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The weather’s getting cold but here at ManyVids it just gets hotter by the day. But there’s a particular day when the action gets really heated up, and that is AMA day! Last week Wednesday, Clarabelle Woods led an exciting AMA session. If you missed that, you can check it out the thread here. This week, we have Ashley Alban taking the stage on the ManyVids subreddit!

For the regulars on ManyVids, you know who she is. Hailing from ‘Buttville’, Ashley is an asstastic MV Girl with a gorgeous body and a face so cute you’re gonna die.

On Wednesday, January 10th, at 6 PM EST, she is going to be answering all your curiosities. So don’t miss this chance to ask Ashley literally anything! Come down to the MV subreddit!

In the meantime, check out all of this exciting action that happened last week with Clarabelle!

What’s your favorite thing about doing what you do?

I like the creativity that comes with this job and the opportunity to learn new skills (I'm a dork!).

What is your current guilty pleasure?

Well, I would say Equal Exchange 88% dark chocolate, but it's got iron and magnesium in it, so I don't feel guilty at all!

Who takes photos of you when you're climbing?

Those pictures (naked climbing or outdoorsy ones) are my favorite to take and I'm glad that comes through. I have a rotating cast of friends who take pictures for me -- I'm very lucky to be friends with so many outdoorsy and open-minded people!

Any 'eureka moments' like 'didn't know I was into that'?  

Ooh, I've been having a lot of fun with Domme themes lately. It's very cathartic and I love exploring the different sides of femdom. I did a giantess custom video recently. I had no idea that kink even existed until I started doing sex work.

Which has been the most fun to film?

Obviously, the outdoorsy ones have a special place in my heart, but I've been really enjoying doing JOI/JOEs lately. I think I'm becoming more confident in my voice (which I never thought I'd say!) and dirty talk on the fly. I'm also really happy with the one I put out today -- Quickie Before Yoga -- the lighting was just perfect.

MV Team

Clarabelle your outdoor videos look so awesome!!! The lighting and the backgrounds are amazing, I wish I was able to film in places like that! <3

Reading you was wonderful!

I ADORE you Ashley! You're such a babe with such an incredible ass! <3

She is amazing!

Last week was so fun -- thanks for coming out, everyone! Can't wait for Ashley's too. :)

I'm so excited for Ashley's AMA!! :)

Why do I keep thinking Ash Ash Binks in my head when I see her name? Ashley Alban all around greatness and she is absolutely cool. Love her YouTube and content! :D

This is my dream job! I completely agree with the creativity is a great part.  I enjoy getting to know my customers too.

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