MV Xposed: Lil_MissAngel

An in-depth interview!

Apr 7 2018 1,493

Today, we're in conversation with Lil_MissAngel. Let's get to know this MV Girl shall we? 

Tell us about how you got your start in the adult industry please!

I got started in the adult industry when someone I know introduced me to camming. I watched a  couple of models and one showed me the ropes for a little bit before I got started. I hit broadcast for the first time in October 2016 and haven't regretted it one day!

What’s the one thing you haven’t done that you want to try?

I would love to try cosplay! I have a couple in mind that I hope to do soon.

For you personally, what is the best thing about being a cam model?

I love the freedom it offers me, it lets me take care of myself mentally and emotionally easier than a vanilla job. I also love meeting new people! I'm very talkative and I enjoy getting to know others. I was even able to meet a couple of members at AVN!

Camming isn’t an easy job, and there are many slow days. What do you do in order to get through the tougher times?

I try to focus on the little things and celebrate the small goals. I also try to keep my hands busy if it's quiet on cam with coloring, cross-stitching, doodling, or knitting! It helps calm my anxiety to have something else to focus on.

What are your favorite fetishes?

I'm a masochist and a rope bunny. I adore Shibari and have even included it in one of my photosets. I'm planning a video that will include a few fun fetish items that I hope to release soon.

What are your hobbies and other passions outside of the adult industry?

I have always been a reader and try to read when I can. I am a graphic designer, and I love to cook. I'm a dancer as well and I do swing dance and I'm hoping to get back into ballet.

What values in life do you consider the most important personally?

Happiness and peace with yourself. It's hard to enjoy life when you are constantly in battle with yourself. Enjoy the little things as well, even with as something as small as a coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

Describe to us how your version of a satisfying sex life would look like.

Always learning and experimenting, listening and growing. I love rough but it's the quiet moments that make it wonderful.

What are your career goals?

I want to continue camming and creating content for a while. I also am hoping to grow my graphic designing into a business and have already started working with other models!

Could you give a message to your fans?

Thank you guys for supporting me! You keep me going and encourage me to push harder.

And now for the quick 10 questions!

My favorite type of foreplay is: Spooning and neck kisses! I don't know what it is but I love it.

My ideal night out usually starts with a: A beer at a small bar

When I’m in trouble, I can always count on my: Sister! She's always there for me.

After a hard day I relax by: A bath, face mask, wine, and a book.

The food that I could never bring myself to eat is: Monkey brains! I knew someone who did it and it's always haunted me.

The one sex act that I consider myself to be a master of is: Blowjobs, I love them!

The next item on my bucket list is: To travel outside of the US.

One thing people can never take away from me is my: Constant need for coffee

I’m really really good at: Talking!

My favorite sex position is: Doggy

Thank you very much! Everyone, make sure to check out her profile!

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