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Can't stop. Won't stop.

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The #1 priority at ManyVids is to never stop improving our platform to make sure members and MV Stars always have the best experience possible. We’ve been rolling out new features, upgrading existing features, and listening to your feedback to determine what we should develop next. In addition to new features launched earlier this week, here’s the latest roster of everything new and improved that’s currently live on ManyVids:

1. MV Crush 2.0

We recently unveiled the MV Crush private messaging system and are thrilled that so many people have already embraced it. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, we’ve adjusted certain aspects to make it even better.

  • Members can now reply directly to MV Stars through their MV Crush notes.

  • MV Stars and members can each filter the content that’s been uploaded to their MV Crush notes. Simply select either a) all b) vids or c) pics to get an overview of all your MV Crush content.

  • MV Stars are now able to upload up to 10 pics at a time.

  • The new maximum pic size is 15 MB per pic.

  • There’s also a new and improved overall view making conversations easier.

2. Manage Vids

Visit our brand new vid manager by going to your drop-down menu on the top left of your screen, then selecting My MV > Manage Vids. The drag and drop method of maintaining your vids has been replaced with an easy to use pinning system that lets you put your newest, best-selling or just plain favorite vids front and center on your MV Profile.

With this new layout you can see the prices, views, likes, total earnings of each vid as well as which vids are custom, already launched, pending, scheduled for future dates and more. You also have the option to tweet your vids for extra promotion! Just click on “Tweet” in the drop-down menu next to your vid.

3. View Members Previous Purchases

MV Stars can now view everything a member has purchased from their MV Profiles with just one click! To see an itemized list of everything a member has purchased from you, just click on the member’s name wherever you see it (on your vid reviews, wall posts, private messages, from your earnings, etc.) and then go to the “Purchases” tab. You may filter by vids, store items, contest tips and services to get a better idea of who your most loyal fans are!

4. Liked Vids List

And, last but not least, members can now view a complete list of every vid they’ve ever hearted. Simply log in, go to My Profile and select the new tab that says “Liked Vids”. This will make it easy to keep track of all your fave vids or vids you’re saving to purchase in the future.

Have you discovered these new features? Which ones are working best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Pic provided by MV Girl SugarBootyCB

Anyone else having an issue with the vids section? Everytime I try to order the videos starting with newest, it takes me to the MV stars page instead.

ChristinaC_MV Jun 14 2018

What dose it mean to "pin" a video any help?

Arden Jade
Arden Jade deleted Apr 30 2018

I really miss being able to drag and drop videos. :( I like the being able to pin videos, but hate that I can't put my more fetish-y ones down toward the bottom and keep my vanilla ones on top.

Arikajira Apr 14 2018

Is it driving anyone else stark bollock crazy that when you upload a new video it shows ahead of you pinned work, so you have to unpin and re-pin each one to set things right, it’s seriously driving me spare! Especially after taking so long to pin my order of videos

YoungandFun21 Apr 14 2018

This has been driving me crazy, especially since I have new content coming out almost daily on delayed release so I can't always fix it right away.

SweetPam4You Apr 3 2018

Can we get back the feature to order videos? My page is a MESS. It's impossible to get it organized...

Arikajira Apr 2 2018

oh! I was meant to add on an earlier message, it would be wonderful if when making a promo code if we had a 'select all' option, as there are times that for contests on suchlike the offer of ALL my videos is a prize tier, and this can take ages to transfer over one at a time

Arikajira Apr 6 2018

Just now noticed this has been now added! .. THANK YOU!!!! .. the blisters on my fingers to owe you anheap if thanks!! Xxxx its great when little improvements mean so much ease of use and time spent(Y))

Steve Awesome Apr 2 2018

1. You can't do bulk actions on multiple items
2. You're forced to only view 50 items at a time
3. No re-ordering feature
4. You can't edit anything while in this list view (i.e. inline editing)
5. Vid titles aren't sortable
6. Price column appears to have an invisible clickable sorting icon (but sort doesn't appear to work correctly)
7. Vids Category column is non-nonsensical (Launched means no discount or "regular" -- not consistent with the sorting dropdown feature in the top right ? Why aren't discount percentages shown in the price column?  Column isn't sortable. 
8. No analytics (how was traffic referred to the landing page / to an individual video, what was the funneling like before user converted / paid for service, etc)

1. Sorting based on views, sales, earned, etc.
2. Compact view of most data

Epiphany Jones Apr 2 2018

Wow MV! You spoil us so much😍thanks for always thinking of ways to make the site better for your models💋

Really miss the re-order of the videos. The landing page is now just a mess of unorganised videos. Please putt this back ASAP.

Sydney Simpson Apr 1 2018

Yup, it was very useful.

Steve Awesome Mar 31 2018

I'm very annoyed that you took away the re-order videos feature. I realize you say you're going to bring it back, but without a timeline it is very distressing. I had my videos arranged per feedback from my visitors and you've taken that away from them.

Agreed! It now just looks unorganised and messy!

clay beach Mar 30 2018

youve outdone yourselves again mv

cultselina Mar 30 2018

I'm excited about the liked videos feature (hopefully its also for us MV Stars?) Wouldn't mind having something similar for profiles that also lets us know when  someone has posted something new ^.^<3

TROGLODITE Mar 30 2018

SugarbootyCB is the best , go buy videos of this hot girl !!!!

Haley420 Mar 30 2018

How do we re-arrange our default set of videos now? I want my video packs at the top of my profile when customers first view my page. Thank you in advance if anyone can help.

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

We will improve the re-order vids feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool ASAP!

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

In the meantime, you can *PIN* your vid packs if you wish!

Haley420 Mar 30 2018

Awesome!! Thanks I love that feature. Is there a limit to how many videos I can pin in the meantime?

Arwen Datnoid Mar 30 2018


Brie White Mar 30 2018

I posted this in a reply to another user, but wanted to give some feedback here too so it hopefully gets seen.

I have a mix of femdom and taboo content and try to keep the two genres grouped together. The pinning system is nice but I really, really don't like to mix my content. It turns off both sides of my buyers-- the taboo guys don't want to see me doing fetish stuff, and the femdom guys don't want to see me with a dick in my mouth. Being able to organize content was a huge part of my sales strategy. 

Thanks for the consideration, I hope the organization feature makes a comeback. Everything else is awesome though.

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

We will improve the re-order vids feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool ASAP!

Brie White Mar 30 2018

Thanks for the reply. You all are awesome.

SavannahSkye Mar 30 2018

keep the manage vids layout but re add the drag and drop to reorder.
Us models lay out the page how we want it to be displayed, then the customers rearranges it themselves with the filtering option..

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

We will improve the re-order vids feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool ASAP!

PartnerDusty Mar 30 2018

I'm rqrdardy

phani3 deleted Mar 30 2018

Thank you for staying great manyvids!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

FionaDagger Mar 30 2018

It would be great if we could still move the vids around on our profile! It's helpful to be able to pin some to the top but I'd really like to still be able to change the order of them. What would be REALLY amazing would be if we could see what they look like arranged on the profile as we move them around, rather than them being in a long list. I like to rearrange them so I always have a good mixture of boy/girl vids, solo ones, and top sellers. The pinning thing is nice but if we could combine it with being able to move them individually it would be perfect :)

Arikajira Mar 30 2018

yeah this,
I am 50/50 split on this, yes having our favourite videos pinned is awesome, BUT, I had my Huge library of 1800 videos in the order I wanted them, as I don't like all my new videos in a bunch (as often I do a few of the same fetish before passing onto something different)

In any case I like folding my new work into the video list, so the fact they are now ALL in order of newest and my customised video order has gone POOF! is rather alarming,

It made me think though, that maybe 'random shuffle' would be a great thing, Pin those we don't want to move, and then basically have something to shuffle the rest, therefore giving older videos that may have gotten burried a chance at the start of the list

It is GREAT though that our thoughts and feedback is listened to, This is what makes the difference, and the reason that MV is my main site for my work

FionaDagger Mar 30 2018

Random shuffle is a really good idea too!

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Hey girls, we will improve the re-order vids feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool :)

FionaDagger Mar 30 2018

Thank you!!

Brie White Mar 30 2018

I agree completely. I have a mix of femdom and taboo content and try to keep the two genres grouped together. The pinning system is nice but I really, really don't like to mix my content. It turns off both sides of my buyers.

Dirty Myrtle
Dirty Myrtle deleted Mar 30 2018

Woot woot

Ebonycamgirl Mar 30 2018

This site keeps getting better. Thank you MV. :manyvids::manyvids:

ArielleAquinas Mar 30 2018

This is great! Thanx! :ass_worship:

NataSweet Mar 30 2018

Very good news!

Hidori Mar 30 2018

Before releasing new features please fix VITAL bugs like the " multiple purchases" problem and don't ruin old good features like re-upload a video.

Lightning Rod Mar 30 2018

A valid point from one of the hardest working models around (and one of the HOTTEST!!!)

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Hey Hidori, we are also working on existing features as well. We appreciate your patience and will deliver great things in the coming months :)

NickiYoung Mar 30 2018

Thank You MV. These are awesome Features!! <3. Is the video reorder feature no longer a feature anymore?

CaseyCameron Mar 30 2018

😍 the hits keep coming!!!!!

peckerwood69 Mar 30 2018

Great improvements i like how my profile page looks now when i on thank you

Big Johnny Mar 30 2018

Awesome! Manyvids keep getting better and better!

CalliRose Mar 30 2018

I love the idea that members can see their liked videos. I'd LOVE it if there could be a tab for them to see all their hearted models - like a "Loved Models/Studios" activity list. It would make it so much easier for members to keep track of the new releases of the models they like - instead of always having to check their pages individually. 
I'm really excited to see all these changes happening and hope for even more! <3

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Great suggestions Calli!

MistressGeisha Mar 30 2018


Pandagrl Mar 30 2018

🐼🖤 love it

AmethystLee Mar 30 2018

So I can’t manually change the order of my vids anymore?

Haubgirl Mar 30 2018

I've looked for it and I can't find anyway too...
Bring this back pls <3

MistressGeisha Mar 30 2018

Yes bring it back please

CalliRose Mar 30 2018

Oh I thought the pin thing meant this, but it doesn't... :( the new manage videos page would be better if we could drag and drop the order as well. Being able to shuffle my video order easily was always one of my favorite things about MV's system! :(

AmethystLee Mar 30 2018

I liked being able to sort my vids in the order I wanted, looks like I’m not the only one

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Hey girls, we will improve this feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool :)

LustyBustyLark Mar 30 2018

Wow that is amazing.

Lightning Rod Mar 30 2018


MissKittyMoon Mar 29 2018

<3 Yay! Im so excited to try out these new features! Thank you MV! <3

Aspen Snow Mar 29 2018

I love the last upgrade!:A

Gaberiella Mar 29 2018

This is some cool stuff! thanks to listening to our Feedback at AVN

Marissa Sweet Mar 29 2018

For the new video manager is there a way to totally re-arrange our videos like we were able to previously? I ask this because I typically like to have my newest videos within the month at the very top of my profile, followed by my best sellers. It appears now that they display in order in which they were uploaded with the only option of pinning them putting them right at the top. Also, I would love to see the thumbnail generator brought back to where you could refresh them endlessly.:)

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Hey Marissa, we will improve this feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool :)

i concur with LadyZena and BeaYork - love the new features! It's great how ManyVids keeps things fresh and innovative ... really sets MV apart from others, in a good way, for content creators and customers alike. Thank You! ^ _ ^ ♥ xo

GoddessZenaX deleted Mar 29 2018

Love these new features! :)

Clarabelle Woods Mar 29 2018

The new Manage Vids feature is awesome!

clubdinasky Mar 29 2018

aww this is great, thank you for updated the Mv Crush & the other features wohoo!

Bea York Mar 29 2018

Thank you so much for everything you guys do! These are great additions. :)

Heel2toeaction Mar 29 2018

Loving the new features!!! :)

Sucia Loves Mar 29 2018

Thanks Many Vids!! <3:x

MistyRains Mar 29 2018

LOVE all these new features! Thanks for upgrading and keeping us models with the best! 😍💖🦄

RemiReagan Mar 29 2018

Oohhh I love the “heart” feature upgrade. Now I can heart vids, to go back later and purchase them. Also excited about Crush, Of course. And It’s updates are just what I needed!

DarlingRosette Mar 29 2018

Thank you! Excited to check out the Video Manager.

TrueSexBomb Mar 29 2018


MissMilaRose Mar 29 2018

PLEASE bring back video reorder!!

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Hey Mila, we will improve this feature and will look for a way to bring back this useful tool :)

YoungandFun21 Mar 29 2018

Loving all the new updates, still waiting on a way to reorder store items. Also delayed launch for store items and MVCrush as well as videos would be nice.

MissMilaRose Mar 29 2018

I second this. I've had to delete my store items and re create multiple times to have them re ordered.

Victoria Raye Mar 29 2018

Would love to be able to set up "future" updates for MV Crush too

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Thank you girls for all of your great suggestions!

CoriiSiren Mar 29 2018

I'm loving all the updates!! Do we have a way to reorder our store items yet? I might be missing it. 
If not, that should be next!

Lightning Rod Mar 30 2018

I think they just said you could with this update.  You know me... I could be wrong though.

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

This is a great idea and we are always looking for way to improve :)

Cleo Starr Mar 29 2018

These are great! I'm loving the drop down lists. Makes everything so much easier. And the 'tweet' button should come in very handy! Does this count as an automatic tweet which raises our score? Or does this work solely as promotion? Xx

AsianDreamX Mar 29 2018


LittleMissElle Mar 29 2018

Thank you so much I appreciate everything you guys have done lately!

nobodyisherepickle12 deleted Mar 29 2018

Awesome updates!!!

Kitty_LeRoux Mar 29 2018

This company makes me so glad to be a part of it. Thanks for continuing to rock!

Venus Rain Mar 29 2018

You guys keep impressing me every day! 😍 And you know something else that would be awesome? Allowing MV Stars to re-order unsold store items! I’d love to have my Snapchat above at all times for faster finding 💖🙏🏻

Venus Rain Mar 29 2018

And maybe add a Promotional Banner of an MV profile picture template like the one on my profile pic  but obviously professionally done by the MV Team lol

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Great suggestions Venus! We are always looking for new ways to improve!

Rainbowslut Mar 29 2018

Very delightful! <3 Thanks again MV!

Playhard Media Group
Playhard Media Group deleted Mar 29 2018

Yes!!!!!! 15mb file limit!!!!!!!!:H:H:A:A:A

Lexi Dollface Mar 29 2018

Fantastic! You are amazing!!!

MySweetApple Mar 29 2018

This is amazing!!! Thank you so much, ManyVids!!

greenpeach Mar 29 2018

These are great!

Cherry Buscemi Mar 29 2018

Awesome and much needed updates! Thanks, MV! <3

Lightning Rod Mar 30 2018


Sexysaturdaze deleted Mar 29 2018

Great! Thank you ManyVids!

Hotwife Mar 29 2018

Thanks for all you do MV team 😙😚

LydiaLove Mar 29 2018


misskittypurr deleted Mar 29 2018

So awesome

KsuColt Mar 29 2018


Mylene Mar 29 2018

How cool! Thanks a lot! (Y)):A

Booty4U Mar 29 2018

Cool new features! <3

Nirvana Lust Mar 29 2018

Awesome updates!

Lightning Rod Mar 30 2018


Autumn Jones
Autumn Jones deleted Mar 29 2018

Yess, love being able to see previous purchases. So much easier 🙃

SavannahSkye Mar 29 2018

New features are amazing. Thanks!

xoArielxo Mar 29 2018

These are awesome. Thank you! 😊😊

Arikajira Mar 29 2018

Awesome, cant wait to go and discover the new features and how they work, 

I would atill though would LOVE if contests showed ALL votes in a personal tab for just the model to see (so we could see who has given us a free vote rather than just seeing the top three highest voters) this would be so awesome for the longer contests, as we would be able to see who had given us support with a free vote everyday

Pamela - MV Team Mar 30 2018

Great suggestions Ari!

AlluringAli25 Mar 29 2018

So awesome!!!

Lyra Fae Mar 29 2018

YESSSS. Thank you for adding these!!

xrebbyx deleted Mar 29 2018

:A:A:A amazing features!! Thank you so much!

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