The Bubble Bath Contest has officially ended and here are the results!

We are thrilled to announce that MV Girl EroticCecelia (pictured above) is the winner of the $50 cash prize for the best photo! Great Job - your picture is amazing!

Congratulations to MV Girl Sophie_Fennec for coming in 1st place! You and your fans have managed to win you the grand prize of $500! Great work!

Image title

MV Girl Maggie Green is the 2nd place winner for the $200 prize with her fabulous photo!

Image title

And, last but not least, MV Girl IbizaLuci and her sexy photo landed in 3rd place winning the $100 prize!

Image title

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and more importantly to all of the MV Stars and their wet & wild photos! You ALL have made this contest awesome and possible!

Stay tuned for the next MV contest ;)

-MV Team


Congratulations ladies! <3<3

Roxi Red
Roxi Red deleted Oct 13

Well Done Ladies :A

Congratulations to the winners & good job everyone who participated :*) it was fun! & I can see why EroticCecilia won best photo :A

So many great photos😍

Congrats all!

Congratulations! Really love the winning picture. <3

well done winners! <-<-<-<-

Scorpiio Oct 12

Congrats girls ! :A

CameronCabrel deleted Oct 12

Congratulations everyone! :D



Lovely 😍

Congrats girlies! :*)

yay to go pretty ladies!

very nice, yummm. great job ladies.  
i entered late lol being my first contest, i tried :)

Snowbunnyy deleted Oct 12

Nice !!

Cattie Oct 12

Congrats, gals!

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