MV Xposed: Rhaenys

In-depth interview with an MV Girl!

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Today we're in conversation with Rhaenys. Let's get to it! 

How did you begin in the adult industry? :

One of my best friends was a cam model for a short period of time, and said that I would do great! I considered it for a while, and then my boyfriend surprised me with a logitechc920 webcam!

What do you care about the most in life? :

I care a LOT about fairness, equality, and acceptance. In my personal life, I care most about my partners and my cats!

You have a spectacular set of breasts. Would you say they’re your ‘best asset’? When and how did you realize that your boobs brought so much benefit to yourself? :

Thanks! I actually like my ass more, but I'm generally interested in asses more in general, so I guess that makes sense! My breasts actually used to be 32C before I went on a particular birth control and made them a whole lot larger. I started posting on Reddit GoneWild for self-esteem boosts (before I started camming) and realized that although the growth came with a lot of struggle, at least they looked good!

Do you have any unusual sexual preferences? :

Uhhhh, I'm not sure most of the things I like are unusual, or maybe I'm just desensitized? I really enjoy when people love my feet haha.

What would you consider as your greatest strength and weakness? :

I think both are my empathy. My anxiety is definitely a huge weakness for me though. Mix that with empathy and lack of communication. Haha

So far in your career, what has been your proudest moment? :

I can't think of a singular moment, but what does come to mind is all the people that say that they enjoy my singing, my personality, and my music taste! Affecting others in a positive way always makes me feel amazing.

Do you have a wild sexual adventure that you fantasize about and hope to someday achieve? :

If you'd have asked me last year, I would have said "a threesome!!!" But as it turns out, I've recently been blessed with a couple threesomes! Two that were gg/m and two that were g/mm.

Let’s say if you had limitless resources for a spectacular porn vid that you could shoot anywhere in the world (or the universe), what would it be? :

Something ethereal, I'm thinking with lots of liquids (water, honey, cum, etc). Basically, an orgy where everyone is in complete bliss and treasures each other. (Corny, I know)

What are your career goals? :

I think it'd be neat to meet up with other cam models and make videos/pictures!

Say something for your fans please! :

I fucking appreciate every single one of you! I even appreciate the trolls because sometimes I get a little sleepy and laughing at them makes everyone giggle.

Now for the quick 10 questions

I’d go crazy if I ever lose my: phone and computer. I have so many apps that help me track appointments and other really important data. Photos from years ago, photos of lovers, of family, etc.

If I could go live in another country for a year I’d go to: Iceland or Ireland! They both look so lovely and green. I'm a big fan of plants.

My biggest celebrity crush is:  basically all the hot chicks. Sometimes I like attractive dudes? I didn't like Ryan Reynolds very much until he was in Deadpool; he was made for that part.

My life would become so much better if I had: More money, obviously! Free gym membership. My own house. Even though it's ~controversial~ I also believe my life would be a lot better if I could afford a reduction. So basically, money lol.

I always smile when I see: Cute pictures and messages from my lovers! I especially like seeing pictures of my cross-dressing pal/ lover. His fashion sense and camera angles are off the chart!

On the scale of one to ten, my first sexual experience was: a big fat... 1. On the other hand, with that same guy before that.. we had some amazingly hot foreplay and teasing!

I’m at my best when: I don't feel anxious, can afford my necessities, and when my lovers/friends are happy and know that I love and treasure them!

My worst nightmare is: that my stepmom comes back from the dead, or never died, and wants to be apart of my life again.

The one piece of technology that I can’t live without is: air conditioning honestly. I get heat stroke very easily.

The boldest sexual act I’ve ever done was:

Honestly? What I'm about to describe is not really that insane, but it was for me at the time. I had a major crush on this guy in high school, we texted A LOT, he would text me about how wonderful I looked when I was walking, etc. He was very sweet but we never talked face to face, even though we had a couple of classes together. So one day I got his attention after class, saying something lame about the weather, then leaned in and kissed him! After that, I scuttled off to my next class blushing like crazy. Keep in mind that at this point I had lost my virginity 3 years previous to this LOL.

But I've definitely had "bolder" sexual acts! I've had sex in a theater, near a park right by a creek, in a field, in a different field on a couch that my friends had put there, and in my friend's shower, etc!

Thank you very much Rhaenys! Everyone, go check out her vids now! 

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curvymodelmilf Apr 19 2018

Great article!

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Omg, blissed out fluids orgy!! Thats the thing I want, in word form! lol :]

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wow the exact same on strength and weaknesses! x_x