How Being a Cam Model Changed My Life

I'm so happy with my decisions!

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My name Alejandra, and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I am currently a webcam model, photographer, and sports lover. My height does not exceed 1.67 cm. I'm a pretty tall girl in my country with an attractive physique that characterizes Latinas, for which I am proud to say that I am Colombian every time they ask me.

I live north of the city in an apartment that I rent to live alone; I have family, friends and a boyfriend. So my life is as casual as any other girl's at my age. I do not keep any secrets, since being a webcam model is something that my parents, my partner and my friends know. Clearly not from the beginning, because although it is a lifestyle of many Colombians, we live in a country that is a bit selfish and conservative, where you are judged by that profession.

I started like many in my country, studied a little, with bosses and monitors, earning a third of all income and fulfilling a schedule of 6 hours a day for 6 days a week, which was a bit exhausting with very bad payment. The most important reason to stay there during those 6 long months was the fear of my family's reaction to being a webcam model, something that only I had done in my family, a very conservative family.

With the passing of days and reading many articles that told the experience of other girls in webcam modeling, with all the fright, but also with all the courage to face the situation, I took the hard decision to tell my family, my friends and my boyfriend. To my surprise, they had a reaction that I never expected, they were tolerant, open to listening to me and understood to perfection all that it means to be a webcam model. I believe that I never felt so excited, so understood, and so challenged to be better every day, not only in my work but in all areas of my life!

From that, I had the support of my family who helped me to take the first step. What I needed was my own computer, the best web camera, some lingerie and all the attitude. So I started from my mother's house, where she and my older sister lived. At first it was a bit strange to adapt to know that my family was there while I masturbated in front of a camera, or the fact that my mother knew in detail the technology I used or, to even more astonishment, the arsenal of toys that I had in my wardrobe hahahaha. It was quite an experience to live all that.

It was 3 months that I stayed at my mother's house. I worked with discipline and dedication to rent an apartment where I had the freedom to shout, laugh, masturbate loudly, walk naked all over the house, commit my madness with my friends from the websites, especially in the hours I wanted. Oh, wow! It was so wonderful to start living all that, acquire a better computer, a professional camera for photography, lighting, my own electro domestics, decorate the apartment to my liking, be free and be independent in all aspects of my life. Achieve so many things that not any girl at my age would have. OMG I felt like in heaven!

I have been in the webcam modeling industry for about 2 years. I always felt an attraction with the excibisión, but I never thought that it would give me so much pleasure. I like to show my body in camera, masturbate when I'm completely naked, and know that there are a lot of hot people watching my figure, my movements, my gestures, my moans. My pleasure is to give pleasure, many people wonder if in reality, a model will be enjoying what she does in front of the camera, and well, I cannot generalize, but in my case, webcam modeling is more than a job for me. It is a lifestyle. I earn money for being happy.

I have discovered my body in an incredible way. I have had the best orgasms like never before in my life, on camera and off of it. Thanks to masturbation, I discovered the erogenous points of my body. I learned that anal sex is delicious if it is practiced with responsibility and safety. The people that I know every day from cam websites have made me open my mind to many things that I previously ignored. I've been creating my own fetishes and reinforcing my taste for sex.

Being a webcam model has made me a better person. It has given me more security in myself. I have discovered talents that I never imagined and that otherwise, I would not have discovered. I have felt welcomed, accepted, and loved by people who, although far away from me, they are already part of my life, my heart, and my family.

Horny Peaches

Once you have family support, you are pretty much unstoppable! I’m glad you found something that made you feel good and definitely sexy about yourself! ❤️

Thnaks love! <3<3<3

Nice writeup. I could relate with this. :)<3:x

48Love Jan 9

I am so glad that your family is being supportive of you being in this business as not many families do as I wish you the best of luck no natter where this takes you

Thank you very much for your comment, you are absolutely right ... It is a fortune to be able to count on the support of the family in every decision that is made in life. ^.^ kisses

EbonyLovexx deleted Jan 8

This ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for reading my story, hugs from Colombia

Changed my life too ♥️

It's fantastic to hear that from other girls, it also motivates me to keep going ... I congratulate you for your success here. Kisses and hugs from Colombia <3<3

I'm so happy that your family supports you!!! To be honest, I still haven't told my family about what I do so its awesome to see girls that have shared their lifestyle and have been welcomed by their loved ones. :) You have a bangin bod btw!

hahaha thank you very much dear, well ... you know we all went through that stage, but you should know, later than early they will find out.
When you decide to tell it, think very well what you will say, play with their minds and always talk with emotion of your work, as the most wonderful thing that could happen to you and you will see that your reaction could not be negative at all!
I wish you success and that you continue among the best here, kisses from Colombia!<3<3

How great that your family supported your decisions! It is so important to have people nearby you can trust!

You're right honey, thanks for reading my blog, kisses from Colombia

This is really inspiring, I am right at the beginning of your story and it gives me a lot to aspire to, thank you 💖

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.
Kisses from Colombia dear

Love this ❤️

Thanks dear, I send you hugs and kisses <3

Lovely write up peaches

Thanks for reading dear, kisses!

Love this! I have a similar experience with my Parents, when I told them I sell Snapchat and preform for people on the Internet. My family actually helps me a lot now! My twin sister takes photos of me occasionally and sometimes helps me take videos as well! My mother likes to get me stuff to help decorate my room! She's awesome! I love my family! 💙💙

hahaha happens to me exactly the same, even the one who records and helps me with my videos is my partner, I receive wardrobe and makeup tips from my sisters and the support feels so good. I'm happy that in your case it's the same!
Hugs and kisses from Colombia dear!

Being a camgirl is so awesome! It's not as simple as people might think it is at all. My favorite part is interacting with others.  I love getting to know my fans.

You're absolutely right, it's not as easy as people think. But very fun and of course I also love meeting people from all over the world!
Hugs and hugs colleague! <3

I needed this inspiration today :)

I'm glad, keep going!
Kisses dear <3

Miss Cher Azur
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Lovely Amazing Story

Thankd dear, kisses! <3

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