Never Remain Comfortable

Always improve your craft

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Last night, while I was finishing up a custom video for a client, I thought about how I much I improved since I started animating 3D Hentai back in 2015. I realized that hard work and persistence pays off in the long run.

I wanted to write this blog to remind all of you adult content creators out there to continue to improve your craft and to never remain comfortable in your current position. Today, you could be in good standing but at any moment you could fall flat on your face, wondering why all of your revenue has dried up. This industry is very competitive and there are models and studios out there that will offer a better product than you—you have to be sharp at all times. Here are a few tips that I think may be helpful for you to stay on top of your game and improve on the skills that you already possess for creating adult content.

1. Consistently ask for customer feedback

This is very important: I cannot stress how many times I require my customers to leave feedback and suggestions to help me improve on the content that I create. Find consistency through the feedback that is sent to you and work on the areas of your content that need improvement.

2. Write down objectives you want to accomplish throughout the year

I know many of you are wondering, "Why can't I manage my objectives on a PC?" Well, it’s proven to be much more effective to write down your objectives and goals in a notebook. It gets the brain flowing with ideas. Your goals are tangible in physical form, which you can hold in your hand. Your notebook is a constant reminder each and every moment you wake up that you must work hard to complete your objective and accomplish your goals. Open up your notebook at least three times a day to look over your objectives and see if you are getting closer to reaching them, or see if they need to be adjusted a bit more.

3. Drink water in the morning and eat something healthy and light

There is nothing more important than your body what it needs in order to function during the day. Since I am self-employed, I wake up and get right to work with handling custom orders and my own personal projects. Drinking a glass of water and eating a banana, or anything healthy of that matter, will get the brain going and will help motivate you to think critically before starting out your day.

4. Scope out the competitive landscape

Stay up with the latest trends circulating the adult industry so you won't get left behind. The best thing to do is see if the newest trend is something that you can incorporate with your own content. If it relates, or if there is a way to put your own twist on it, then I suggest you should give it a try. This also goes back to Tip 1 (Ask for customer feedback) because if experimenting with incorporating new trends into your content is successful due to the feedback you are receiving, then you know that you hit the mark. If the opposite comes into effect, then it’s best to know from your customers right away so you won't waste time creating content that your audience clearly doesn't want to see from you.

So that's about it. Take these tips into consideration. You lose nothing by giving them a try. And remember to always work on improving your content—never remain content with your current position.


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I joke that my daytimer and notebooks are my "external brain", but seriously....writing it down makes it real!! thank you for this <3

No problem XD


Very good tips! thank you!


On your profile, it says you rendered faces from “real life people you know”. I hope you get their permission first.

Uh, they asked me to do it.

Uh, it was just a question. I didn’t see any reference to who the models are.

Reference are just close friends who are in the industry, and I was also referring to their personality as well since my movies are story based. I've never done any other models based on people outside my friend circle.

Love your Hentai videos <3


I struggle with the goals so I started writing out my monthly goals on a whiteboard with a calendar! also this post is making me regret not picking up bananas at the store like I should have

Oh yea, a whiteboard is another way of keeping up with your goals. I really like that!

Thanks for your tips.

Anytime XD

Wow wonderful job, thanks for your tips!

No problem, anytime XD

Best post I’ve seen on here and something I was just thinking about. Kudos.

Glad to help XD

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