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ManyVids understands that being a part of the sex industry is a unique experience that not many people outside of the community are able to understand. This disconnect becomes especially obvious when we are suffering and need to reach out for emotional support. We often find there is no one who understands what we’re going through, who can listen without judgment or who is able to offer advice that is useful to our distinct situation.

We want to change this. In the first quarter of 2018, ManyVids will launch an in-house hotline dedicated to supporting content creators in the sex industry. It will be a FREE, confidential and easily accessible resource that MV Stars can reach out to when they need to talk about emotional or psychological issues they are dealing with or need help finding resources. It’s for anyone who feels they’re not able to talk about life in the sex industry to anyone else. To make sure every MV Star is as comfortable as possible as they address personal issues, an anonymous option will be available to protect the content creators’ identity.

The MV Hotline will be staffed by attentive, respectful and non-judgmental agents who will be available 8 hours a day during the business week. We will also make sure to have email services available for those who need support outside of those hours. We will actively be working on providing this FREE service to all our MV Stars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the demand is there for it.

As we continue to build this resource, we encourage those who need to talk, ask advice or receive emotional support to call the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-USA) community support line at (877) 776-2004 (select 1). Find the terms applicable to the MV Hotline here.

You are not alone. What you feel, think and deal with in life is valid. You deserve to have someone listen to you. We want to help and are extremely proud to take on this type of initiative.

Stay tuned for more details in the next few months as we will be moving on this as fast as we can.

What issues do you think a community support hotline should be able to help with?

It would be nice to actually get an answer though... every time I've tried, no one answers

Miss_LoLo Dec 17 2017

This is very awesome, thoughtful and needed, thank you! 

Also to the comment below me - there is a rise in stolen content, almost every manyvids model's content is on a site right now that is charging people to sign up. This needs some attention too.

Junek4987 Dec 14 2017

Can you work on the problem of rampant scamming going on from content creators on this site?

Queen_bukkake Dec 14 2017

Perfect. I like the idea

Daryl D Dec 14 2017

This is a fantastic idea!! :)

RemiReagan Dec 14 2017

Yes such a amazing idea! MV team is the best!! ❤️

JessebelleLuv Dec 14 2017

This is the best thing I've seen on manyvids yet!!

Jeri Lynn Dec 14 2017

This is the best new feature I've seen implemented on any clip site.

HisNaughtyPet Dec 14 2017

Beautiful. Thank you MV, actions speak louder than words and your speaking loud and clear.  Thank you!

Lyra Fae Dec 14 2017

this is really amazing. as for issues, I know that bullying is a huge thing in the sex worker world, both from random people online and fellow models unfortunately. resources to help with that would be appreciated, I'm sure! another idea - support for those models who face rejection/abandonment/general backlash from people in their personal life for their career choice.

kimberly kane Dec 14 2017


NominaHeart Dec 14 2017

Sounds good been down later haven't put smiles on anyone's faces

GoodGrl_Cindy Dec 14 2017

You are amazing. You know how to take care of your working girls & make sure we always feel safe! Thank you so much

Ebonycamgirl Dec 14 2017


Joanne Kitten Dec 14 2017


MissKittyMoon Dec 14 2017

This is wonderful! You guys are awesome for making this happen! :x

CalliRose Dec 14 2017

This is actually amazing. I'm pretty blown away. Thank you MV! <3

Goddess Siham Dec 14 2017

This is amazing! I’m to the point where I stay in my house all day everyday. Even though I don’t mind it, I know it’s not healthy.

Freak Mob Media Dec 14 2017

if you're staying the house all day making content and working on your manyvids, you're hustlin!

Goddess Siham Dec 14 2017

That’s what makes me not mind it ❤️😄

xHornyLady36x Dec 15 2017

Yeah - this is the bit that gets to me the most! I can go days without leaving the house and none of my friends know what I really do and that brings me down too x

Goddess Siham Dec 15 2017

I just like keeping to myself. I hate being asked any questions about what I do for living. Bc they keep digging for more. And most people think I just do nothing and live off my husband so I feel the need to speak up about working. I feel most comfortable at home.

Lanna Amidala Dec 14 2017

Thank you MV! I dont like to talk with my members or twitter followers about things im struggling with, Its my job to entertain not bum them out with my negativity. Being a  mom who works from home.I find it hard to get to support groups or counseling. If i happen to get a baby sitter i use that time to film.. This job can be very isolating.  Thank you for caring, <3

SchwayMan Dec 14 2017

Its great to see Manyvids going beyond the call to help its creators and community.  Even if this may not work out, the fact that Manyvids cares to take action about this issue simply makes me want to support the site even more!

xxxAvery Dec 14 2017


Donna Raynes Dec 14 2017

O:)finally a site that doesn't just take, you also give back

Donna Raynes Dec 14 2017

I'm teary eyed, Thank you

Magpie Kent Dec 14 2017

Oh wow..this is actually really good

Brooke Dillinger Dec 14 2017

This truly hits me hard... you guys are the bomb for doing this! I definitely get the feeling that lots of people don't understand our world and I know that this will help so many girls. I definitely keep this part of my life private in real life because I've had a handful of negative experiences. Thank you MV for stepping above and beyond yet again!  <3

Aspen Snow Dec 13 2017

Such an awesome idea!

BrianaBooty_Del deleted Dec 13 2017

HANDS DOWN the support and community go above and beyond what is typical in this industry. Many Vids has stepped up to the plate and is changing those standards! After some incredibly humiliating experiences from the owner on another fetish clip site failing to pay me over $200 in earnings and calling me names refusing to block a client for privacy reasons, etc. I can say without a doubt what Many Vids brings to the table is revolutionary and refreshing. Not once have I ever been called names by the owner. Support has always responded in a timely manner and I have ALWAYS been paid to the penny what I've earned in commission. ON TIME. These are things I think a lot of people take for granted until they get bamboozled. Many Vids has been incredibly supportive and professional and for that I am beyond grateful.

MissKalahKitty Dec 13 2017

love this <3 thank you!

Liz Lovejoy Dec 13 2017

I think this is such an awesome idea, and I really want to thank manyvids for going out of their way to help us out. There is so much stigma and shame around both sex work and mental health, A LOT of people don't have anyone to talk to. Really glad to see this <3

Kyra Effing Kane Dec 13 2017

This is truly a top shelf idea.

LilyMaize Dec 13 2017

This is awesome! Can't wait till this comes out <3 thank you MV!

Zhaddie Grey Dec 13 2017

wow MV i'm very impressed, you have been doing some awesome things lately, keep it up! Thank you!  This resource will be very valuable!

DestinyDiaz Dec 13 2017

This is really cool. Being in this industry can make you feel very isolated, and this is such a cool feature that I hope many take you up on. Just having someone to hear me out once in a while would be amazing.

BowlsnBoobs Dec 13 2017

Thank you Manyvids for Providing this incredible resource! Can you tell us the type of training the person on the line has received?

BabyDayZee deleted Dec 13 2017

Thank you so much! This is amazing!

CammiCams Dec 13 2017

THANK YOU so much for your help Alex and MV Team. You have brought me some hope in what I felt was a hopeless situation! NO SEX WORKER SHOULD EVER BE ABUSED OR HARASSED BY ANOTHER SEX WORKER NO MATTER WHAT! If you want to know the truth ASK ME! I have evidence an inch thick proving my case and my door is always open!

Alisonxo deleted Dec 13 2017

Woah! This is an incredible step forward.

GingerBanks Dec 13 2017

You're making me more proud to be on this site each day :)

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