This week's Winning Wednesday Flower Power Contest has come to an end and it was so cool to see all of our MV Stars surrounded with beautiful blooms!

Congratulations to the following MV Stars for winning the cash prizes!

Our Best Pic winner (pictured above) is MV Girl Heidiv! She wins $50.

In first place and taking home $500 is the stunning MV Girl Dawn Willow! Congrats!

Image title

Our second place winner is MV Girl Buxxxom. She wins $200. Woohoo!

Image title

And our third sexy stiletto winner is lilcanadiangirl. Amazing pic! Enjoy your $100!

Image title

Thank you all so much for participating and making this contest possible and fun! And, stay tuned for more great contests!

- MV Team

Mary Cox May 13


im wondering guys how much time u spend on choose best pic?
They are all so good

Yay congratulations everyone!! This contest brought out the most adorable photos, seriously :A

Congrats everyone! <3 I loved all the pics we all used. So pretty and unique!

Buxxxom May 10

Thanks to everyone who voted for me for a great win on my 30th Birthday! Thank you, MV! :A

Yay! Congrats babe! <3


nobodyisherepickle12 deleted May 10

Congrats winners! All stunning photos!!

Well done winners! <3<3<3<3

heidiv May 10

yay! thank you so much MV :)

Of course! Your photo is stunning <3

Well done honey!!!! Xxxxx your expression was very ‘cheeky little flower imp’ and well deserved of the best picture prize xxxx

Yaaaay!!!!! I knew your pic was the best too!!!!

Awesome! Congratulations Heidi! <3

Congrats ladies!

Thanks for hosting another great contest, I love these things :)

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