Flower Power Contest

April showers bring May flowers!

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April showers bring May flowers!

Welcome to the time of year when we are greeted every morning by the delightful sound of chirping birds and the vision of nature awakening from its dreary slumber. It's time to take whatever winter left behind and let the rain pour so our world can blossom once more!

Introducing our Flower Power Contest!

Upload a pic of you with your favorite flowers to the contest page now! Then, this Wednesday the 9th of May, invite your fans to vote for you between 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST for a chance to win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best pic = $50

Happiness blooms from within!

*Pic provided by MV Girl AlexDeLaFlor

so pretty 

Mary Cox May 13

nice contest:x

Mary Cox May 13

nice contest

MissArab May 10

why can't I see myself in this contest there is not even a putten on my profile to vote?

I love seeing all these flowery babes!

What fun! Flower Power unites us all ;)

Good luck Blondie. 😍

Super awesome! I have just the perfect pic for this theme 😍

They should extend the time until 1:30 a.m. or allow early voting when you work 3 to 11  its hard to vote.

So many girls pix are so beautiful!!!

I love the contest but can we have a moderator who makes sure entries stick to the theme! I've seen girls get to the very top without even uploading photos (just put a place placeholder) or completely unrelated pics just because they are popular. For example in the cream team contest  "Divine trinity" was in second place for days before even posting a picture then posted their pic and moved to first just because of the girls in the group.  (not to mention the groups that never did post or only posted one of three girls in the group and still place top 10-20)

amen lol

That's a complete lie - I put up the contest photo for Divine Trinity the day the contest started. I spent hours on my makeup and a photoset specifically for the contest photo the day before. There's no reason to create drama centered around my Cream Team. I put in A LOT of work. My whole team did.

You should probably just keep thoughts like this to yourself, as to single out girls that work hard and treat this as the full time career it is for us is very wrong and petty, it paints you in a bad light on here with your co workers and potential customers will see your true colours, try to change your outlook and maybe make some effort and improvements on yourself before placing blame on others

fred778 May 9

I don’t see how that’s relevant to this contest.  When putting together a group picture like that it takes time sometimes but we don’t vote for them based on their photo.  You improve in contest by upping your game...not creating drama.

Even if you posted it same day it wasn't up when you started receiving votes, and the only reason I used this example was because it was the most recent contest and as very popular models your lack of photo was noticeable at first even if you put it quickly.
However, it is hard to deny that the same 12 or so models win almost every contest every week whether they try or not and about 10-20% of entries each week are totally random pictures. It would be more fair for everyone no matter your rank if they had moderators. No more random pics, not sticking to theme, not posting your own pics(rare but I've heard it can happen even here) or just putting "Coming soon" or "Vote for Me" instead of actual entries.

I'm not saying anyone doesn't try, that you don't work hard for what you make, that you don't deserve to win but top models have a huge advantage in contest because a lot of votes (not all but yes a lot) come because of who you are not what you post.

The point of the contest is to vote based on photo!!!!!!!!

So we don't have our photo up within the first hour of the contest starting and you're telling everyone on this blog post that we maintained our number 2 spot with no photo up for DAYS after the contest started? It sounds like you're trying to put up strict rules to disqualify people and use LIES to back up your reasoning. We're all in this together and it's not easy for ANYONE to do this type of job. Maybe instead of calling out other models using blatant lies you could try to network and make friends. Perhaps you hoped you could continue to spout lies in the comments for other petty people to believe and no one would see it? This is so hurtful and for no reason at all.

It feels like you're trying to quietly pit models against us in the comments by putting our contest name out there attached to lies. How about you address the stuff you made up and apologize before attempting to back pedal?

I didn't backpedal I clarified, and I could call out another 30+ by name if you wanted me to as I said before they only reason I used you is it's more noticeable when a top model does it.
If your entries don't stick to these "Strict rules" then I do honestly believe you deserve to be disqualified, but do tell me which you have a problem with.

Well then I suppose we didn't deserve to win because it took us an hour to put up our contest photo? Yikes... I reported your post to ManyVids I guess you can take it up with them personally rather than making stuff up in the comments

Good, I posted this hoping they would see it. They were the only ones I ever had a problem with, they are the ones with a system that need fixing. If you insist on taking personal insult no matter how many times I tell you that wasn't the point I was trying to make then that's your own fault.

Sounds like something you should have messaged ManyVids about before putting a whole team on blast with stuff you made up

First, in order to get to the top you got to have started on the bottom, and it success doesn't just get handed to you, everyone has to work for what they want (granted some may have some help along the way) you still got work for it. I don't usually post on things, but I feel like this needs to be said. I've had experience of being able to place in the top just a few times in my manyvids career on contests, and I can tell you first hand, although the photo is apart of it, its irrelevant to the contest. It's all about the work you put into it, the people who want to vote for you, support you,  rewards, and the consistency of pushing it till it ends and sometimes just luck on your side. I have to say specifically listing certain models as a example was definitely not the appropriate way to go about it. Although I can agree I think any photo put into the contest should be relevant to the theme, I think ultimately it really doesn't matter.

I have been on both sides of the spectrum from top 20 to over 500, I have learned that its more important to stop worrying about what others do, and worry about what you do and focus on yourself because the more time you spent on others the less time you have for success for yours. Suggestions are always welcomed to improve but I think you went about it the wrong way.

Yes well said and this is why I respect and build a friendship wth you, even tho we are all fighting for the same thing we should always respect each other and focus on ourselves, but I love to reach out and get to know other girls here but if you have something to say then say it to manyvids please don’t throw mud directly at the girls who are right beside you

Flower powerrrr lol

I chose pic girl

Love this Contest <3

I love u

Love the theme

Love the theme! Everyone looks so pretty! Luckily I had a pic of myself nude in honeysuckle vines. I guess they are my favorite flower, they look smell and taste good and remind me of good times outside. 🌸🌞  I'm rewarding paid votes with videos of your choice so vote for me and message me :)

Hotwife May 8

Good luck All! Come check me out, paid votes get Rewards of Anything i have to offer

Yay! Such an adorable theme. Come check out my wall for all my fabulous deals for paid votes!:manyvids:

Yay!!! good luck girls <3

Call me on skepe
My name on skepe : RAJESH86861

When does it end??

Super awesome! I'm gonna post my pic tonight. With all my awesome deals!!!😍

Cute theme. I love it!

Yay Spring is in every town

I loooove this contest idea

What a gorgeous picture :)

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