Sexy Stiletto Contest

Life is short. Buy the shoes!

Apr 16 2018 19 comments 2,222

This week's Winning Wednesday is all about putting your best foot forward!

Introducing our Sexy Stiletto Contest!

Whether you enjoy a skinny stiletto, a pretty pump, a platform wedge, or boots that were made for walking - we want to see you rocking your go-to shoes!

So, let's have some fun with this contest and show everyone that if you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world!

Upload a pic of you wearing your most treasured pair to the contest page now! Then, this Wednesday the 18th of April invite your fans to vote for you between 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST for a chance to win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best pic = $50

And remember, the higher the heel - the closer to heaven!

*Pic provided by MV Girl Empress Mika 

Kay Ottie Apr 18 2018

So excited about this contest. Good luck girls! <3 Hope I can place <3

Hotwife Apr 18 2018

I would love All your votes today! Free helps too! Paid Votes gets you Custom Vids

Jessica Grabbit Apr 18 2018

Vote for me ! I just ❤️ Stilettos

Kayut69 Apr 18 2018

I love stilettos.

kisankanna Apr 18 2018

не может дождаться результатов

Aspen Snow Apr 17 2018

Got my image up! Check it out loves!😘

GoddessxGigi deleted Apr 17 2018

im excited <3

Empress Mika Apr 17 2018

Oh, snap! They used my photo for the banner of the contest 😁 Thank you, ManyVids!

AlaceAmory Apr 16 2018

So many hot pictures!

LilTrixi deleted Apr 16 2018

I’m really new to this but i posted up a pic for the do i know if someone has voted for me?

Arikajira Apr 16 2018

Ok,  it was a case of which to choose! I went with a very much treasured pair of Iron fist stilettos whilst doing one of my favourite things! Crushing objects

Mr1987chocolate Apr 16 2018

Ill definitely support whoever has the prettiest feet in stilletos

Caramel_Lady Apr 16 2018

:x so you need to check mine)

Arikajira Apr 16 2018

Lol Caramel, I love your cute cheeky comment!

Haubgirl Apr 16 2018


Aspen Snow Apr 16 2018

Super awesome! Did a custom photo shoot a while back with some awesome pics for this! Heels are 4 sale in my store!:x

Ruby Rose Fetish
Ruby Rose Fetish deleted Apr 16 2018

Nice one! ;)

lumlumxx Apr 16 2018

Heck yeah! I have some super cute shoes ^.< 

I’m excited to see everyone’s photo!

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