MV Trans Talk: AmyJeauxj

Getting to know the real her!

Apr 10 2018 2 comments 1,237

Today, we’re in conversation with AmyJeauxj. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Where did your name originate from?

I grew up in the Power Rangers era. I, of course, idolized the pink Power Ranger. The actress's name, from the first season, is Amy Jo Johnson. I took that and added a little cajun spin. I also go by AJ180. The 180 stems from me being a top and a bottom, and also because I turn heads.

How did you enter the adult industry?

I grew up with a very Christian (and very single) mom, in Louisiana.17 and horny, I'd creep on Chatroulette in the computer room when no one was around. It was just a conveyor belt of cocks and ass. There, I realized that I had a big dick and a bigger personality. People dug it. Now, I'm just getting paid for it, and as a woman.

What do you love the most about being an adult content creator?

I like making my own rules. It's my schedule and under my control. I'm an Aquarius. I like to be creative and do my own thing. It also helps with my confidence. I love working out and stretching on cam. The viewers help correct my form while stroking my "ego." Plus I get to know lots of you cool kids.

In your opinion, what challenges do you think are unique to Trans performers within the adult industry?

Bottom surgery. Many trans folks need it to become healthy, but its an unreasonably expensive process. Since so many of us are left very little options, besides sex work, I think a lot of trans performers go through a journey when it comes to their bottom surgery. Do they continue in the adult industry afterward? Will it be like Taylor Swift crossing over to pop music, or will it be like Michael Jordan playing baseball?

As a Trans person, what changes would you like to see in the adult industry?

Do you have the time?! First comes to mind, is the lack of diversity. There are so many kinds of transwomen. I, myself, have no sort of surgeries or hormone therapy, yet. But I still have thousands of followers on social media and Chaturbate. Women like Venus Selenite deserve more attention. Also more trans men inclusion! Anything with Luke Hudson is perfect. We exist, don't miss out.

What future career plans do you have?

Well, I def want to expand and start doing partner work. I've dabbled and viewers have loved it. But it's hard finding that right mix of a partner. Outside of the industry, I use my earnings to fund my music and acting. I've always been a performer, and I won't let anyone get in the way of that. I'll be working with Ryan Murphy one day, bet on it.

Say something for your fans!

"Fans" is such a weird word. I'd like to think we are all just funding one another's happiness. So, thank you to anyone who has donated time, money, pictures, videos and ejaculation to me.


Now, it's time for the quick 10 questions!

The place I really want to travel to is: Funny you ask. I'm trying to go to Los Angeles for a convention at the beginning of May. So please buy my content or request videos, panties, anything! Still trying to book my flight and hotel. I've never been to the west coast or a beach. Make my dreams come true.

The sex act I’m best at is: Does eye fucking count?

My favorite sex position is: Any position if there’s a mirror.

My biggest guilty pleasure is: Obviously staged reality tv.

Next on my bucket list is: I want my naked ass on a beach!

My biggest celebrity crush is: A perfect world, Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. and The Weeknd would have a sister wives type thing going on.

My favorite sex toy is: I have this dildo made of pure amethyst.

Most people don’t know this about me but I: have one queer sibling and one bisexual brother.

The thing that I cherish most in life is: my family, blood and by choice.

My favorite fetish is: I love the way men smell, their natural pheromones. And jockstraps and long socks. I've definitely masturbated while smelling an exes armpit stained shirt.

Thank you very much, Amy! Everyone, make sure to check out her vids!

MV Team

DarlingRosette Apr 13 2018

Thank you for sharing, Amy! I'm happy you're here.

Brooke Dillinger Apr 13 2018

Love how creative you were when coming up with your name :)


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