Sometimes it's easy to forget how far we've come sexually in such a short time. Gone are the days of "Men's" magazines, and VHS tapes that you rented from a store hidden in a brown paper bag. No more waiting for everyone to leave the house so you can use the VCR by yourself. Pause, rewind, and oh I missed it... hurry quick rewind it again so you can see it before you cum hahaha. I can't help but think about the movie American Pie and laugh at the truth of how hard it used to be to just enjoy sexuality. Those days are long gone. Enter the Internet. Now with the click of a button, you can see beautiful naked girls. But it didn't stop there. VHS and DVD quickly gave way to streaming and then a massive shift took place. Live streaming, hello! Now not only can you see beautiful people, but you can chat with them, get to know them, and create over time a really unique community. I started as a webcam model and it really opened my eyes to what I thought was the future of sexuality. 

It's not just how we consume sexuality that's changed, but how we have sex. As someone in my twenties, I can't even imagine a time before sex toys. Thinking about that first hard plastic shell vibrator that all my friends had makes me cringe and laugh at how ancient that seems. With Lelo, the Satisfyer, my wand, and all the other great toys that exist now, sex is becoming a high tech adventure. Even men's toys are evolving rapidly. Someday, guys, you're going to look back at dry hands or just a bottle of lotion and think, "What was I doing". From better toys to more people experimenting with open relationships, it's definitely a great time for sex. Just look at this phenomenal site we're on right now. Videos, photos, custom videos, Skype, and store items all in one place. This is what all of us who have been camming for years had been waiting for. 

We're not done yet though. I've been thinking for a long time about how to bring everything together and create an immersive experience for my fans, and I'm excited to announce my next step. I've partnered with Fleshlight to create a custom mold of my vagina. It's so accurate that they even got the heart shape of my inner labia when I spread it open. Now I can give you the full Abigail Mac experience. You can head over to their website, get my Fleshlight, and then come back to ManyVids. This is where it gets really exciting. Imagine this, you order a custom video, something just for you that you really want to see. You even buy the panties I was wearing in the video so you can smell them while you watch me. Now with the sweet smell of my pussy in your nose and an HD video made just for you, you pull out my fleshlight. Now you slide my tight little pussy down on your cock and do exactly what you would do to me; can you even last through the end of the video? It's the ultimate experience and now thanks to ManyVids and Fleshlight I can deliver that to you.

I'm so excited to see where sex is going and if the last few years are any indication, it's only going to get better from here. Now we have this amazing platform and all these great performers with new things being added all the time. As you look back on your sexual journey, what role has technology played for you? Do you remember your first vibrator or the first porn movie you watched on fuzzy TV channels that didn't quite come in? Maybe you stumbled upon Eyes Wide Shut and your mind was blown. I know mine was. That's what my very first B/G sex scene was based on. Cheers to technology, to better sex for everyone, and the future of immersive sexual exploration that is surely coming!

Abigail Mac

Wow congratulations for having your own fleshlight! That must be amazing!!!

It's a huge achievement for sure, something I've worked really hard for. :)

Absolutely! Porn is at its absolute best in technology and in electronic devices today and you’re on of the main reasons why! Thank you and the performers of today for being and bringing the best! ❤️

I luv this!   Great job

Wow, men's toys have really almost caught up.....There is even V.R. that looks so real....
I would love to see you in V.R. Abigal

I've shot a few scenes in VR for other companies. I think it will become a lot more common in the years to come.

Your right Abigail. It was VHS and magazines. And Now we have the internet and DVD's and toys for Men. Thank You Fleshlight and Manyvids. Also you Abigail for making me happy.😉 Thanx 😘 technology is GrEaT. I really do need a new Fleshlight. 😉

Well there's no better time than now to get yourself a little something for Christmas B|

Who is the girl in the cover photo?  Is that Abigail?  Thanks

Yes, that's me!

WOW, you're hot!!!  I gotta check out your stuff.  Thanks!

Hey Abigail, I just joined your official website on PUBA and it's awesome!  It's funny, this discussion is about technology & there's been a big emphasis on videos recently, but I joined your site because of the photos.  With all the videos around, it seems like it's hard to find good Hi-Res photosets on the internet these days.  Your website has LOTS of great quality photos AND vids.  Sometimes a guy just needs some hot photos to look at.  You've got GREAT content over there!  Thanks!

Thanks Jack! I really enjoy in shooting photos, it is a bit of a lost art, but I'm also a physical book kind of person as well. You'll notice soon that I've stopped shooting for that site and all of my new content goes here and on Onlyfans. So if you want to see more current projects when your membership is up I would suggest joining those.

Indeed, the last few years have gone like a hyper whirl! ... happily these days being part of the adult entertainment industry isnt as hush hush and tacky feeling as it used to be in the late 90s and early noughties

I totally agree! It's crazy how many things are out there!

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