New MV Welcums!

Just in time for the month of love!

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The coldest time of the year is now behind us and our hearts are thawing with February, the month of love! So get ready to fall in love with some brand new MV Girls!

Do you know saying, ‘the name says it all’? Well, that is certainly true with this new MV Girl, sexyfirecracker. She is a hot hot cutie who is looking to make your day ‘a little more tantalizing’. She’s also into doing dominatrix and humiliatrix stuff, as well as all sorts of fetishes.

Jaybbgirl says she’s a bit of a dweeb, but she makes up for it by having a nice butt. And her butt isn’t the only thing that’s nice about her. She is cute as hell, she’s got this beautiful pair of boobs, and you know what, you should just go check her out right now instead of us describing her!

Meowprincess is an amazing sex kitten who will capture your heart with her cute smile, and more importantly, with her set of big luscious set of breasts.

Calling all good submissive slaves looking to getting humiliated by a sexy dominatrix! Miss Sofie is a German beauty who calls herself the ‘Queen of Cum’, and she is ready to completely take you over, drive you out of your minds.

Devyn Reign is a hot MILF who is ‘a lady in the streets, but a super freak in the sheets’. She loves to make custom vids and make all your fantasies come true! You definitely will want to get to know this MV Girl and do all sorts of exploring with her!

Welcome new MV Stars! It’s a pleasure to have you here. And also, welcome all the new MV Stars that have joined in the last month. Please introduce yourselves in the comments below. We shine brighter thanks to all of you.

Everyone, please give a warm greeting to these new cummers!

MV Team  


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Miss Sofie

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Devyn Reign

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Brand new baby, Excited to join the rest of you beautiful ladies on your journey to success 

Brand new baby, Excited to join the rest of you beautiful ladies on your journey to success :)

Welcum to the MV fam! I'm also a new cummer 😈😎 yay!

Hello Beautiful NewCummers! Ughquarius checking in here! Cum show me some love !

Hello all. I’m new here. Come say hello 😁

Welcome to the site hotties! My DM’s are always open to chat. 💕


Welcome ladies, have fun and fill up your wallets... B|

Welcome ladies!!! I hope you all have a great experience here on MV, good luck!!! <3

CandyCained deleted Feb 13

Im new too! Beautiful new cummers! beat wishes on your endeavours!

Welcome to MV, good luck and have fun with your new store. <3<3

Ginger_rosexo deleted Feb 13

I'm new here also!!

What beautiful new cummers! I'm also new to MV and loving it so far!:A

welcome :) ......still waiting for my new cummer welcome lol oh well

Me too! I think we were suppose to message Pamela O.O

Ginger_rosexo deleted Feb 13

Are we supposed to get one of these? 🤔

yea i thought we were...but it only seemed to be given to models who completed all their profile/services info etc, AFTER they came out with the badge I guess those of us who had already filled out everything completely BEFORE dont get the recognition...

Welcome to the best adult entertainment website! <3<3


Welxome all xxxxx

Welcome; you’re all beautifully amazing!!!


Super cutie, Miss Sofie!:A

Thank you <3>_<

Thank you so much . I'm very glad to be here! <3^.^<3

Woohoo! I'm so honored to of been mentioned in this article! Let's get the party started 🙈😘💖

Welcome pretty ladies, MV is the best site to work with <3

Thank you ManyVids for the awesome welcome!

Thank you for including me!

Welcome!! You guys chose are great platform to be apart of!! Best of luck to all of you.

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