Pretty in Pink Contest Winners

Everyone rose to the challenge!

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Never mind pretty, the participants for this week’s Pretty in Pink contest were downright stunning. Thanks to everyone for showing the world why pink has never really gone out of style.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve chosen MV Girl Larkin Love (pictured above) as the Best Pic Winner! You win $50! Congratulations!

Image title

In first place is MV Girl HouseWifeSwag who wins the grand prize of $500!

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The second place winner is MV Girl Gaberiella. Congrats on getting $200.

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The winner of the $100 third place prize is MV Girl lilcanadiangirl. You’re awesome!

This was a beautiful contest. We hope everyone had fun participating. Stay tuned for next week’s theme!

Congratulations for the winners. Awesome photos! <3 :) Sadly we missed the contest. Looking forward to the next one. ;)

Congrats ladies 💓💓💓

Natasha Amor
Natasha Amor deleted Dec 2

Good job ladies!!!!

dang I missed this contest. :(

Someday im gonna come in top 3 im sure of it xxx until then imma keep trying never give up lol xxx

Same here. Good luck to it. I'll vote for you

username666 deleted Dec 4


username666 deleted Dec 4


Congrats ladies, I loved seeing everyone pics!
Larkin Love your photo was definitely super cute, the sparkly pink was great!

Grats :)


Congratulations! Very attractive photos

congrats girls!!

Congrats to all the sexy ladies in pink! You all rocked it this contest!

Congrats all you beautiful ladies!!<-

Congrats all you beautiful ladies!!

Congrats ladies! 🎀🤩🎀

Congratulations to everyone!

So many amazing ladies and entry photos! Congrats ladies :)

I've noticed usually about half the entrants in every contest totally ignore the theme and submit whatever pic they want. But for this one like 90% of them were on topic. Man, you ladies sure love the pink :D Congrats everyone.

Totally wore pink lol but yeah some girls don't follow the theme

Very true. Nice to see entrants staying on theme 💓

Amy Ell Nov 30

Congratulations !! Very pretty photo :)

Amy Ell Nov 30

photos loo

Amy Ell Nov 30

also an awesome turn out this time ! Love it <3

well done winners! XXXX

Super awesome:A

You are all so gorgeous! Xx

lovely ^.^

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