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It's almost time for the TEA Show, the industry's biggest event for recognizing the top achievements in transgender erotica! Not only is ManyVids a TEA Show platinum sponsor, we'll be watching the awards ceremony on March 11, 2018 from our own VIP table. Do you want to join the MV Team as we cheer on our MV Trans Stars? Then enter our contest to win a FREE ticket to the TEA Show! You'll be in great company sitting with MV Trans Stars Chanel Santini, Kendra Sinclaire, Lena Kelly, Liberty Harkness, Casey Kisses, Natalie Mars and Nina Lawless. Renowned adult entertainment photographer and podcast host Holly Randall will also be there in special collaboration with ManyVids to hold exclusive interviews.

Here's how you can win:

1. Retweet the TEA Show banner on the ManyVids Twitter account.

2. Comment on this blog post to say that you're entering

That's it! The contest will run from right NOW until Sunday, February 11, 2018 and we'll announce the winners the following Monday.

Good luck! 

sindee Feb 20

i will enter now


Yes, I am in now. Bailey, thx for giving me a 'heads up on this.' Thank you for the kind words. Yes girls it is an honor to be the only TRANS PRODUCER so recognized by ManyVids. I know we compete with the CIS PORN stuff but it is gratifying to know TRANS PORN is on a huge growth path. Who is looking to shoot shared content? Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

Entering to WIN. Also, ManyVids might also consider having one of your PRODUCERS of the YEAR at your table. Only 1 of your finalist do TRANSPORN. All the rest do CIS PORN. It might be helpful to promote one of your top sellers/producers in a show that you are serious about the TRANS biz. Tia Tizzianni is very well known in TRANSPORN circles. You obviously have one photographer. How about one of your LARGEST REVENUE generators?

Done, im In :P

Done! This will be my first time being part of the TEA Awards Show. I have friends who are TS. 😍😍😍

Retweeted and entered! I'd love to go and support all my Vegas gals!

I'm entering! I need to support my girls Chanel and Natalie <3 It's been a dream come true to finally be able to go to Xbiz and the AVN awards! I'm so glad I moved to America.

Retweeted :A such an awesome opportunity :A

Retweeted and entering:)I think this is amazing what you are doing! Congratulations to all MV Trans Stars!

TeaganBaby deleted Feb 9

Retweeted & Entered <3

Good luck to everyone :3

Retweeted done and ✅ I’m entering this🤪😎😇

Yesss. Retweeted! Done. What an amazing contest. I'd love to be a part of it. 😃♥️

wops is a pity that I'm so far away, right in Colombia :`(

A person who said "I’d love to give you a hug.And put a knife in your back. Die, you lonely, pathetic, loser. Kill yourself. Rid the world of your uselessness.", "I don't have any pets because pets are an obligation. Something you're stuck with that you have to take care of. I've never wanted children for the same reason. I avoid obligations like the plague" or "I live my life in a mostly selfish manner, interested in doing what I want to do" is nominated for Best Internet Personality? Wow..i lost my faith in humanity..

Free flight and hotel too pretty please! (I'm totally entering)

Date I believe is wrong in the blog post, but good luck to everyone! Entering just in case!

Retweeted! Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else!

Where is it? Is love to go but travel may be hard

I'm entering!

supermarie deleted Feb 8

This sounds amazing :)

i retweeted...only one so far before me?

Scarlett Wolf
Scarlett Wolf deleted Feb 8

I'm entering!!!


I want to enter! 😍

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