MV Xposed: MissPrincessKay

Let's get to know all about this MV Girl!

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Today, we're in conversation with MissPrincessKay. She is a recently joined MV Girl who is quickly rising to the top. Let's get into it shall we? 

How did you start your career in the industry, and when did you realize you wanted to keep doing it?

I started posting nudes on Reddit because I was always shy and I wanted to put myself out there to step out of my shell a bit. I became interested in selling my panties when I found a subreddit dedicated to it! I had no idea of the number of people that would be interested in me and my personality! I transitioned into making videos when people would PM me requesting I make some for them and I realized it was very fun and it was a way for me to be creative! I had no idea I would be able to support myself by creating intimate content for people. Those who have shown support for me are what drive me to continue and constantly improve and having a community of fellow sellers on Reddit really makes me feel like I'm part of a family.

You’ve joined very recently. How did you begin your profile on MV?  How do you like it on MV so far?

Many other ManyVid stars talked about it on Reddit and I became interested very quickly! I joined once I felt more confident about putting myself out there on a bigger platform. Once I began on ManyVids I devoted more time to creating and brainstorming unique content! I absolutely adore ManyVids! It's been an amazing experience and I love how interactive it is with contests and fan interaction! I wish I had joined sooner!

Despite joining recently, you’ve really risen through the ranks. What would you say is your secret behind your quick progress on MV?

I would say having a following on Reddit helped me a bunch starting out! A lot of them were asking if/when I would be making a ManyVids account and when I finally did they were quick to jump in! Also adding content frequently has really helped!

What sort of content do you most enjoy creating?

I'm still exploring different types of content I want to create. So far I really enjoy making content where I play a submissive role. I also really enjoy making deepthroat videos! I'm still seeing how far I can push myself when it comes to deepthroating!

Are there any particular difficulties that you experience as an adult content creator?

Putting yourself out there definitely invites a lot of criticism. Learning to take negative or hateful comments not seriously was difficult but as I grow more experienced I find myself being able to shrug off nonconstructive comments. Also learning the technical side such as video editing has a learning curve which I'm still getting the hang of.

What do you usually look for in a romantic partner?

My ideal partner would be open-minded, kind-hearted, and as big of a fan of animals as I am! With two dogs and a cat he'd almost have to be~! As much as I want to be a hopeless romantic and fall in love at first sight, I believe it takes a lot of work and communication to make any relationship successful!

You’ve mentioned that you’re a gaming nerd and that you also watch a lot of gamers on Youtube. Have you thought about starting a gaming channel on Youtube yourself?

I don't know about a YouTube gaming channel but I've definitely considered live streaming some games! I've always had a lot of fun watching others play games and I think I'd enjoy playing for an audience as well.

How do you deal with online trolls?

I try to remember behind every mean comment there's a real person who is going through life just like the rest of us. In regards to how I deal with them I believe you should always treat others how you would want to be treated and try to always give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what they might be going through. Retaliating with hate isn't going to benefit anyone.

What projects do you have upcoming?

I've been working on creating a character for some future videos that inspire laughter while still being sexy. If it's received well, I hope to continue and expand upon said character. My second biggest project would be anal training for bigger and better things!

Say something to your fans please!

Look ma! I'm on MV! Just kidding~

Thank you guys for the love and support you've shown! You all have really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me a much more confident person! Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to put my all into creating new content! I hope my future content shows how thankful I am and how far I've come!

Now it’s time for the quick 10 questions!

The sexual fetish that I want to try the most is:

Double Penetration! Closely followed by extreme bondage!

My 3 favorite songs of all time are:

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

Congratulations ft. Quavo - Post Malone

Moon River - Audrey Hepburn (specifically in Breakfast at Tiffany's)

I usually take my clothes off in the order of:

Pants -> Shirt -> Bra -> Panties (If I'm wearing any!)

My least favorite food is:

Meatloaf. Yucky!

The sex toy I cannot live without is:

My BFF, The vibrating wand.

I’m most confident when I have my:

Fellow Reddit sellers to support me!

My best qualities are:

My ability to love unconditionally! And how much I grool.

The best video game ever is:

Fallout 1! Closely followed by Fallout: New Vegas!

If my house was on fire I would first save my:

Pets of course! Then my sadly large makeup collection. Which I would die trying to carry out.

If I could only visit one website for a year, I would choose:

Reddit! My home on the internet!

Thank you so much MissPrincessKay. Make sure to check out her vids y'all! 

MV Team

Fallout 1 and New Vegas ftw :)

curvymodelmilf Feb 13 2018


Brooke Dillinger Feb 13 2018

Congrats for rising so quickly after joining recently! You look gorgeous in the picture here :)

KoraRoseXXX Feb 13 2018

Welcome! I'm also new to MV as well as video production in general and I can agree that learning the technical side of things has been challenging! And I too can't live without my wand! Easily my favorite toy:P

Horny Peaches Feb 11 2018

are u welcome here cute!!!!

Selina Kyl Feb 11 2018

welcome to the site! you sure are a cutie!

Aw, Great interview!

The Reddit sex work community truly is like a family!!

Bea York Feb 10 2018

You’re such a cutie! I’m glad I got to read more about you. :)

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