Ladies and gentlemen, whether you’re cleaning out the pipes or double-clicking the mouse, masturbation is good for you!  Who would have thought that this private action would be beneficial to both your body and mind?!  Masturbating is a completely healthy and normal thing to do and maybe now finding out that it not only cures your horniness, but it also has many benefits for your body, I bet you might be taking care of yourself a little more.

  • When we masturbate, we learn a little more about ourselves. Masturbating helps you become comfortable with sex and your body. We learn how we like to be touched and what sets us off. Touching yourself gives you a better sense of what makes you orgasm, which makes it easier to show your partner what you like. Don’t be afraid to explore and see what you like even if it may be a little strange, just keep it legal.
  • It also helps reduce stress which leads to better sleep at night.  With a little less stress and a good night’s sleep, how could you be in a bad mood? 
  • When you ejaculate, our body releases a hormone called Cortisol. This chemical helps us not only feel better but also helps boost our immune system. 
  • For the ladies: Masturbating helps ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps and muscle tension.  
  • For the men: Not only does masturbation help prevent prostate cancer by literally cleaning out the pipes but it helps men last longer and stay harder. Ejaculation helps work the pelvic floor muscles and this helps prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

I will say that masturbation is completely healthy and normal and should only be considered excessive when it interferes with your job, responsibilities and social life. 


If you weren’t already convinced enough to masturbate with the amazing content we have on this site, you should be now! ;P


Not only is our job fun, but it's also healthy for us! Double Win! <3

ghostxp Feb 14

Your videos are a waste of money and your ugly

what the fuck is wrong with you! shes not ugly and her videos look great! does attempting to tear people down get you horny?! or maybe its just makes you feel better about your pathetic life! why dont you go do something useful and suck a cock!

So how about you leave the site if you  are against what it stands for.

Got the best job EVER!😀💦👍

ghostxp Feb 13

It is a sin, unless you are married. Then you can masterbait over her all you want.


hulk940 Feb 13

It’s a sin and it’s evil

Mrmkbig Feb 13

then you're doing it wrong

This is so true.. (V))(V))

I LOVE to masturbate.

I can attest to the fact that masturbation helps with period pains! Bring on the Hitachi:P

Who doesn’t love masturbating?? 😁

ghostxp Feb 13


Yay for masturbating!!:P

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