Sole Survivor Contest Winners

The entries swept us off our feet!

Dec 7 11 comments 2,136

Thanks for showing us your twinkly toes and hot heels for this week's Sole Survivor Contest! We know a lot of people got a kick out of this fun theme. 

Without further ado, here are the fabulous winners!

Our best photo winner (pictured above) is Meika_ox! Just gorgeous. Enjoy your $50!

Image title

In first place is Korina Kova! Her silky soles won her $500.

Image title

The second place finalist is Larkin Love and her fantastic feet. She wins $200.

Image title

Luscious Little Puck wins 3rd place and $100. Congrats!

Thanks to all our participants. We have more fun challenges coming up soon! 

Great photos ladies, congratulations!

Damn! Too bad I didn't get to enter this!;)

Damn! Too bad I didn't get to enter this!

1st Contest I finished in the first 100. Haha! Congrats to everyone! :A<3

Congrats ladies😍

First time i win in a ManyVids conest, yay! <3<3 Every one in the contest was looking great!

<3 Congrats winners!!!

Congrats ladies 💜

Cattie Dec 7

Congrats, babes! <3

Beautiful feet!! Glad I have been getting into this fetish recently! ^.^:A

well done winners! :A:A:A:A

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