Bubble Bath Contest!


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Splish Splash!

Introducing the: Bubble Bath Contest!

Whether you're a bath bomb queen, a bubble bath lady, a rubber ducky enthusiast, or even just a hot shower kind of gal, we want to see all of your sexy wet and bathtub themed photos on the contest page NOW!

Voting will begin Wednesday, October 11th at 3:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm EST!

The prizes are as follows:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best photo = $50

Want to vote? Stop by on Wednesday and show support for your favorite MV Stars!

Soak away your troubles with a few bubbles!

*Photo provided by the beautiful Aylin Aysun 

analoggirl deleted Oct 13

Dang, barely missed my chance! I did a bubble bath set not too long ago. ;)

Good luck ladies! :*)

coupletherapy69 deleted Oct 11

first time on a contest, lets see how I do :P

CammingJ Oct 11

got all set up to take the photos in my blood red bath, now all i need is a bath buddy!!

Love this theme!!:W Any excuse for a bath ^.^:*)

Yay!! I love getting wet & wild :@:W

This is one of my favorite themes! Grab your rubber ducks girls! xoxoxo

Good luck!!!!

Good luck ladies.


Love it!

CameronCabrel deleted Oct 10

Excited! Good luck lades!

GorgeousGoddess deleted Oct 10

This is my first ManyVids Contest .. :W:);)<3 :W  <3:W<3_|_ wish me Luck, as i do with the rest of these sexy gals :) <3

Can’t wait to see everyone’s bubbly photos! :W

Amy Day Oct 10

This is my first ever ManyVids contest I'm entering, I hope anyone that likes my pic clicks the vote!   ~Amy

Excited to enter this one. Hope my fans will vote!

Im in please vote if nothing else at least it gets my name and picture out there... Since still haven't fixed the feed to promo new uploads urrrgghh!!

So I'm not just imagining things the feed use to feature new uploads right?

I have a serious love of baths lush is my home and I'll be starting a bath product company soon first contest, I'm so very excited

i like this one ^_^

I cant wait... Im still prettt new at this but it will be my 3rd contest :)

Good luck yall!

This is great! Thanks Manyvids! And hey guys! I'll be offering crazy deals for paid votes, check me out!

sparklebomb deleted Oct 9

sound good!

Cattie Oct 9

Scrub-a-dub-dub, who wants to join me in the tub?!:bubble_bath::shower:

Bsingu Oct 9


I'm so there, will. Ring the bubble bath and candles

Cattie Oct 9


Love this, great entries already 😘 xx

This is going to be awesome!:A

Sounds fun! entered!

(Y)) Nice theme!

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