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Last week Wednesday, we had a thrilling rollercoaster ride with Dawn Willow on her AMA. If you missed it, you have to check it out. You can read all the fun questions and answers here on the thread!

This Wednesday, we have the lovely MyPokemonTeam taking the stage on the ManyVids subreddit for her AMA! Like Dawn and Rebecca from the weeks before, she is a very active Redditor, with a robust subreddit community. So make sure to get your questions ready! It’ll be another action-packed AMA!

Be there at the MV Reddit this Wednesday of December 6th, at 6 PM!

Meanwhile, here are some highlights from Dawn Willow’s AMA!

Where do you want to see cam culture evolving in the next, say 1 or 5 years? What's going to be hot? What's not? What's best for the girls?

Dawn: Camming will overtake the porn industry. It will put the performers back in control of the adult industry and the "dinosaurs" of this world will be phased out for new, fresh and more importantly FAIRNESS. The top stars have real genuine connections with their fans and put more work into what they do with spending so much time online. It's only a matter of time until camming becomes the number one.

Just within the past 5 years, it's exploded and it will only get bigger. A lot of the old ways ie. print media, forums, DVD's will be evolving into more modern media.

Your camming schedule can be tough. What do you think about or do when you aren't in the mood?

Dawn: The great thing about camming is that even if I'm not in the mood to orgasm, I can still just hang out and have a great time. And if I'm not in the mood for that either? Usually just talking it out, having a drink, or blowing off steam and gaming on Ark for a little bit will put me right back on top of the world.

If you could meet any living person just now, who would it be?

Dawn: David Miscavige would be interesting.

If you removed sex, broadcasting and your public personae from the answer, how would you describe yourself?

Dawn: A homebody who enjoys the fine dining of GrubHub, sits for long periods on the internet, reads, and collects far too many things.

What are your future plans? You’ve been so successful as a cam model! How long do you plan on doing it? What’s next?

Dawn: For the future, I hope to continue this and go as far as I can with it. As long as I can still pull a crowd that enjoys what I have to offer, I see no reason to quit. I hope to get into real estate in the next few years though. I have been camming for about 6 years now! With exactly one month I took off to get my breasts done. Thank you for the support btw!

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Good read 😋

❤ good article

Wow, Bars first Pokemon game was Blue and his favorite Pokemon ever is Clefable. Nice article and good luck.

My first was Yellow! :) Clefable is also one of my favorites, thanks!

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