Do you ever wake up in the morning, glance over at your phone and see a bunch of notifications and get an uneasy feeling? Do you then put your phone down and roll over in your bed, stay under the covers and say to yourself "I'll deal with it later"? Do you often get overwhelmed by the amount of offline work and content you have to complete because you owe various people items/videos/photosets/etc?

I know this feeling all too well and I experience it a LOT. You are not alone in this uneasy, nerve wrecking feeling. We are busy people and have busy schedules, just like everyone else in this world. Sometimes we tend to take on too many projects at once and then we get overwhelmed. For me personally, I have done this all too many times, then I become stressed and burnt out which makes me want to stay in my bed all day and binge some Netflix (I mean who doesn't like watching Netflix? lol). This can lead to both you and your customers being unhappy with late/unfinished content.

So what can you do to help deal with the stress and procrastination? These are the things I have personally done to become more motivated and not spread myself too thin.

First; It is really important to keep a journal of all the items, customs, mailed goods, videos, and pictures you need to have completed. Even just writing it down on a sticky note is good. Why? Because this is a good way to remind yourself which items you have to complete and you can use this as a checklist to mark off each completed task. Personally, I get a great sense of accomplishment when I see myself going through my list. Also, make sure you do everything as one project at a time and ONLY focus on one project at a time. If you look at your list and see the overall image, it can be overwhelming. Just take it one step at a time and you'll be amazed how fast you complete everything.

Second; Everyday set a personal "work time" and "me" time for yourself. I often ran into the issue of not managing my time properly, which would cause me to send things late or get too stressed out to accomplish anything. (sleep is really important, so make sure you get plenty of it!). I solved this problem by getting up a bit earlier every day and setting aside 1-2 hours to go through any messages, emails, and sending out any content I owe to customers. Then I proceed with my day and go to class. When I come home, if I have any custom content I need to film, I will work on them one by one in the order that they were bought then I will immediately edit it and upload the videos. While my videos are uploading, I will work on my homework or check more emails for any updated information I need to do/send or I go run errands(because videos take a really long time to upload sometimes). Then in the evening, because I accomplished everything, I get to relax and have "me" time where I will watch Netflix, anime, or play video games. Balancing your time is really important and it is always a great idea to keep a schedule.

Lastly; TREAT YO SELF! On days when I am feeling particularly stressed, I take a warm bath, I put a face mask on, I play with my cat or dog, pretty much anything that will brighten up my mood and make myself happy. Remember it is important to take care of your health, so eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep will awaken your mind and make your body more ready to get those busy tasks done!

I know this article might be a bit lengthy, but recently I have been thinking about how important it is for us sex workers to care about our mental health. I feel it is something that people do not talk about or they simply brush aside. YOUR happiness should NEVER be put aside. This is YOUR life and you deserve every moment to be happy. Being stressed and anxious really shows in your work and it is super important to not let this bring you down! I hope you enjoyed reading this and if any of you EVER feel super stressed or you're just having one of those days, please feel free to message/vent to me! Sometimes we just need someone to listen and I always love being there for my fellow models.

Now shine bright my lovelies, you deserve it!

Alice Mae 

SleepingKoneko Apr 18 2018

YESS!!! I’ve been trying to implement this structure in my life for a few years (with lots of set backs, but that’s okay)! I’m finally getting it down!!! Great read! 😸🖤

GREAT advice! Thanks you <3

Gera Kross Apr 16 2018

I recorded and failed 3 times with a video outdoors because I still can't find the right place to do it, I always have some issue (weather, people around, mosquitos, etc), and It is so frustrating that in the lasts days I stopped attending other requests just thinking about it and right now I feel my orders are out of control and I was the whole morning procrastinating as you said, avoinding the moment to take care of it. Then I found this post and It was like "you are not alone, but get the fuck up and DO something about it!" lol Thanks for the very specific advices and description of your routine. <3 <3 <3

Janelle Fennec Apr 16 2018

Great post, thanks for taking the time to write.

This is so lovely and important! <3

Selina Kyl Apr 15 2018

great article! I know I'm trying to get better at making to-do lists & time management but it's definitely a struggle!

Brooke Dillinger Apr 15 2018

Its definitely easy to feel overwhelmed at time! It's very important to schedule in me time everyday to stay balanced!

Aspen Snow Apr 15 2018

I know what you mean! Some times its a lot to handle.  With doing camming, videos and being sponsored by 2 major toy companies, I am always busy with projects.  This weekend was nice so I took some me time.  Went to the beach and to the zoo.  I still worked on the beach though and took some promotional videos and pics for 1 of my sponsors.  There's always something to do but I love it!

CaseyCameron Apr 15 2018

Thank you SO so much for this!! I'm happy I have more self-awareness around things like time management and organization than I did when I was, say, 18, but I need reminders of how to do this stuff literally all the time. Having a learning disability is a full time job in and of itself, and when I start to do something I accidentally start 5 things and all the steps are constantly being rearranged -_- SO! I should print this out or tattoo it on my face or something!

ArcadeHime deleted Apr 14 2018

This is a really good wake up call article. I have the issue of doing too much work and no me time. I definitely am gonna try some of your tips like a journal with what needs to be done and scheduling better so I can do that ME time. You're the best Alice! <3

Arikajira Apr 14 2018


Goddess Siham Apr 14 2018

I write out my work schedule for the upcoming week every Sunday. So I know exactly what I’ll be doing and on what day. It helps a lot.

xXshygirl22Xx deleted Apr 14 2018

Great tips! Thank you

Cattie Apr 14 2018

This is a great article! And I feel all of us needed it<3 Thank you for sharing!

DestinyDiaz Apr 14 2018

Love this. I keep my tasks on sticky notes, 1 note per order and peeling it off the wall when it's done is so satisfying and seeing it all infront of me organized makes it seem more manageable !! Might I add if you find it's taking you too long to return a small order or you're just bored of doing them don't be afraid to remove them from your store. You can bring them back in limited quantities or for special occasions.

SavannahSkye Apr 14 2018

Great tips!

Alice Mae Apr 14 2018

thank you so much xoxox <3

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