How To Get Off To A Good Start On MV

Follow these simple tips!

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Many girls join sites like ManyVids and expect to be successful overnight. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Anyone can do well from these sites, but it takes work and dedication. There are thousands of girls competing on ManyVids, and you have to stand out. It can be frustrating when you're just starting out and you aren't seeing much action. The road to the top can be slow. Here are some tips to have early success right away.

Have At Least Ten Vids - It may seem like a good idea to post your profile after you've made your first video. After all, you're really excited about starting your new profile. However, when you're new to a site, a lot of guys will be interested and look at your profile. It's good to have plenty of content when you put up your site. This way visitors can become fans, and also, visitors have more choices of videos to buy. Having over ten videos lets members find out more about you, and what you specialize in.

Provide Free Content - Have some free content on your page. At first, put it at the top so potential fans will be attracted to it. Free videos will give members an idea of who you are and what your videos are like. However, you don't want to give everything away for free. The videos should tease the member into wanting more. Free content can bring in fans. Also, freebies will attract members to your page, and they may end up making a purchase.

Update Frequently - This will keep your followers coming back for more. It will help to generate interest and excitement about your page. It also will help you gain fans, as they come back to check your page for new content. Also, the more you update, the more videos you will have in your collection for members to choose from.

Offer Customs - Offering custom videos is a great way to get fans and regulars. When you're just starting out, custom videos are a good way to not only make devoted followers, but also have copies of vids you can add to your profile. Custom videos also can give you a good idea of what your fans would like to see. I find customs to be very beneficial.

Promote Yourself - It's important to promote yourself. Enter contests to get your name out there even if you don't plan on winning. Post on people's walls, both MV Stars and members. Leave lots of hearts. This will attract members to your page and get you hearts in return. Don't be shy to write on a member's walls and ask them to visit your page, or offer them a deal on videos. Promocodes can be very helpful. You can make a promocode and send it to people. It promotes your page while offering a deal that they may appreciate and take advantage of.

Use Social Media - Having a social media page can be very helpful in getting your videos out there. It lets your fans know more about you than they would from your video store. You can post information that you can't post on your store page. You can promote videos with promocodes and extra teaser clips. You can let your followers know when you're providing a new service. The benefits are endless.

Always Be Friendly - Drama isn't necessary. There are always going to be people on these sites who are jerks. It may be tempting to start a flame war with someone, but in the long run, you will end up looking stupid. People take sides on these things, and it's better to always ignore haters to the best of your ability, or report them.

I would just like to say that among all the sites I've dealt with, I find ManyVids to be the best. They have an intuitive, cellphone friendly layout, which is important because a lot of people watch porn on their phones. They also let MV Stars communicate with members in a way that makes it easy to attain fans. Their customer service is excellent if you have a problem.

Hopefully, this guide will help you have a great start. I have used my own experience to write this. I wish you all success! 


Very informative thank you for sharing your knowledge :)

Great post

Great post and alot of good insight... Thanks

Very helpful details, thank you for :)

Good ideas...ty!  Much success to all!

thanks for the tips

Great collection of tips! I'm just starting out, so this was really helpful! Thank you!

Thxx for the tip😍😍😍

NinaDoll Jan 19

nice tips :x

Thanks so much for the pointers :)

Best of luck to ALL MV stars old and new!!

thanks for the tips

Nice to see tips from a successful MV Girl! Will definitely keep them in mind ^.^

good advice, social media is very important <3

love this, I'm just starting out and needed a little help. This article was fantastic and I'm going to put these tips to the test :)

Love this blog! Truly a great read for girls just starting out, or even girls who made need a little extra help. :) I know I could have used this back when I started! <3

Pretty good tips given here, the social media tip is probably the most important tip in terms of getting overall page and video views. We do well with our current social media but we were recently indefinitely suspended from Twitter and our page views took a nice hit but sales stayed the same. But Twitter, Tumblr and even an Instagram really help get your media out there.

Hi! I dont get the "post on people's walls" part. I thought after a couple messages, you get an automatic ban for spamming. I mean, A while ago I messaged very member who had an expired membership, I offered a promo code to renew their membership and after a couple messages I got banned and had to contact support to lift the ban. Then MV support told me to please avoid that kind of stuff because that could get me banned forever. I'd like to know whats the limit to post on people's walls. I'm very afraid to do it again. MV is my only income

I have little in ManyVids and I know that your advice will work to the fullest, I love ManyVids is the best of the best!<3<3<3

Good pointers for true newnees ..

Thank you!! <3

thank you so much. this helped alot.

Super awesome advice!

I'd say these are great tips not only for girls just starting out, but for all the girls!! :)

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