How I Became an Everyday Dairy Queen

HayleeLove talks pregnancy and lactophilia.

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When I began camming in 2016 I was around 18 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t sure what an audience would think of me camming. Surprisingly, I found out how there is a high demand for pregnant woman in an erotic environment. I was able to build a following that loved watching my belly expand in size. Being flooded with positive feedback was inspiring as I had no idea how desirable I was at that time. However, I knew I wouldn’t be pregnant forever, and naturally I had a fear that once I was no longer pregnant I would lose all my following. I wasn’t sure what that would mean for me as a cam girl. Luckily, for those of you with an appetite for lactophilia, the fun was just about to begin! I learned that not only were my loyal followers willing to stick by my side through one of the most dramatic changes of a woman’s life, but also they were excited and supportive of my evolving content and live shows.

There have been many growing pains (both literally and figuratively) as my breasts became engorged and oh so unpredictable. I could never control when a heavy letdown would come squirting from my sensitive nipples. Camming took some substantial changes as not all cam sites allow lactation, and, seeing as how I have been blessed with a pair of super soakers bursting to the brim with milk, I had to get creative. Despite these changes I was so happy to be able to continue to create content freely on ManyVids!

Often I’ve been asked if I enjoy my milk. If I were to answer honestly, I would say yes! When I first began I was nervous to try my milk. I had never tasted it with my previous pregnancy. My partner disliked it and automatically I assumed I would feel the same. In a way, my fans introduced me to something I would never had even dared to try if it weren’t for their own carnal desires. Now I can’t get enough!

I now feel so sexy teasing my nipples till my breasts begin to tingle and sting before auto lactating in arching streams of milk. Visually they mimic a water fountain or even fireworks splashing into the air. I see the beauty in this. Capturing a moment where my face is dripping with milk and my hair is decorated with little white beads. The sweet flavor of warm milk as it slips into your mouth and surprises you with a mild, yet tantalizing taste. How could I not love it? Especially knowing that watching me enjoy something you, as a viewer, would love to sample drives you wild.

This experience has been enlightening. I’ve learned so much about my body, how to love it and how beautiful it truly is in a way I never did with my first pregnancy, in my pre-camming life. There are no words to describe how thankful and appreciative I am of the support and kindness I have found here. The eye opening moments where I’ve realized that I am a radiant goddess in all forms I have taken, because of you, my loyal followers. I look forward to creating more content as we explore our sexuality together.  

by MV Girl HayleeLove

I love this! Thank you for sharing your positive experience and embracing your body!

Thank you EllieBoulder! ♥️

This is so neat! As someone who’s never going to be pregnant, the whole lactation thing seems super foreign to me - but what a wonderful description of how it became a new thing for you to love about your body! That’s the kind of empowering thing that makes my day 😊

Thank you CaseyCameron! I never thought it would turn into what it has but it’s definitely been an amazing experience 🙈💗

Wonderful article; thanks for sharing!!! ❤️

Thank you SweetnSexyAphrodite! 💕

Great article Haylee! Lactation videos are very popular.:A

Thank you SavannahSkye! 🙈♥️

awesome sweetheart!!! <3<3<3

Thank you Arikajira! 😘

I am still fascinated by how women's bodies work and that we're able to do this.  And this is one of those magical things.  Thanks  for popping my milk cherry <3 ^.^

Haha we’ve popped so many! Do we still have some left?! :@

Love this Haylee it’s right on the mark.

Thank you Lanna!! 💕

Not only are you sexy and gorgeous, but you’re also a good writer. Congratulations on your success.

Aww shucks! Thank you big poops! You’ve always been so supportive! <3<3<3

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