The Fascinating World of Plastic Surgery Fetish

Featuring Kristi Lovett, Sabrina Sabrok, Filthy Nikki, and Candy Charms.

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In today’s world, plastic surgery is a common practice. Your favorite Hollywood star definitely had some surgeries here and there. Oh, and you think your neighbor or your friend looks good for his/her age? Chances are, they’ve had some help from ‘science’. But some take it to the extremes. In the adult industry, often times women go the distance on plastic surgery to achieve the perfect look that they and their fans desire. Like these MV Girls on ManyVids: Kristi Lovett, Sabrina Sabrok, Filthy Nikki, and Candy Charms.

For them, plastic surgery is not entirely about just achieving a better look, but more about satisfying something more specific. In fact, it’s a fetish. Yes, there is a fetish for plastic surgery. It is the fetish of anticipating the change to a woman’s body, especially in a very sexualized way. And the models themselves become aroused by the fact that they are becoming closer to looking like the ultimate sex doll. This is at the heart of this fetish.

Many get their fans to fund their next plastic surgery. And the fans love it. They get excited about the new look. And the models alike also enjoy how their bodies change. The fetish is, in fact, a team effort. The process itself involves the fans on choosing which surgeon to go to from which country, how much the cost is and what the anticipated results will be. The bond and the relationship formed during this process is also something that is heavily involved in plastic surgery fetish.

Filthy Nikki

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Filthy Nikki’s desire to explore plastic surgery started from early on.

When I saw the glamour models on the magazine covers in stores I knew that was the look I wanted. I've always been fascinated by the porn star look. Not only the plastic surgery but the high heels, the heavy makeup, sexy clothes, long nails, all that.”

Kristi Lovett

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For some, this is more focused toward a certain body part, like Kristi Lovett and her breasts, who is referred to as a ‘big boob goddess’ by some of her fans. She has had two procedures on her breasts. She has saline expander implants that allow her to control her breast sizes. At their largest, her implants were at an astonishing 3000cc. Just to give an idea, having 3000cc implants on each breast is like carrying 2 medium sized watermelons. She has since reduced her size to 2250cc for comfort reasons, but obviously, her fans love her size, with some leaving comments on her profile when she will go back to having 3000cc size.

I just love the look but I definitely also find the anticipation and fan reactions exciting. When I was doing fill ups with my expander implants is what turned me on the most. Being able to be completely alert while my breasts were growing right in front of my eyes always got me aroused without fail,” said Kristi.

However, let’s not forget. The most important thing with plastic surgery is that the ones getting them are satisfied, and they certainly seem like they are.

For Kristi it’s about confidence: “The main reason I love my body now is the confidence I've gained during my journey.”

Then there are also the stunning Candy Charms and Sabrina Sabrok, who have had numerous procedures all over their bodies.

Candy Charms

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Sabrina Sabrok

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Sabrina Sabrok, pictured above, is an Argentine adult film star who boasts a huge social following and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Playboy. However, it’s not just her fan base that is massive. She has had over 50 procedures on various parts of her body, has an enormous pair of size 38M breasts, but she intends on going even further.

I do plastic surgery because I love to be super extreme, I love the "superficial look" Sabrina said when asked about her reasons for going under the knife.

And for Sabrina, her satisfaction is also about the element of maintaining control of her look. When asked about why she loves her body, she said: “Cause I built it.”

But she definitely wants to take it to new heights. “I would love to see in the future some cyborg implementation on plastic surgery, I want to be a cyborg!” She added.

Occasionally there will be some negative reactions, but that doesn’t stop any of them, like Nikki, who has commented, “I do receive some negative reactions occasionally yes. It can be comments online or people looking at me in public. I usually block the internet trolls because I ain’t got time for bad vibes. People don’t really say things out loud in public that often. It's mostly looks, but I chose this lifestyle because I think it’s fun and it makes me happy. Some people choose to get covered in tattoos, and I choose to look like a bimbo doll. Live and let live. I haven’t always been this good at dealing with “haters,” but I learned that people can only make you feel a certain way if you let them.”

As Nikki says, as long as the people who are doing it are happy, who is anyone to judge? Those glamour models are happy with their looks (as well as taking pleasure from it), and the fans are obviously happy. Everyone wins.

So what are your opinions on this fetish? Is anyone else into this? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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behildeer Dec 5 2017


pr0nifier Dec 4 2017

All women should have, at a bare minimum, large breast implants and regular collagen lip injections.

Naughty Val Dec 9 2017

yeah that sucks, cos everybody has a choice

Donna Raynes Dec 4 2017

What about me... :woohoo-16:

FoxyGoddess Dec 3 2017


Great article! Thank you for sharing. Bunni and I enjoy fetishizing body modification such as breast augmentation and lip injections, as part of our fascination with bimbofication. It's nice to know other people are proud to share these kinks.

ElizabethLove Dec 1 2017

I want a breast augmentation!!

EnveeMia Dec 1 2017

I have had 2 breast augmentations so far, people will still ask me if my boobs are real. I tell them Yes Babe! They're real! Real expensive! They get a good laugh from that but i honestly think i am going this direction because lip injections was already on my to do list. To each their own but i love it!

TrueSexBomb Dec 1 2017

Interesting! :boobs:

Ebonycamgirl Dec 1 2017

Great article! But i like my natural saggy and stretch marked body after having 2 kids. I also don't use make ups most of the time. But the ladies with plastic surgeries look good too.

YAS! I had my first breast augmentation almost 2 years ago, and I plan to go bigger for myself!! I must say though, altering your body in any way, should be by your WANTS and NEEDS. Other opinions should not matter; it's YOUR decision!

SweetPam4You Nov 30 2017

Thanks for sharing this MV. A couple years ago, when I started camming I was really thinking of getting bigger boobs, but it was because I saw the top models on the site I worked on had implants. I didnt do it because Im really scared of surgeries, I hate hospitals and pain. Unfortunately ,Last year I had to have medical surgery to get my gallblader out and I had a panic attack in the hospital and cried a lot. Definitely I wouldnt have another surgery just for cosmetic reasons. But I admire the shape and looks of girls who went under the "knife" They look really good even thought I wouldnt do it. In a couple years, I think I'll try botox or something like that (When I get older lol) I saw Sabrina on TV a bunch of times because shes from Argentina, just like me and I always admired her body. She looks great, her boobs are so huge!!! I was shocked when I saw her on MV. I really like her!

Zefyra Star Nov 30 2017

Great article, very informative! The only procedure I would ever consider for myself is potentially getting a little Botox maybe 10+ years from now. I like my body being natural. These women are beautiful as well!

Cool article, I've noticed in professional porn the rise of surgically enhanced asses and lips becoming mainstream and it's as interesting as when implants became mainstream.

SlaveBC Nov 29 2017

This is a great article! I used to feel that even wearing makeup was betraying my identity because I would label myself a natural/hippie type, until I met my Owner. He never expressed any desire to change me or looked displeased with my appearance, but before we got together, I knew he preferred the "bimbo/doll" look, so I started messing around with glitter eyeshadow along with very short acrylics and he was so happy- I'll never forget the look on his face- so I just slowly increased wearing things that made me feel pretty and eventually grew my nails, got a lot of makeup to wear the pretty colors, and I recently got lip injections. It was the best thing I've ever done, I feel so sexy in my own skin and sometimes I'm shocked by how beautiful I look. The best part is when I take off all of my makeup/accessories/etc., my Owner still thinks I'm the prettiest thing he's ever seen. I think it's also a fetish for us, but I do it partly for him and partly for myself.

Arikajira Nov 29 2017

Not something I would do to myself, I prefer shining in all my natural light! heck! most of the time I don't even use makeup :D

Mystic Dream Nov 29 2017

Shit if anyone wants to pay for my surgery they can , but I'm black so they won't 😂

Erotic Eva Nov 29 2017

sorry, but this is definitely a fetish i have zero interest in "getting into".  While it may be nice that it gives people confidence with their bodies, it makes me sad that it happens...people shouldn't need to be altered physically to be comfortable with their own bodies (or tobe accepted by others).  They are only doing it because they feel they dont look "right" in other peoples' eyes...but if people were just accepting about everyone, then there wouldnt be this urge to change how we look.  It saddens me that you wrote "often times women go the distance on plastic surgery to achieve the perfect look that they and their fans desire."  For their fans' desire...

Luna Aquelarre Nov 29 2017

<3 Love your answer. The think I love the most about the camgirls is the variety in all the parts of the bodies. I was surprised to find many people natural shapes I never thoug about it - or seein in on tv-  attractive. Its ok f someone want to do modifications but I think to many girls get too worried about have fake bobies.

Booty4U Nov 30 2017

No one is forcing you to participate in this fetish or get surgery? If you're not into it, just move on. What's the point in essentially shaming people who've had cosmetic surgery? My body, my choice. 8-)

Erotic Eva Nov 29 2017

.I just dont think it's worth it.  I am proud of my body...I earned my stretchmarks from having 2 kids...my boobs are saggy from years of breastfeeding...but oh well...if people dont like me for who I am, then fuck them...I dont need them in my life.  I'd rather spend time with people who matter to me than try to change myself and be someone I'm not, just to try to make some money...frankly, I dont think that shit is safe either.
Sorry if I offend anyone, but it is my opinion.  Just like it is your body that you are altering...8-)

Sasha Lynne Nov 29 2017

Don't just look at the pros. Look at the cons too. Think how it feels when a implant blows in your chest and it feels like broken glass in your tit till it gets fixed.

Erotic Eva Nov 29 2017

im sure!  no thanks, ive already had thrush when breastfeeding a newborn...ugg

Booty4U Nov 30 2017

Most people who consider surgery research the procedures they want for YEARS before getting it done. We've read the horror stories.

I’ve had a consultation for my boobs and fat transfer. But am too scared to follow through with it. I’ve seen so many botched jobs. I guess I need to research Drs.

Brooke Dillinger Nov 28 2017

Its great hearing from ladies who've gotten some done in the past! I've been thinking about getting my boobs done for awhile :p

Cereza_Doll deleted Nov 28 2017

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I want that too someday!!

Liz Lovejoy Nov 28 2017

Great article.

Sabrina Sabrok Nov 28 2017


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