the people who follow us. Most of us sell Snapchat so you also need to snap at certain times of the day. And that above all the other things you already do in your own personal life.

Even the communication with our followers on cam and off cam is important! When you have your regulars you talk to them also off cam. You are almost friends, you get to know some people in a whole other aspect and they really open up to you most times. You know stuff that some people in their lives don’t even know. There are a lot of human elements to being a cam girl that's not just about sexual stuff. 

And I can say this is really a turning point for me. This is for me the first time I actually am opening up and not being afraid anymore about the whole coming out that I am a cam girl (which I had for a long time, made it so much harder for me to cam regular). People just need to do what they love and be happy with the person they are. I just hope that people get a better idea of what it means really to be a cam girl instead of what most people think of it.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Would love to get some feedback or to read your comments below!<3

Lots of love,

Nova Anne

Hi Nova Anne I totally agree with what you say, I'm a male non cammer but have built up a fantastic friendship with the most amazing cam girl. I understand full on what goes into camming on a daily basis and producing videos for sale. It's not just a quick couple of hours in front of the camera it's so much more. You get the abusive ones but there are some decent ones out here which I class myself as, hopefully she'll agree lol.
Like you say with Snapchat now you're under more pressure timewise as it's not just when you're on cam.

Then you have your private life to squeeze in somewhere in the day if you're lucky.
Having met and befriended a fantastic cam girl I have total respect for all models and what they put themselves through on a daily basis.
Any enough from me 
Thanks again for posting sweetheart 💖💖

Wow. You are so courageous. All of this time, I thought that being transgendered and being discriminated against and having to tell your loved ones, or being poor and getting ready to be evicted were real hard issues. Thanks for being so strong and courageous. Now, my eyes have been opened !!!!

Thank you for this BLOG Nova Anne! <3 
I feel like many have a false perception of how hard *cam models* really work. 
Like I always say not everything is for everybody & it definitely takes a special someone to be successful in this line of work. 

XOXO - Ruby

💯Very True the investment in self is real. The on the job requirements are steep as well. The diligence it takes to be successful.


Absolutely ☺️ So true 💕

Not to mention all the money you have to put in to having quality content! You are spending money to make money. Lights, decorations, toys, lingerie, decent camera, camera equipment, paying someone to film for you, editing, all of that. I myself aren't even able to get all of it yet and try my best to have the most quality content I can but all of that sure helps! Thank you again for this article, really sheds light on everything we do. I'm very new to this and it's already more demanding than any "real" job I've had. You're amazing, thanks for this<3

So true! We spend money to make money! And if it pays of its great, otherwise it really sucks at times! I will make more of these topics, just to let people more into the whole thing. And be open as a person. Loved doing this! And thank you for more points that I could have used in this blog! Lots of love <3

I have to admit i had no idea about what being a cam Girl was, and It was enough with 15 minutes connected to change all my conception. I had a (short) great time, and i only  chatted!! (i couldn't be there for the tease part XD). Also, the part of promotion and being always there for the followers must be difficult.

Holy crap, haha just woke up too the message that my post went online!! Super awesome and excited and I really appreciate all the sweet comments I've read! You girls are amazing! <3 Lots of love to all of you babes!

I'm new to camming and this really helped me embrace who I am and the cam girl I want to be. Thank you so much :)

So true and so we'll said! Great job babes xx

karma_rx Aug 31

Love it!

You could not have said it better!  We build connections....we work hard and appreciate those who appreciate us!  It's not just porn!   Great going girl!

Nice to know I'm not alone on this :) thank you for taking the time to do this I found your words very inspiring to keep on being me :x

Cattie Aug 31

So true! Too many members (and even new coming models) take advantage of us because they think it's "easy"... But there is so much that really goes on. Not just ON camera, but behind the scenes. I've been butting heads with members lately who can't grasp the concept of this stuff. SMH So thank you for sharing this! Hopefully it'll enlighten everyone more.

Love this ❤️️

Camming is such a hard job and so few people realise that. Great article. Xx

this is the hardest part to explain to people!  Many think that i just spread my holes on the web, but it is so much more than that.  I love my regulars <3

Girl me too! They think it's just shoving stuff inside of me. They don't realize we actually build relationships with people and I talk more than I do anything. 😂😂

Thank you for this; so so so important to read!

Camming is extremely hard and truly rewarding.  It's not for every person for sure.  I think you got to have a ton of personality to be a cam model.  Hope to see you online soon. :x

Yes, if you don't promote you don't exist. And snap is a window nice sometimes and exausting anothers because you have to be there for the fans, they spect you send them nice stuf and bother to look what they share. I love when they share things, i know they are there  but find the equilibrium between pay them anetntion, snaps and have life is a challenge. Snap is what more time takes me every day... Is not like an advert you can set up, is new stuff everyday.

So true. It is like having 3 full time jobs. Having fans all over the world in different time zones means you are always on in some form or another.

MoxiMinx Aug 30

Spot on! Major props for coming out & adding a humanistic touch to what we do. It is a daily challenge, & takes guts, personal/social life sacrifice, along with all the positive aspects of camming. Good post Nova Anne <3

all the yeses! xx

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