Product Surfing: Used PS4 Controller & More!

The holidays are coming. You planning on treating yourself?

Nov 29 2017 12 comments 2,114

And we are back with another Product Surfing sesh y’all. Hope you have some room after that big Black Friday shopping weekend because there's always more cool stuff to look at on ManyVids.

This week, we have another set of very intriguing store items. Let's dive into this. 

The first is this lovely worn apron. Unwashed Apron worn by 2 Adult Models! from SweetxMelody. Feel their presence, their scents, and get your kitchen fantasy on. As a bonus, this item is 75% off right now!

Are you a fan of milk? Are you a fan of boobs? How about both? Well then this should be perfect for you. Breast Milk from Snatch Digitizer. Satiate your fetishes, all the while getting a nutritious drink.

Are you a gamer? Then this may catch your attention. Here’s a PS4 controller I used as sex toy! from Allteya. Play some games, while knowing that in your hands, you hold the sweet sweet essence of a sexy MV Girl.

Are you into armpit hair? Then this is the gift you’ve been waiting to give yourself. My Armpit Hair from erincarroll should give you the hairy fix you need. Hurry, because only one unit is available every few months. Hair takes time to grow you know?

Wanna get spicy? Like literally spicy? Here’s something special. Pussy Soaked Tabasco Bottle from lumlumxx. Props to lumlumxx because anyone who has had Tabasco sauce near their genitals know that this is a dangerous dance. Fortunately, it was just the bottle, not the sauce (we think? Otherwise, ouch). Spice up your meals with this XXXtra hot sauce!

Check out these store items, and let us know about other cool stuff in the MV Stores in the comment below everyone! 

MV Team

MistressGeisha Dec 4 2017


ElizabethLove Dec 3 2017

So cool! Never knew people would actually buy stuff like this! Nice to know :)

Jayhammar Dec 3 2017

I need a woman to cum with. Pleasure please

I love seeing all the fun things girls sell on here :)

Arikajira Nov 30 2017

With currently 255 different items in my store, you are bound to find something you like!, whether it is cum soaked underwear, your name on my curvy body, or a special teddybear that has been inside my sweet pussy...
take a look xxx

NataSweet Nov 30 2017

I would try, thx!

BelleRst deleted Nov 30 2017

wow breastmilk that's a great idea

SweetPam4You Nov 30 2017

wow this is awesome

lumlumxx Nov 30 2017

Thank you, daccha~ <3

SweetxMelody Nov 30 2017

Thank you ❤️

Snatch Digitizer Nov 29 2017

Thanks, MV!! If breastmilk isn't your thing, check out our 2018 Wall Calendar. :x

Aspen Snow Nov 29 2017

Super awesome!

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