MV Xposed: Roxy Dover

An in-depth interview!

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Today we're in conversation with Roxy Dover. Let's get started! 

How did you first start in the adult industry?

I was on Snapchat and all of a sudden I had a bunch of people following me, like hundreds. I asked my fiancé what he had done, because clearly, he was behind this. He had posted my name on a forum for real women on Snapchat. So I was enjoying the attention when a guy offered to pay me to take some pics for him. I did it and my fiancé said that if I enjoyed that we could start a site on So off we were, taking pics and running a site there for pictures. Well, then we need a Twitter account to promote the site. After a few months, Roc Bundy reached out asking if I was interested in shooting with him in NYC. And a pornstar was born.

What got you to join ManyVids?

I needed a site to host my videos and they were the best option.  One of the best known, fair payouts, a lot of traffic going to it, and easy to use.

What would you say people love about you the most?

Tits and Tats. Guys love that my ass says "Slut".

What do you think makes you different from other adult content creators?  What makes you stand out?

I do it for the love of the game. This is more of a hobby than a full-time job. I do it because I truly enjoy it.

If you could start a business about anything, what would you want it to be?

I would love to do this full time, perhaps have our own studio. Our main issue is our location. There aren't too many co-stars in New Hampshire.

Can you tell us about the wildest sexual experience you’ve ever had?

There have been so many... But this one was an exciting one for me. I was in an adult theater and had just enjoyed a very sizeable cock in my mouth on the main floor. I then went up to the couples area with my fiancé and we played a little more before leaving. As we were checking into the hotel for the night that last guy who I was playing with showed up. We chatted a little bit and came to find out that he was staying in the room across from ours. A little later that night I put on some sexy lingerie and crossed the hallway with a condom in hand and knocked on the door. He opened the door, I believe his jaw hit the floor, and I asked if he wanted to fuck. That was a fun night.

So it seems that to you size certainly matters. But do you have any thoughts on other elements around a penis such as length vs girth, the shape, etc?

Big is important, but I need girth. My ideal size is a very thick, cut, 7 - 8 inches. A little curve is ok but nothing too extreme. I have a slightly titled cervix so doggy with a long cock can sometimes hurt but I love the getting stretched feeling.

What are your favorite sexual kinks?

DDLG has always turned me on. Cuckolding is always hot.  I love being tied up and partaking in a little consensual nonconsent. You can sometimes find me at a glory hole or in an adult theater. I have had several gangbangs and throw BBC hotel parties. That's all the stuff I currently enjoy.

What are your plans for the next foreseeable future?

I have now been shooting for a year so I plan on just staying the course and enjoying what I am doing.

Please say something for your fans!

I love you guys, and I love hearing from you. You guys all help pay for all the things I love to do. If there is something you really like, or want to see me do please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Make sure you follow me on Twitter to see all my dirty stuff (@Roxy_Dover) and continue to look for all my new videos here.

Now for the quick 10 questions! 

I love doing what I do because: I'm an attention whore! Honestly up until a few years ago I wasn't really happy with how I looked and now after some changes, I love how I look and I love when others enjoy it too. Still, though, I'm sometimes surprised people pay to see me in my vids. It's a huge self-esteem boost, and I appreciate each and every sale.

The value that I most cherish is: Honesty. I have dealt with a lot of dishonest people throughout my life as I'm sure most have. Life is just much easier if you just live it honestly.

When I’m hungry, the food I’d crave the most is: Pizza. On a huge Hawaiian pizza kick right now.

I always start the morning by: Drinking coffee. I MUST HAVE COFFEE. Then get ready for work, or back to bed to masturbate.

I’d be most troubled if I lost my: engagement ring. My fiancé had it custom made. It's not the most expensive or biggest but it's one of a kind and it's mine.

I love it when a guy cums on my: I prefer a nice creampie but I love seeing a load on my "Slut" tattoo.

One thing in bed I’d like to really try out is: This one is hard because I usually just do the stuff I want to try. I do need to up my anal game. I had an issue with a partner once which really turned me off from it for a while. I need to get over it because it can be hot.

If I could travel back in time I’d go to: the 70's. I feel like I would really enjoy the free love movement.

My biggest pet peeve is: Bad hygiene.

I definitely get turned on by: A big cock, muscles, confidence.

Thank you very much Roxy! Everyone, make sure to check out her vids!

MV Team     

Love that you've reclaimed "slut" with a sexy tattoo! And it's awesome that you entered the industry with the support of your husband. It can be difficult to find a partner who is comfortable enough with themselves to be in a relationship with someone who works in the sex industry.

So glad to learn a little more about you! Instant "love" because of the tattoo!

So great to meet you! I love your vids! Very sexy!


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