No matter what industry you're in the ultimate enemy for any model anywhere is to gain weight, right?

I didn't just gain a little, I gained 25lbs  in a short amount of time. Now, back when I started camming and making clips, I was a UK size 8. I was this cute little blonde thing, often compared to Naomi Woods and Margot Robbie on cam. However, fast forward a little over a year and here I am, a whopping UK size 14, sporting pink hair and making bloated belly videos. Whaaat?!

Well truth be told, being skinny wasn't really my "default" setting. I was always a bit chubby but back then I got really thin from an emotionally abusive relationship, an addiction to diet pills, and overworking myself to the point of exhaustion. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would gain back the weight back that I'd lost - and then some - and I did. It took only 6 months for me to go from a size 30 pants to a size 38. That's JUST because I stopped taking the diet pills. Crazy, huh?

Well, what's a girl to do? I felt awkward camming again and wanted to change my whole setup but I'd spend so much time creating "Delilah Dee" that rebranding would only cost me time and money and I'd already invested in so much to make a name for myself.

I felt I was not quite big or beautiful enough to venture into the BBW niche and definitely not the tiny girl I once was anymore. Where did a short, chubby girl with a big belly fit into? I felt so lost and depressed, I had no idea what to do with my new body shape and my finances were suffering because of it. Then one day it all changed.

I was browsing around, looking for clip ideas, when suddenly the "bloated belly", "gaining weight" and "chubby" categories caught my eye. It's like the possibilities were suddenly flying at me! On these pages were the most beautiful models with stunning faces and sexy, soft and chubby bodies. I was both fascinated and overjoyed that there was a niche like that out there. I realized that the one thing I was so embarrassed about could very well be the thing that would become my redemption.

I then took the liberty of filming every type of content I could make with my big belly, wobbly thighs, hungry mouth, weight gain and all-round chub. The results have been astounding (not to mention, super fun and creative!) and my customers and fans have loved every minute of it. I've even gained quite a few new fans who absolutely adore my plumper frame. It's really true what they say, this industry really is for people of ALL shapes and sizes.

So if you happen put on weight and people turn their noses up at you, just ignore them. You'll be the one laughing to the bank, after all.

by MV Girl Delilah Dee

GIRL I FEEL YA! i was a 215 bbw when i was filming 3-4 years ago and loosing 40/50 pounds i have issues on where to market and how to. But slowly learning to love my new body and its hard. its extremely hard!

"You grow a little belly when you go thru some shit go thru some shit. You grow a little belly when you go thru some shit, but the homies just say, You Thiiiick" 🐎

Oh my gosh I’ve been going through the same thing... Thank you for writing this, I don’t feel so alone anymore♥️😘

Anytime babe and I'm just a message away if you need a friend 💘

Yes!! So wonderful to read!!!! I have am one of those “always chubby even though I work out every day” body types, and if anything, making porn has been the most welcoming of every aspect of that experience. I’m so glad to hear you’ve found such self acceptance!!

Thanks babe and I totally understand!

Great read ❤️

Thank you 💓


Yes she is! Love body positivity :x

Thanks girls! <3<3

Dellilah Dee/ I'm so glad you've come to embrace & accept your size & curves. I myself have always had a preference for fat girls (I'm not attracted to skinny scrawny girls) and thus find it upsetting how most women always trying to lose weight and obsessed with being thin. There's nothing I love more than a BBW with a chubby face and soft, chubby, curvaceous body. Thank you very much for embracing all your beautiful curves and sharing them with us. I really appreciate it.

Corbin xx

You made my day, thanks so much Corbin ♥♥♥

Such a great post, I’ve been struggling with this and this was the  push I needed to not let anything stop me!

Aww that is so awesome! My work here is done-p-<3

This blog sure hit close to home for me. You look absolutely gorgeous girl and I’m so glad you wrote this! ❤️❤️

Aww thanks Bea! You're such an inspiration to me!!

This is amazing! I love hearing about women embracing their bodies. So inspiring. Our bodies change with time, I know mine is constantly in flux! Sometimes, with my fluctuations, it's a struggle to love every curve, but then I remember that beauty comes in EVERY size!

That's SO true!

Booty4U Mar 7

I can relate to this so much! <3


Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Mar 7

LOVE this! Thank You for sharing. As a Fighter People don’t take me serious, because I’m solid everywhere except my Tummy, they thinks I don’t Tarim and I probably train more then then “skinny one” ... I struggle with PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation syndrome ) aka hormone imbalance/weight gain etc. 

 I too, felt terrible b/c I don’t have that Gorgeous BBW Ashley Graham frame, with. saggy/hanging (Belly Fat Apron),  but was told I had a Vore Belly/frame ... then I googled Vore stuff and stoped feeling ashamed of my tummy popping out when running the ropes or up in the air for takedowns.

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Mar 7

Thankful for Caming not only for the Extra change  to help pay for my fighting/training and traveling, but to the Fans, fetish world too ... Wish the fight scene was more accepting of the Suoer Heavy Woman’s Weight Class  Outside of Wrestling ... Ring and Cage You have to be around 30lbs US & Below of your opponent to even get a match ... and I have to do so many FREE/amateur matches before I can start getting Paid/Pro Matches. 

I’m hoping more Woman of the “Chubby “ Vore belly etc come out to Fight  via Ring or Cage. 

Big names  seem to only want to sign on the Bantamweight/flyweight Girls ... let’s not forget the other weight Classes...  BBWs/SSBBW can Fight too.

I hope that they become more accepting of all frames, because it can be a challenge for us to love ourselves first without even having the extra pressure!

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Mar 7


Everybody is different. Love yourself first and foremost.

Thanks babe! ♥

I love this! I was actually just talking about this yesterday. I’ve always been a big gurl but when I first started camming I was 30 pounds lighter. I have recently been struggling with making content and camming since the gain. I ended up losing the regulars that I had and became very depressed over it. Being a cam model has become a challenge since then but not one that I’m willing to give up on!! I love your story and continue growing your brand!❤️❤️

Aww thanks hun, I'm so glad that we have a platform and community where we can all share this ♥

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