Why You Should Celebrate Your Fart Fetish

There's no shame in a bit of flatulence!

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Fart fetishism, or eproctophilia, is one of those fetishes that a lot of people try to hide and bury away in a dark corner. Often ashamed of their secret infatuation for flatulence, many men and women turn to fart fetish pornography to get their fix, and that's where I come in! I have been slinging poot-poot porn for a few years now and I'm absolutely overjoyed to do it. I'm often asked if I have a fart fetish or not, and if it bothers me to make this type of material. I'm happy to have a platform to finally address what it's like as a fart fetish entertainer who does not actually experience arousal by flatulence. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer that everyone loves their own brand! I'll fart in my hand and cup o' cheese my own face anytime, the stinkier the better, but I just don't get sexually aroused by them. There's a difference between being comfortable doing something and enjoying it and becoming sexually aroused during the experience. I'm happy to supply the porn to those who do experience those special genital-tingles whenever a fart comes barrelling out because I consider nothing "taboo" or "too weird". I don't think I've ever experienced the feeling of embarrassment, which probably also works in my favor when it comes to what I do. 

I'm often asked how it seems that I have a never-ending supply of farts, and the answer to this question is a bit complex. To keep it short and sweet, I was born with quite a few intestinal issues and had my share of major surgeries as a child and as a result of all of that, I am a very gaseous lady. Life gave me lemons, and I made lemonade! 

The majority of my clientele comes from men and women in committed relationships who just aren't comfortable approaching their significant other with this particular fetish. The fear of rejection, abandonment, and embarrassment seem to overwhelm them and understandably so! It gives me a sense of comfort to know that I can supply those who aren't ready or willing to ask their partner with the fetish material they crave. We're a small group, the flatulence fans, but we are a mighty one!

For all of the fart fetishists out there and just fetishists in general, I wish for all of you the strength to not feel ashamed of what gets your gears turning. Remember that there are different strokes for different folks and that so long as you aren't hurting anybody, you can do anything!

So, I ask all of you reading this, what's your fetish? Leave a comment and let it be known! Come out from that dark corner and embrace what you love.

The Jenna Kitten

We don't choose our kinks, they choose us. That said, while I am all about pretty girls' bums, I am kinda grateful not to be into farts. No judging, just... STINKY! And the prettier the girl, the more toxic her toots in my experience. It's actually something we guys here have observed/discussed. Because, you know, nothing better to do.

Fart videos are ALWAYS my biggest sellers! In fact, my Harley Quinn fart video blew up so much Dan Harmon talked about it on his podcast. *fangirl moment*

Sierra_Leon deleted Jan 17

Hi, on the site that I stream on, I have a lot of burp/queef fetish clients because I enjoy doing it and I can make myself do it...BUT, how the hell does one make themselves fart? Thanks in advance, BTW- you're gorgeous!


Thanks for posting this! I found out last year that I am a major queefer and I've been learning not to be embarrassed by it. A question: do queefs fall in this fetish category or are they considered to be a separate interest?

Sierra_Leon deleted Jan 17

They don't seem to from my experience, because I can make myself queef, and have offered that act to my clients who have a fart fetish, but every single one has turned it down. I think a lot of it has to do with humiliation. They want the smell of the fart, not just the sound.

Many thanks for your response, Sierra!

I loved your article! I do lots of farting content and often we get ashamed by other people and seen as "disgusting" (I've been told that before) But I just love doing farting stuff and I love pleasing guys. I know this isn't for everyone but its just like any other fetish!!! So thanks for sharing your experience with this fetish. I plan to make more farting videos soon because guys seem to love it!

Hey JennaKitten! You know I’m a huge fan and fellow farter! So happy to see your blog post front and center!! Such a pretty lady. I’m similar to you, insofar as I love to fart, love my brand, love to make the fartlover happy, but it doesn’t arouse me in that sense. My fetish is definitely role playing! I love going somewhere different in my head with my partner. Super sexy and fun! Happy weekend to you! Love, J.

This is so interesting to read!!! This is a fairly new fetish for me. I'm so happy that MV is a place where everyone can come together to enjoy all the different fantasies they have :)

GapeFan Jan 11

OMG! Yes! I love your farts so much TJK! I wish I could eat them all up, straight from your perfect booty! So amazing!

I really enjoyed reading this! We all have fetishes and it's nice to see people helping others live those fantasies. I'm obsessed with blow jobs; any way they can be done I'll do it!

She is a fetish DREAM come true. LOVE her.

AMAZING read! I really enjoy hearing how it all started for you and than you for sharing such a personal part of yourself! I will forever be a fan...and a friend! Love ya!

Great, I'm glad you're proud of you!
I have a fetish with pee, I love to see my boyfriend when he urinates, I can not help thinking about a lot of semen and fascinates me!
Kisses dear!

"Life game me lemons, and i made lemonade". Love this article and I love you for being you. What a wonderful woman you are.

Yay! Thank you so much for publishing this, Manyvids! <3

I consider myself a fetish model, rather than a porn one, and fart Fetish is right up there, it is so liberating to be so absolutely not bothered about letting rip, and trumping your little heart out! ... it is especially nice when combined with Pee Fetish, as when on the loo where the toilet and bathroom acoustics seem to announce and amplified the sound! ,, farting in the bath tub, or anywhere underwater and watching the bubble rise is so childishly fun... knowing the other person is loving any Fetish I partake in, is my thrill ;)

Fart fetish is one of my favorite fetishes :D

Love this!! I too enjoy making my fart clips. Definitely one of my fave fetishes to cater too 😊

Cattie Jan 9

Let your freak flag fly! My fart comps are some of my best selling clips. This was a great and encouraging read. Thank you!<3

I LOVE your Freak Flag! annnnnnnd it needs to fly more often! Of course, I'm on my knees begging, TeeHeeMe.

Cattie Jan 30


This is a Fetish I need to delve into more!

Such a gorgeous girl posting about something awesomely taboo I love it!

Farts are my all time favourite videos to make. So much so that I've stopped offering anything non-fart on MV :]:manyvids_verified:

Farts are my all time favourite videos to make. So much so that I've stopped offering anything non-fart on MV 👌💃🏼💨

Love this I highly cater to these clips, as well!

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