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Apr 23 2018 44 comments 15,368

MV Stars! We are thrilled to announce a new earnings feature that will make referrals for all MV Stars and affiliates even more enticing—and profitable—for you! Become an MV Partner!

Starting today, we are replacing our affiliate link program (in which MV Stars who signed up new MV Stars receive $25) with our new MV RevShare program. Now, your referrals will earn you 5% commission on the following MV transactions: vid sales, memberships, all service sales, custom vid requests, fund me tips, and more! Not included in the MV RevShare are the following: tokens earned, MV Crush sales, booking fees for photos or video shoots, monthly bonuses and contests/votes.

This is a great opportunity for MV Stars to build a secure, passive income, which is especially needed if you ever require a break from shooting pics, vids and live shows. And who doesn’t? Whether for health, the birth of a child or other caregiving, or personal pursuits, this is a great opportunity to gift yourself some flexibility. MV RevShare effectively enables you to build a company: By recruiting the best talent you can find, you become even more of an independent entrepreneur.

At MV, we wish to protect you and help you secure your future. By being an adult performer, you are absolutely the best to understand and even help guide other adult performers to creative heights and financial success. MV RevShare helps the MV Community grow closer. We all succeed together.

Here’s how to start earning: Simply go to Drop-Down Menu > Earnings > MV RevShare and use your affiliate link to invite future MV Stars to be part of the MV Community. To help promote your link, you’ll also get access to two beautifully designed banners.You’ll be able to keep track of which new MV Stars used your link to sign up as well as their activation status under your MV RevShare tab. Best of all, you can see how much your referrals are earning for you!

Please note that this program is valid for all *new* referrals only and is not retroactive. The referral will only work for brand-new MV Stars. This means that any profile on ManyVids, whether recently deactivated or long-dormant, will not qualify. Importantly, only direct referrals will earn you 5%; currently, the benefit does not extend to the referrals of your referrals.

MV Members, agents, and talent recruiters can also request to become an MV Partner by contacting our support team at

Be part of the MV RevShare. Be an MV Partner! It’s now time for you to start taking over the adult industry!

The power is in your hands.

- MV Team

Pic provided by: Siansunrise 

Thank you for letting me know about this.

So we have the potential to make more than just the flat 25.00? With new referrals we can actually earn more the more referrals we get and the more content they sell?

Hey, there will no longer be a flat rate payment of $25 per model. Instead, you earn 5% of all of the above-mentioned sales on that performer's account.

Does it mean that my referral will earn 55% instead of normal 60%?

Hey, there will no longer be a flat rate payment of $25 per model. Instead, you earn 5% of all of the above-mentioned sales on that performer's account.

Do we earn anything from getting other performers signed up anymore?

Hey, there will no longer be a flat rate payment of $25 per model. Instead, you earn 5% of all of the above-mentioned sales on that performer's account.

Oops! Read that wrong and assumed it was only for member purchases. Thanks for answering so quickly!

GlamourXCastings Apr 24 2018

Sounds great! Has the affiliate link been automatically added to come up on twitter when you upload a new video? It would be sad to have new friends from twitter join up for specific videos, but not getting the recognition/profit for signing them up to MV..

Hey, your affiliate link is for MV Star sign-ups only (not MV Members) and can be found in your drop-down menu. You need to have them use this link to sign up in order to activate the Rev Share.

daryajane Apr 24 2018

Time to make some new friends! :x

Ebonycamgirl Apr 24 2018

MV please integrate a payment option and let us get paid. Its all so uncertain right now.

Steph_Leen Apr 24 2018

dang it, I wish we could do this for past accounts and just get 5% moving forward with them....

Yavin4ManyVids Apr 24 2018

"MV Members, agents, and talent recruiters can also request to become an MV Partner by contacting our support team at"


misskittypurr deleted Apr 24 2018

Love that mairo pic

Cherry_Pie deleted Apr 23 2018

what is known about new ways of withdrawing funds?((

Ebonycamgirl Apr 24 2018

Exactly my thoughts when i was reading this.

CoriiSiren Apr 23 2018

This is great!! I love helping to get new people started on MV <3 now I just have to find people that aren't already a part of MV lol

Arwen Datnoid Apr 23 2018

That's heckin rad!

Dawn Willow Apr 23 2018


janexdoe Apr 23 2018

Love it <3

MissKittyMoon Apr 23 2018

Wow that is awesome!!!!

curvymodelmilf Apr 23 2018

Yes...wish it was for past accounts!!!

MistressGeisha Apr 23 2018


Amsterdan420 Apr 23 2018

this is amazing !!!:cuff-me:

Epiphany Jones Apr 23 2018

MV Team you rock! This is awesome💋

SavannahSkye Apr 23 2018

Yay I love this!

Mylene Apr 23 2018

A friend of mine joined MV 2 days ago to team up with me in the current contest, but her papers are pending approval still. :(

GodMotherOfAss Apr 23 2018

Nice! Love it!

Goddess Siham Apr 23 2018

Yes!! Great way to get us to utilize this future.🙌🏼

BBCStudinFL Apr 23 2018

Great idea!

DestinyDiaz Apr 23 2018

This is awesome!! I love recruiting. Now I just need to find some girls who don't know what MV is already .. Lol

HornyCouple0324 Apr 23 2018

Hey me and my wife are new to this and we need some help

SweetPam4You Apr 23 2018

Ok, this is great. Now we need a way to get paid. I know MV is working on it but actually I dont know if I should keep posting content or not. Im not sure if I will be paid or not. Please hurry MV :`(:`(:`(:`(

NickiYoung Apr 23 2018

I have never had an issue being paid by MV to my bank

LustyBustyLark Apr 23 2018

I feel that. I am super unmotivated right now.

SweetPam4You Apr 23 2018

Since firstchoicepay closed down. Lots of models cant get paid anymore! As a south american model, I know many girls who didnt receive last payout and we're currently in the dark! Until MV setup  a new payment processor. Other sites switched to paxum the same day, Mv hasn't offered any other options yet. Direct deposit isn't available everywhere

KittyVickie6 Apr 24 2018

I'm sorry you're going though this. I hate the way that bill has effected things thus far. I'm sure MV will come through with something soon too

Ebonycamgirl Apr 24 2018

I sent them a mail requesting to know when they will integrate a new payout option and it took them 3 days to reply and they said they working on it and no decision yet and current payperiod ends in 6days. I'm worried. I have bills to pay and kids to cater for.

Arikajira Apr 23 2018

Great idea

Jade Jordan PH Apr 23 2018

Awesome! Can't wait to share my link!

RemiReagan Apr 23 2018


ScarlettDreaming Apr 23 2018

What about for the person I referred yesterday XD

Wow, now this is impressive. Business is a out to be booming! Great work MV. :x

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