What happens when you gather three of the most ferocious women on the planet together for a red hot photoshoot in the Las Vegas desert? Open the latest issue of the MV Mag to see MV Cover Girls Farrah Abraham, Jaclyn Taylor, and Kayla Kayden transform the landscape with bold style and a take-no-prisoners attitude!

We proudly present to you MV Mag #13: The Runaway Rebels Issue.

The issue which considers the state of sexual empowerment in the entertainment industry and examines a variety of topics from sexual liberties and women’s rights to style and freedom. The centerpiece of MV Mag’s “Runaway Rebels Issue” also explores the idea of sex positivity and shares viewpoints from MV Girls on entrepreneurship in the adult industry.

Watch Brookelynne Briar sex it up. Venture into the wild side of town with Little Puck. Taste Alix Lynx sweet lips. Get an exclusive tour of the city with Lena Spanks. See ice cubes used like you’ve never seen before with Jessica Starling. And of course, read all of their intimate details in exclusive interviews!  

We’re also fortunate to feature sexy MV Selfies from three beautiful MV Girls: Sofiryanxoxo, Savannah Skye, and Cubbixoxo. Get to know their turn-ons, fun facts, hobbies, and more!

We at ManyVids dare to be ourselves so we can carve a much-needed path in the road. That’s why we’re so proud of this issue of the MV Mag. For the first time, all the photoshoots in the MV Mag were created by the MV Creative Team which means MV Mag #13 is filled to the brim with the patented ManyVids energy we all love.

Walk on the wild side by checking out MV Mag #13: The Runaway Rebels Issue! It’s FREE to view or download!

MV Team

Luv it!!!!

These pics turned out great!


Thanks for having me be apart of the mag<3:manyvids_verified::bedazzled:
Hope to grace the cover soon.

Kelli Autumn
Kelli Autumn deleted Mar 12

Uhmmmmm..Have you guys ever watched an episode of Teen Mom? Hell, you can watch the last two episodes and see how awful she is. Have you not seen the way Farrah treats people? She is a horribly cruel person; She's also made incredibly racist remarks (See Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition). I cannot believe you're letting her represent the website. This makes the site look horrible. Do better. Seriously.

Cattie Mar 12

Everything outside of Farrah I'm about. She really is a huge let down to have representing us. :/

Not to mention the last thing I think of when I think farrah abraham is "Rebel". There are so many more models that could've been better for this issue. x_x

abe7700 Mar 13

I agree with Kelli. I never comment on these MV Blogs, but I was waiting to see if anyone would bring that up lol. And what do you expect from MTV nowadays lol? Humans tend to have short term memory. As you and others mentioned, there are a lot more deserving models out there. On a side note, I purchased a custom video from Kayla Kayden/Lynn/Spice etc... through MFC about 3 years ago and still have not received it. I stayed in contact with her after purchasing about a year and a half, but it became pretty evident that she was not going to fulfill it. "Runaway Rebels" is quite a fitting title for the particular two models mentioned. In all reality, I would like to thank her and a very few others from MFC, for they made me despise all cam sites. On average, I probably save about $2k-$3k a year now.

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