MV Xposed: DaisyFae

An In-depth Interview!

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Today, we're in conversation with DaisyFae. She is a sexy nerd who loves video games and sucking dick. What a combo right? Let's dive in! 

How did you start your career journey as a cam model?

When the PS4 first came out, I was going into the playroom and broadcasting myself. I would show off, wear cute outfits and be a little too flirty with the viewers that I ended up being banned often, until someone mentioned Chaturbate. About a year later or so, that's where I went first to cam.

What’s the story behind your model name?

I have always liked flowers, and daisies are simple yet so pretty that I felt Daisy matched myself. I wanted something sweet and short to go along with it, and Fae sounded the nicest to me.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I like to play video games, usually an fps. I've been playing Player Unknown's Battlegrounds lately (PUBG), and before that I was playing CS: GO most the time. I have a PC, and a PS4, although I usually use my pc for gaming competitively. I love arts and crafts as well, and often like to be making something and working with my hands.

You have quite a variety of vids on your MV Profile. What’s your favorite kind of vid to film?

I love making all sorts of videos, but dirty talking videos are my favorite! I'm really able to get into the scenes and it makes me so wet imagining someone hearing me tell them naughty things. Dirty talking makes me feel so in charge and in control even if I'm being submissive.  I'm such a shy person, but through camming and especially making videos, I've been able to gain confidence in myself and feel comfortable doing the things I like.

What is your favorite sex act, and what does it involve?

I love sucking dick, feeling a cock all over my tongue. Making their cock pulsate and force them to edge, hearing them moan and grab my head. I love feeling a mans hand with a fistful of my hair, tugging it back and forth on their dick. Looking up at them and having them shoot a thick load onto my face, sucking up the rest with my mouth and opening up wide to show them how cute I look with their cum all over my face and tongue.

Could you give us a general idea of your ideal romantic partner?

An ideal partner would be kind, but aggressive. Can tell me exactly what he wants, or take it whenever. Always grabbing, and touching me like his little slut but also being aware when I need to be cuddled and romanced and remind me of how special I am to him.

What turns you on the most? And what turns you off the most?

I like gentle but aggressive moves, if that makes any sense. When a man knows how to take charge and lead the way and knows what he wants. I'm not into anything painful, little slaps and spanks are totally fine but nothing that makes me really hurt.

In terms of your career, are there any things that you would’ve done differently if you could go back to when you had just begun?

I wish I took it more seriously. I use to have a lot more time available for camming and I just didn't really take it in like I should have. I feel like I could've been so much more successful if I had just put in the effort. I'm busy with my other job nowadays, that I'm always considering what I could be doing better and thinking of ideas for vids and stuff.

You currently have no tattoos, would you consider getting one? If yes, what tattoo and where would you get it?

I love tattoos and always admire others who have them. I will get one in the future, but I'm so finicky that I'm too afraid to have anything permanent on myself. I'm going to get a daisy someday, and probably on my wrist or behind my neck.

Could you say something for your fans?

I'm so grateful for everyone that I have met in this industry and my fans have made me feel so special and cared for. Everyone I have the pleasure to work with make my life so much better and I appreciate all of my fans being there for me. All my fans hold a special place in my little heart.

Now it's time for 10 quick questions! 

My favorite meal to cook is: cheeseburgers or enchiladas. I personally love cooking, but those are always the tastiest meals.

If I suddenly became a 60-foot giant, the first thing I would do is: go skinny dipping in the ocean and try to find lost treasures.

When I can't sleep at night I like to: read or meditate.

My favorite toy to use is: my vibrator along with my dildo attached to the wall for sucking.

I can't start my day off without: cold black coffee. I have low energy from staying up playing video games usually and cold black coffee is the easiest to drink for me.

My favorite part of my body is: my face, I have a love-hate relationship with my face but I find myself to be beautiful in my own ways.

If I could transform into an animal, I would turn into: an elephant because well, they're amazing and smart.

If I had three wishes granted to me by a genie, I would ask for: eternal happiness for everyone on earth, world peace, and bigger boobs.

If i had no internet for a week: I guess I would play video games, go to the beach and read.

My biggest sexual fantasy is: probably a BBC threesome with two men. Have them treat me like a used up whore, and have their cum all over my face when they were done fucking me.

Thank you very much Daisy! Let us know in the comments how you enjoyed this interview, and make sure to go check out her vids! 

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Lovegun Oct 8

Hurry up and get two guys with BBC's to make it happen;)

r18man Oct 8

such a beautiful story and person you are :)

DaisyFae is going places in life... I just get that vibe from her. (V))<3

Video games and sucking dick...Where have you been all my life.  Excellent interview!!

Awesome interview! I love my small perky boobs with chocolate nips.

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