Spring Break Contest!

Enter to win big prizes!

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Winter is (almost) over! It's time for the first big vacation of the year! What are you all doing for Spring Break? Heading somewhere warm? Making extra fun content? How about entering our monthly, Spring Break themed contest!

As with all our monthly contests, the prizes are big and beautiful! Upload your sexiest and most fun Spring Break pics to the contest page for a chance to win:

1st place - $3000

2nd place = $2000

3rd place - $1000

Best pic - $100

The voting will officially begin on  March 11th at 11 AM and will close March 21 at 8 PM.

We especially love to see vacation fantasies! Even if you aren't actually taking time off for Spring Break, show us how you would like to be spending it. Have fun taking great pics. We can't wait to see them! 

Pic provided by MV Girl Noemiexbilas

Congrats to the winners

So many sexy spring  women!  Good luck! xoxo

Yay. good luck everyone

Yaaaay, let the fun begin!

Happy spring break! This is my first contest lol8-)

Happy spring break! This is my first contest lol

Happy Spring Break!  Love the Hot Ladies here!!:A

I hope everyone has a awesome spring break! I’m spending mine, finally shooting some B/G videos! :D

Sommanat Mar 16


Sommanat Mar 16

Fuck me!!!

This ones fun! Good luck all you gorgeous sex goddesses!!!! Xoxo 💕

EbonyLovexx deleted Mar 14

Good luck gorgeous ladies! 💓

KsuColt Mar 13

good luck everyone!:x

good luck everyone! xo

I won't be participating but looking forward to voting and seeing what everyone puts up!

Sommanat Mar 16


ckelcro Mar 11

Rarely ever see a negative comment in these contests threads. Love it

Can’t wait for this I’ll mostly be working since I already took my break 😂

Good luck everyone <3

This should be super fun going to love seeing everyone’s entry pictures sooo ready for winter to burn lol literally ready for tan bodies, cold melting tropical sweet drinks, warm sunshine, hot passions and steamy dreamy nights!  Good luck to all :)

Yes! I got the perfect pic. Thanks!

Awesome Lets Rock this............... ;)

Perfect I’m headed down to Florida today and filming new content with my new Mavric Air.

Weefck69 Mar 10

This is time i chill and relax and have fun at beach

Well this is perfect. Ill find my bathing suit

Weefck69 Mar 10

😍I want see U wear bathing suit so hot n sexy make me melting and hard

Well thank u. 😻😍😘

I was hoping for a fun St Patty's Day Contest. But Spring works as it starts when the contest ends 🙃

me too!

Best contest yet! I'm in.:]:pineapple:

can't wait!

So striking! ... good luck in the contest everyone xxx

She is so flippin' gorgeous!😍

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