Introducing MV Mag #14: Dayglo Desire

It’s April! A new season is upon us, one that brings melting snow (for those of us in the north, anyway) followed by bright bursts of blooming color. In this spirit, MV Mag # 14 captures five luminous MV Stars in provocative, richly hued photo sets!

Gracing the cover is none other than Ginger Banks, famous for being the first “library girl” and a super active Redditor. Banks tells MV Mag that she’d like to move into pornography in the coming years and, interestingly, urges the industry to adopt cryptocurrency payment options. Dressed in mesh thigh-highs and panties, the seductive blonde invites us into a dayglo urban world—at night. A bonus Candy Crush photo set features Banks playing with a big swirly lollipop.

In a mix of bright LA sunshine and alluring jewel-tone velvets, photographer Nikki Hearts captures buzzcut beauties Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon. Their chemistry is obvious. As Raven says, enthusiastically, “Every time we see each other I realize how alike we actually are. It’s scary… .”

Next up, Japanese expat MaricaHase, who describes herself as “a small Japanese girl who loves sex but is very, very weird,” bares all poolside, in Las Vegas. This Keeping Koi photo set has us feeling the summer heat, that’s for sure!

MV Girls KoraRoseXXX, Holothewisewulf, and Cattie offer a tempting interlude with their MV Selfies before this issue takes a final deep dive featuring Macy Kennedy. With nothing but minty green backdrop and alluring mermaid getup, this MV Star’s photo set definitely has us looking forward to the beaches of summer!

For now though, with MV Mag #14 in hand, we’re happily settling into spring. It’s FREE to download!

Ginger looks SO HOT in any damn lighting LMAO

It looks great! So happy to see Ginger up there :D

these photos of Ginger are so amazing! Definitely going to be a shoot I remember for a long time!

DELETE MY ACCOUNT deleted Apr 13


This is one of the best looking mags you guys have put out! The quality of the photos looks better than ever! :)


What a great mag! Loved all the gorgeous ladies!!! <3

Super awesome pics!

Cattie Apr 12


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