How I Began My Adult Industry Career

It all started out with a drive.

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I just want to start off by saying I never thought about being in the adult industry. Honestly, it was one of those things that just happened to fall into my lap one day out of nowhere. Today I want to share my story on how I came into the industry. 

I was going through my day to day mundane life and a dead-end job when my now ex-boyfriend happened to have an old school friend who needed a ride to work. The friend was a stripper, and I was surprised, to say the least. I didn't even know our town had strip clubs and bikini bars, and being how I was raised and being very sheltered I suppose I never even thought to think about it. So while I was driving her to the club she worked at I had thousands of questions racing through my head that I wanted to ask but thought might be rude. But, to my delight, she was really easy to talk to and didn't mind all my questions. 

When arriving at the club I was feeling nervous about going in being that it was my first time at a strip club, but as I stepped in I was taken by surprise again. The club wasn't trashy or ghetto like I imagined it to be. In fact, I was enthralled by the lights, music, the stage, and the girls. My first glance at the stage I saw my first naked woman in person, I was blushing like crazy I tell you, and felt awkward because I wanted to look at her but felt weird looking at her. My new friend then left me to go get ready for her shift and asked me to stay for a bit and check out the club. Check out I did, I was staring at everything! 

After leaving the strip club you could say I had a lot on my mind. A world of new and exciting opportunity has just been shown to me and yes I was indeed very tempted and curious about it. A few days went by and I was quickly becoming friends with the girl I had given a ride to and as we hung out she told me more and more about her work as a dancer. I was so enchanted by my visit to the club that I was starting to really think about applying to be a dancer but I didn't feel like I was brave enough to actually go through with it. But as it turns out I believe fate had me meet my new friend. I was shortly fired from my 9 to 5 job and was unemployed for months unable to land a job. Unable and unwilling to lean on to my family, I finally let my friend convince me to audition at her club.

Before going to the strip club my friend took me to an exotic store to get heels and outfits. It was a quick trip because I didn't have a bunch of money at the time. Shortly afterward we were at work, and I was beyond anxious to see how it would all go. Would I flake out at the last minute and run for the door? Would I stay and make a fool of myself on stage? Or could I possibly do this and be accepted and get the job? 

I stayed, I didn't run away and the manager let me audition that very night. He asked me to get dressed and ready to be put on stage so I did. I came out of the dressing room dressed and not as scared as I thought I would be when I stepped onto the stage. The DJ announced that I was a new dancer, then put on a new song as my cue to start dancing and dance I did. Too fast, possibly way off beat to the music but I did it and I didn't fall flat on my face like I had feared. After my stage set was done everyone in the bar applauded and cheered for me. I was taken aback. I got off the stage and went straight to the manager. He gave me a nod and said "you're in", and I've been in the industry ever since that night.


This was great to read! As I also started out stripping . Quit that, then moved on to bigger and better things .

What a fun story! I too started off in the industry as a dancer. While I no longer do that, I think it was a great confidence builder and a fantastic way to get comfortable with my body.

I loved reading this! Did your family have any issues with you becoming a stripper? 
I’ve been kinda thinking about it lately but I don’t know yet haha.

Hello and thank you! Well to be honest my close family doesn't really support the idea of me dancing. But I feel if this is something you feel strongly about like I did and want to do/try then don't let them or anyone stop you. I can give you tips and advice if you like, just message me and I'm more than happy to talk to you about any question you may have.


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