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Get ready for this HUGE AMA coming up next!

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Last week, we had an amazing AMA with RebeccaStilles69. The whole thread was on fire! You can still check it all out here y’all.

This week, we have the fabulous Dawn Willow taking the stage on the ManyVids subreddit for her very own AMA! We know that there will be plenty of people eager to ask her all sorts of questions. So better get your questions ready for that day!

Be there at the MV Reddit this Wednesday of November 29th, at 6 PM, for this special AMA with Dawn!

Meanwhile, here are some highlights from the last AMA with Rebecca:

Do you have a sex position that you're guaranteed an orgasm from?

Rebecca: Definitely anything with my legs above my head, I like to be manhandled and pushed into a little ball and fucked and used.

What are your top 3 fetishes?

Rebecca: 1st - Daddy daughter roleplay.

2nd - Foot fetish (but especially sucking my toes and having them licked and kissed. I'm not that good at foot jobs).

3rd - It's a tie between being submissive and being covered in oil.

Oh hai. Cats or dogs?

Rebecca: Dogs for days and days. It's that unconditional love.

Do you Domme when you aren’t making vids or is that just a role you play in videos?

Rebecca: I love domming in real life and in my videos, but my style isn't in line with most femdom!

It's more of a bratty and demanding domme and I take that everywhere I go in life (;

How did it (the FFM threesome mentioned earlier in the thread) happen?

Rebecca: I've got two for you:

One girl was a friend who found out my SO and I had signed up for Tinder looking for threesomes. (amateur I know!)

Anyway, when she heard that she volunteered herself and she'd come over a few times every week and suck my boyfriend off, he would fuck her while I watched or I'd kiss her while he fucked me. He never came in her.

The other girl was weird we met her at a party and she instantly had a thing for me, she basically allowed my SO to be involved but she was more all mine.

My favorite thing to do in a threesome is to sit on a girl's face while my guy is making her moan. I guess that's like lady cuckold?

MV Team

peecee2 Nov 28 2017

Cool to catch up with the last one, Rebecca's content is a lot of fun.

Is everyone else seeing a new site look / layout with changed fonts and that looks a total mess visually because it's missing borders to define where one bit ends and another starts?

peecee2 Nov 28 2017

Increasing friction with users to determine page elements translates into unhappy users, and don't take my word for it --

Gingerlovex Nov 28 2017

Dawn looks sexy and beautiful as always❤️😻

ScarlettRoseLive Nov 28 2017

The date is wrong in the article it says the 20th it should be the 29th

curvymodelmilf Nov 28 2017

❤️ ♥️ 💜

Aspen Snow Nov 28 2017

Love reading these!:A

Ruby Rose Fetish
Ruby Rose Fetish deleted Nov 28 2017

Hehe nice reading ;)<3 My top 3 fetishes are pretty much the same :P

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