When I first started camming and creating content, I got overwhelmed by all the hot ladies I saw on social media and on camsites. I never thought about myself as a "sex bomb". Plus, I'm quite an introvert, a shy sweet girl. I never liked high heels much, and I only wear light make-up. I hate skirts and I feel awkward wearing one. So that's why I started wondering if I could ever fit in the amateur porn community and industry. 

As the months went by, I noticed a new kind of sexy: cuties. Simple girls-next-door, with a sweet naughty face and colorful lingerie. I finally had the feeling I belonged to a precise category, which seemed to be liked by a lot of people. So I began to bring my big teddy bear to my camshows, and I started to wear all my favorite bralettes and I threw away my push-ups. I got rid of gel nails and put a pastel color instead.

I still get annoying comments on my stockings or on my lingerie. Guys asking for high heels or sexy pantyhose will always be there certainly, but the important thing is that I'm starting to know myself a lot more and I'm starting to put my real actual self in this job, and this is a job that I enjoy, a job that allows me to express my tastes. I always thought that being true to myself would attract people who like me for who I really am, and being fake would attract people whose interests and requests don't get along with mine.

So make sure to be yourselves ladies! Because there's always someone out there who will like you for who you are!



That’s awesome

tamonk Jan 12

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Yep super cute:A

NovaBomb73 deleted Jan 10

Not sure how many guys read these posts.  I enjoy these quite a bit.  But I am also somewhat of an anomaly because I enjoy chatting with you ladies.  Every person has a story all their own that make them totally unique, which is great.  The cute, girl-next-door is my absolute favorite.  So, thank you for that.   And great job on the post.

You are absolutely right, you can not leave aside who you really are. This is not about creating a character but about being yourself. I feel identified with your experience!
kisses dear!

While guys love that sexy high heels look, I think most guy on here fall in love with the girls who truly show who they are. They want to see us enjoying and having fun in our videos! You are gorgeous and I'm so glad you're sticking with who you are :) I really found myself when I started videos... I think every girl does. Keep up the good work <3

mecho11 Jan 8

It's not what you wear. It's who you are that counts! I never buy videos that don't show a face. The human face is the gateway to your erotic soul. Without your face in the shot, it's just anatomy... Watch TV commercials and notice all the faces being shown. Humans have evolved to hunt out faces in everything and advertising research has proved that faces sell. Keep your face in your video to improves sales and show us the real you! If you are having fun, it will show on your face. Your authentic emotions are far more interesting.to us guys than wardrobe or acting...so please be your natural self...you just might be CUTE!^.^

You just have to be true to yourself at the end of the day, to try to be smeone else will only come across as a pior shadow, plus people can see if you are unhappy, you may be forcing a smile, but your manner would give you away... and no-one want to be around that, as it is Rebby you are wonderful just how you are xx

xrebbyx deleted Jan 8

Thank you everybody for your support and nice compliments ^.^

"I always thought that being true to myself would attract people who like me for who I really am, and being fake would attract people whose interests and requests don't get along with mine." I find this is always true! When looking for jobs, partners, hookups, or whatever else, it pays to be upfront about what you want.

This is why we want fellas to tell us their interests for one-on-one shows!

You look like you have  an awesome naughty side!!!

You're adorbz!

Great story :x

SheenaR Jan 7

Love this. Can completely relate !

nobodyisherepickle12 deleted Jan 7

Love this!

Great Article. I think I'm cute in my "real life". But I like to dress up and act like a sex bomb when It comes to camming/ videos because I enjoy the feeling to build a different persona! I can express myself in a different way and its amazing to wear high heels, stockings, fake eyelashes and heavy make up to make a dirty video,and let it go wild, then switch back to the cute girl next door who wear jeans , sneakers and no make up lol.
Great article!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Your right. There's cute and there is Cute..  What I mean about that is? You get cute us Fans . I guess? You get All dolled up to look a certain way. And there's another way you like. Cute is the New Sexy 😘  GrEaT article.

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