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When and why did you decide to become a part of the adult industry?

About two years ago I was sat, bored, in my bedroom. My partner joked that I could watch some cute camgirls online if I'm bored.

"Eh? What's that?"

"OMG have you never heard of camgirls? They perform live porn and communicate with their customers for money..."

"Really? Hmmm..."

And so I started camming, did very well on that first night and made plenty of money! After 6 months of camming, I quit my bartending job and started work in the adult industry full time! During that time I had discovered clip sales, joined ManyVids and started getting many custom video requests through here and completely fell in love. I am a very creative person and making clips, even customs, allows me to bring out my creative side! My video editing skills have greatly improved over time and I am quite proud of the videos I make now.

What made you choose ManyVids?

The first friend I met in the industry, Bethany Rose, suggested ManyVids to me when I said I wanted to start making clips. It certainly seemed to be the most popular and most professional clip site I could find and to this day I am more impressed and more proud of being a part of this amazing website! 

What vid are you most proud of and why?

I have made a LOT of videos in the past 9 months of being on ManyVids (106 to be exact) so there are some I love, some I don't, and some I DID love at the time until I improved on my work. But I have to say despite my dodgy green screen skills, my personal fave is Alice - The Movie. This was my Halloween project funded by a long-standing fan of mine called Chaddyenders, and it is the biggest project I have to date. It was expensive, took a LOT of time to make, but I must say I am still so happy with the results. If given the chance to do it again or make more projects like that in the future then, believe me, it will be done! I had SO much fun playing Alice in my own twisted adventures in Wonderland.

What is your best personal sexual experience?

This may not seem very special, but at the time, it was AMAZING. I was about to brush my teeth to go to bed when my partner came into the bathroom, grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into the wall. He kissed my neck and put his mouth to my ear.

"Get in that bedroom, Princess. Put on your Snow White costume and wait for Daddy..." he whispered before letting go and BOY I ran to that bedroom HOT DAMN DADDY your princess will do ANYTHING for you... and the sex was so hard and hot, so uncontrolled with this animalistic sense of need... I'm turning myself on just thinking about it! That was, undeniably, the best sexual experience I have ever had (so far).

We see you have videos including both men and women. Which do you prefer sexually?

I much prefer women in every way, apart from attitude, usually. Women can be very cruel, jealous and bitchy! But the right girl can sweep me off my feet much better than any man might be able to when she has the right personality, mixed with an incredible smile and set of tits!

Would you say you film a lot of custom content?

Yes, almost all of my videos are customs. I love knowing that YOU are the one that is telling me what to do and controlling my orgasms! I never judge any custom idea and to be honest I can be VERY taboo and there is very little I would say no to. Please don't be shy when asking me for a custom video, I am a very open-minded girl.

How do you deal with online harassment?

Well, usually I only receive this through Twitter or Instagram. I used to feel like I had to reply to everybody but once I realised how much time I was actually spending when trying to give everybody my attention, I decided to ignore the simple 'Hi', 'You're hot', 'Send nudes' type messages because they ALWAYS end up with them constantly asking for freebies, or trying to scam me into a free show. In the beginning, I did fall for a few scams but it was a learning curve. And usually, when I tell them I do this as a career and they need to pay to get what they want, they will turn around and be very cruel, calling me a 'slut', 'whore', 'gold digger', 'fat' etc... it's not a very pleasant thing to read but it's something I've come to expect. I've learned to be very wary of social media in this industry as it is very rare to actually receive a worthwhile message. But when I do, I will always treat that person like gold!

What are the cons of this career to you?

It can be quite lonely, as I have no colleagues or even a boss to speak to, and all customers are through the computer screen. But I need to figure out a way to balance my social life with my work life and I think that's something we all need to do, otherwise, we will just make ourselves miserable. It is either so time-consuming I wake up, work and then go back to bed, or I have one small thing to do and get very bored, especially if it's a weekday and I can't see anybody.

What are the pros of this career to you?

I discover new fetishes all the time and find new ways to make my sex life adventurous! I learn more about myself and I'm happier being the person I should be and expressing myself better. I decide how much or little work I do at any time and there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to making money. I always have my video/store item sales, but if I end up having no custom videos to keep me afloat I can do cam, phone, text or modeling work to make up the odds. I have met some amazing, very interesting and very open-minded people who I probably would never have had the privilege to know if it wasn't for this career. I feel I am a much better and more confident person, too.

How much time do you spend roughly working on your career?

Wow, haha, that honestly depends on a lot of things but I won't bore you with the details! Since I solely use ManyVids as my income I am working constantly, and have gone for weeks without a single day off. I have emails, messages, filming and editing to do as well as updating social media and now, of course, keeping MV Crush up to date. Sometimes I wish for nothing more than some help with at least something, but to be honest, I love it. As long as I stick to my own schedule and don't stray, and work even on the days I feel the least motivated and the most depressed, I can maintain a fairly normal 9-5 job.

What are your interests outside of this industry?

I love to catch up on my favorite YouTubers like Kelly Eden, Georgia Productions, and Gloom. Every day with dinner I watch Adventure Time and I love it so much! Adventure Time is my savior on my worst days. I love to read, draw, and write! I'm writing a novel, actually, which is hard to find the time to consider everything else, but I am in love with the characters and the story and I don't want to sound vain when I say that! I think the love for your own work is VERY important when it comes to success. My worst work comes from my worst attitude towards it. I have recently started needle felting and love making small, colorful kawaii charms like a bunny or ice cream!

What are your goals for the future?

I have been working on becoming number 1 on ManyVids, just once, even for an hour! That is my biggest goal right now and I will be so happy to see it happen, and I am already so happy with how far I've come already. After only 9 months of being on this site, I am already on page 1 and I am working very hard to stay there. Aside from work, my next goal is to finish my book and have it published.

Say something for your fans!

Oh my gosh, there is so much to say! I'll keep it short.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate EVERYTHING you all do for me, especially the few very special ones I am now happy to call friends who support my work and my life daily! I hope we can keep making this content together for a very long time.

Do you watch porn? Oh, yes ;)

Do you have any pets? Yes! I have two snakes! I have a (rescue) albino corn snake called Alfy, and a half a year old ball python called Serenity. 

Who is your personal favorite MV star? Ooh, tough one... probably between Dawn Willow, CherryCrush, and Lana Rain 

How do you deal with stress? Food, pink onesie, and cuddles

One thing you couldn't live without? Milkshake

Biggest Celebrity crush? Helena Bonham Carter

Favorite food? Mashed potato

Favorite drink? Milkshake

3 favorite songs of all time? Mrs. Potato Head (Melanie Martinez), Ano Natsu e (Spirited Away theme), Dance, Magic, Dance (Labyrinth) 

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? Nara Park, Japan or DISNEYWORLD... it's a tie.


:x:x Awesome interview Cleo

very nice to learn about you, you are very lovely

Not gunna lie, your best personal sexual experience sounds VERY hot! Now if only I had a princess costume, lol :)

twas nice learning more about you

Thanks :) <3


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