Standing With Nikki Benz

Celebrating Courage

Apr 16 2018 31 comments 11,065

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We also invite all our MV Stars to show their love and support to Nikki Benz by RT the pinned tweet on the ManyVids Twitter, by directly sending her positive messages, or by commenting below.

abe7700 Apr 20 2018

One of my all time favs...I currently have your feshlight, along with the STU one as well, all I need is a custom video from you lol

curvymodelmilf Apr 19 2018

Thank you!!!

Erotic Eva Apr 18 2018

i see all my comments were deleted lol oh well...they were just in response to one particular asshat who's thread has been removed....

Balor_Club12 Apr 17 2018

Nikki, you are an amazing awesome human being and I agree, we need to show the world the power of the sex community and to all the douchebags who are basically saying that women deserve to be raped, get bent

MyGirlPOV Apr 17 2018

We Stand Together. Thank you Nikki - let this be the beginning of a new era in the industry. #WeAreMany

doing_the_mario Apr 17 2018

Power to Nikki and everyone who takes part in stand together. While many "fans" try to keep sex work as a dirty little secret, I believe we need to recognize everyone on this site as people first. When we don't, shady people whether they are presidents or unscrupulous producers, will take advantage of them. These artists do so much for us while often  accepting miserable treatment and so much stigma when they would like to change careers.

Maximo1 Apr 17 2018

With democracy you do what you like but please have a little shyness in you to keep this kind of Job to yourself and let it be something private cause selling your body for money is one hell of a job you know

Mr1987chocolate Apr 17 2018

I support u nikki

dreamtfk1 Apr 17 2018

Give me a break. You don't get to objectify yourself and sell your body for money but then turn around and try to be a voice for women and expect anyone to take you seriously.

It doesn't work that way.

hchinaski Apr 17 2018

So because she does porn she doesn't deserve respect and deserved what happened to her? Wow, what a fucking douche

Liv Mocha
Liv Mocha deleted Apr 17 2018

This is a business. We make the product and you buy it. That makes ours a business arrangement. You respect the other people that you do business with, there is no reason for this to be any different. Your problem is that you and many others are stuck in the past putting a stigma on sex and everything related to it. All of that goes back to religion, which created these false ideas you have. Well religion is dying my friend, and so are these ancient ideas you have about women and sex.

bigdixon Apr 17 2018

There are gay porns too...doesnt mean you can disrespect those men. Its just another job. If you don't like it, leave it, without a word. But if you disrespect people. We all have a say to it!

I admire Nikki Benz' stance and courage on this topic. People need to realize that it is not right to take advantage of anyone regardless of their lifestyle.

Sucia Loves Apr 17 2018

Nikki is an amazing role model for anyone in this industry. We ALL love you!!

CallistoMorgan Apr 17 2018

💜 Retweeted and sending my love & support:A

LydiaLove Apr 17 2018

everyone deserves respect <3

xEmmaRose Apr 16 2018

Many girls accept the famouse Amber Rose  Slut Walk slut-shaming  ,do you really deserv to someone call you slut? 
 Girls turn on your brain you are beautiful and smart girl if u cal your self slut why do u espect someoen respect you? first everyone start respect yourself  and dont give a shit to other what  they think about you.
 100 people  different thinking 1 love you  10 hate you   you cant make all 100 people love you all are different.
show that you are strong and worth to respect and you will win this, if you show them  you are weak you will lose before you start fight! never dont give someoen call you slut pstttt "maybe only your husband in bed when you playing  that game  :) "

LIUDMILA Apr 16 2018

I did not try to offend or humiliate anyone.<3

CaseyCameron Apr 16 2018

My heart goes out to you Nikki <3

NinaDoll Apr 16 2018

<3 I support and RT

DarlingRosette Apr 16 2018

<3 Everyone deserves respect of their consent and bodily autonomy.

LIUDMILA Apr 16 2018

Ambrosian1 Many women do not need just men with balls. Idiots need balls. Smart women need self-sufficient men. Now women have many ways to do without your balls. About the balls shouting men who do not have money. Such a woman is not available to you. So you wrote to declare yourself. Nikki Benz You're beautiful. Sell your beauty dearly. Well done:A

Arikajira Apr 16 2018


Kinkycouple111 Apr 16 2018

Well said. Love it xxx

Hippy Mia
Hippy Mia deleted Apr 16 2018

Love this!

Amy Villainous Apr 16 2018

<3 <3 <3 All the love!

CutieGingerAna Apr 16 2018


Kvmullett Apr 16 2018

So proud of Nikki for standing up for other women in the industry

Blair Waters Apr 16 2018


GoddessxGigi deleted Apr 16 2018


Goddess Siham Apr 16 2018


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