MV Xposed: Paige Porcelain

Let's find out all about this MV Star!

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Today, for the first Xposed interview of 2018, we're in conversation with the beautiful Paige Porcelain. Let's jump right in! 

How did you begin your career in the adult industry?

Completely by accident really. A friend of mine had been bugging me for about 5 years or so to create an Instagram account dedicated to my booty cause it’s my best asset lol. And finally, I decided “oh what the heck!” So I did it. I thought it was just gonna be me taking a few pics and stuff but I quickly grew very famous, I had 10k followers in less than a week and it just kept growing. And as I grew I started getting Inquiries about doing private videos. And there began the trip down the rabbit hole!!!

Describe your perfect vacation.

Hmmmm. I am also a professional photographer so my choice of vacation spots lies heavily in the availability of great photographic opportunities (great landscapes, waterfalls, nature settings). But no matter what, it has to be warm. I am not a fan of cold weather. So if I visit the mountains it would be in the summer.

You have an amazing tattoo on your hip. What’s the story behind that?  

Well, my tattoo is of a Phoenix. It’s not finished, by the way, and still has a lot of colors to add. Phoenixes are symbolic in that they are reborn from their ashes. They never stay down. That has been my life. I have been through so much in my life that would be too much for the average person, but yet every time I have risen again from the ashes and continued on. I don’t let anything defeat me. It’s the fire in me.

Describe your ideal sexual partner.

I’m going to keep this one very short and precise and I’m sure many people will need to google it. Daddy Dom is the only way for me.

Since you’ve joined in July, you’ve risen fast through the ranks on MV. What would you say contributed to your success on ManyVids?

I joined in July, but I didn’t even decide to do anything with my account until mid-September. I am a person that does a lot of research before starting something. I did a lot of research on what people seemed to like on ManyVids. I also have almost 500,000 followers on Instagram so I think that had a lot to do with it. When I finally told them I was on MV, my stats just kept climbing.

What are some of your favorite characters to cosplay as?  

I am a huge comic book and video game nerd. So that is what I like the best. Comic book and video game characters.

What are some goals you have for the next few years?  

Well I actually just quit my job to pursue this adult entertaining thing full time. I am even going to start camming very soon. Traveling more, doing a lot more photo shoots.

Any new cosplay vids coming in the future?

Yes I have several in the works. I have seen other girls on MV and their cosplay videos and I love them so I want to eventually make every single video I put out a cosplay video.

Lastly, say something for your fans!

Thank you so much for supporting me and believing in me. I never really knew anything about this lifestyle until just a few short months ago and I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to bring you more!!!!!

Now for the 10 quick questions! 

If there’s one thing that really turns me off that is: there are a few things, but since most of what I do is through technology I am going to go with this one: people that don’t know the difference in words such and your and you’re; they’re, their, and there; etc. Also, people that use words such as dat (that), dey (they), and da (the) etc. Education and intelligence mean a lot to me (I have 3 college degrees), so if you can’t hold an intelligent conversation You won’t be able to hold my attention.

Between being able to talk to ghosts and being able to talk to animals I would choose: definitely animals.

If I’m having nachos, the dip I need to have is: um cheese obviously because that’s what nachos are.

My favorite fruits are: pineapples, kiwi, green grapes.

The celebrity I’d like to meet the most is: Jennifer Lawrence. She just seems like a cool chick and very sarcastic and quick-witted like me.

My favorite sex toy is: a remote control bullet vibe.

My biggest sexual fantasy is: I think I would have to say an ENJOYABLE mff threesome. Emphasis on the enjoyable because I’ve had a few and they were horrible lol. I want to have it actually be fun one time!!!

My favorite film and/or video game this year is: Thor: Ragnarok. It was the best movie ever.

The one thing in my life I definitely can’t and won’t give up is: my independence and control of my business. This is a business and so many girls are so quick to give up control to some silver-tongued “manager” that doesn’t do anything for them except take a portion of their money. No ladies, you don’t need a manager, an assistant maybe. But a manager, no. YOU stay in control. YOU call the shots. YOU decide what to pay your assistant based off WHAT THEY DO FOR YOU, not an automatic percentage of your income.

If the world ended tomorrow then today I’m going to: go to Disneyland lol.

Thank you Paige! Everyone make sure to check out her profile and all her great vids!

MV Team

NovaBomb73 deleted Jan 10

Really cool read!

Congrats on first MV Exposed of the New Year :p I love reading the articles and meeting the girls on this page!
I had to laugh at your turn off, I share that turn off as well! :P Can't wait to see what new videos you put out this year! Good luck!

How do I post videos..heellp!!

Great answers!

Cool interview, best of luck with MV! :x

You seem to have a great personality! I hate spelling mistakes too but please don't judge my English since it's not my mother tongue -p-

hi! What do I have to do to get interviewed like this?

Great article though, I'll take a look at Instagram to see if it helps to my career

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