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Self-love is important!

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This week's Winning Wednesday will give us a chance to expose our most fun, and loved sex toys!

Introducing our Toy Box Contest!

Whether you prefer a regular dildo, a little extra vibration, the famous Hitachi, an octopus tentacle or something kinkier like paddles, whips, chains or butt plugs, we want to see your freak flags fly!

Upload a pic with one (or all) of your favorite toys to the contest page immediately! Then, this Wednesday the 11th of April invite your fans to vote for you between 3 PM EST AND 11 PM EST for a chance to win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best pic = $50

Have gizmos & gadgets aplenty? It's time to flaunt them!

*Pic provided by MV Girl Mylene 

GoddessxGigi deleted Apr 15

i was a little confused when i noticed that, two rows of girls got randomly booted up without votes.... and the two rows of women were from the last contest....i cant wait to be in the next contest

It was amazing seeing my face on the first page when I opened MV this morning! This is addictive lolol I can't wait to be in the next contest 😋

Isn’t that just a great feeling! <3

Welll done Savannah_Rose, Larkin Love and Dawn Willow

Dfillyxx deleted Apr 11

My first contest too this is fun 😋😋

My first contest entry. ☺️

Hotwife Apr 11

Check me out! Vote for me 🤑 paid voters get custom vids!! 😋

participating ! :)

Ryumoau Apr 10

Great contest idea. :)


Oooh nice!


Awesome contest theme! :diggin_your_vibe::magic_wand::butt_plug:

AdalynnX Apr 10

Good luck ya'll!!

added an entry, lets go team gabby :)

Need to look on my closet!

Guys these contests makes my imagination work harder to post creative photos <3 Thank u

Cattie Apr 10

This makes me want to take a badass pic with ALL of my toys. But I'll stick to  my new fav for now. Heh

i could imagine how big  is your collection LOL

Cattie Apr 10

It's out of control tbh heh ^.^

Well, I've been needing to take an updated toybox pic for a while, so this seems like wonderful motivation to do so.

AriAngel Apr 10

heck YES i want a tentacle!

Super excited, literally have a glass cabinet FILLED with 3 shelves worth of toys, now just have to get creative with them :D

Yayyy I just entered.
Fun contest idea!

This is gonna be awesome! I've got so many toys. Sponsored by several companies. :A

Mylene Apr 9

OMG! Thank you so much for using my photo for this contest! I went to the contest page to join and was like "WOW". :A

that's adorable :)

Aww sweet!

Bacardii Barbii
Bacardii Barbii deleted Apr 9

Hell yeah!  I just wish I had more viewers.

Never fear honey, even competing and getting involved gets your name and picture out there, and you never know what fans you will pick up along the way, take it as a bit of fun if nothing else

I don’t know if they ship workdwide, BUT, for us in the UK, I cannot recommend BONDARA strongly enough for  low price adult toys:

Ava Avary
Ava Avary deleted Apr 9

I have a lot of toys 😭

This may take some time if I want to show the full collection!, I have more toys than ToysRUs! :D

Too bad I’m such a newbie and with a regular purple dildo and a Pink Hitachi... I would never win xD (comparing my toys to the ones I’ve seen around MV lol)

Its not the limited toys itd the attitude. You constantly need to be confident and give yourself little pepgalkd if you need it. You can look up prices for new toys and add them in your store under gift me. Or make a video sold cheap about how horny you are and wish you had more toys to please you.. Find a marketing niche there's always a way to spin something. See how high you can climb girl. I won camsters daily prize with my first two plain glass toys only lol xox welcome to mv GL
Xox t

Awww thank you so much! those are all wonderful ideas 😍

I would ship you a toy if that’s not too weird, I think you are so sweet and I’m going to be voting for you xoxo

Omg thank you Korina you are auch a girl ceush for me! I would love even just a free vote from such an inspiring lady! 😍 its not weird at all about the toy lol, i would be so greatful for absolutely any toy you choose 😭♥️♥️

Done deal, DM me and I want to pay it forward, I’m shipping you a toy and voting xoxoxo good luck

Korina, you are so sweet! :)

Got to support girls starting out, I remember how it is and I love to make someone else smile

A true Goddess 😍

Sweet! Can't wait to participate! Got lots to show 💙

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