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If talking dirty doesn’t come naturally to you, just know that you are not alone. Certain elements of dirty talk can be funny or distasteful for some people, while for others it can be an extreme turn on. The explicit use of word imagery allows some people to lose themselves in the moment and reach a higher level of passion, there is even scientific research out there exploring why we love dirty talk. I’m sure I could quote and site studies but I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on dirty talk if you are reading this here on 

I consider talking dirty an art form, that is something adventurous and fun. Whether you are talking dirty to your partner or for a video, incorporating dirty can take things to the next level. As an MV Star, I get to venture into other people’s sexual fantasies and one way I do this is through custom videos. Recently I had a request for specific dirty talk, fifteen minutes into this custom video request I apparently ran out of words and phrases to describe the male appendage and said “sex pistol.” I stopped the recording and had a good belly laugh wondering who in the hell calls it a sex pistol? Time for some self-improvement!

As adults we often times forget that it is ok to practice at something we aren’t good at so I decided to take a scholarly approach to it. 


There is so much help online but where do you start? I read a few lists of dirty talk phrases, giggling out loud at some great words (Custard Slinger, Meat Stick) and took note of other words and phrases I could actually see myself saying. The items that helped guide me on my journey were:

Elizabeth Cramer 131 Dirty Talk Examples: Learn How To Talk Dirty with These Simple Phrases That Drive Your Lover Wild & Beg You For Sex Tonight

Dr. Jess How to Dirty Talk Like a Pro 

Armed with a new outlook I moved forward with my self-improvement plan which now also involved some inadvertent self-discovery. I thought about my online persona and what this naughty woman was all about, what tone and direction I was comfortable with for my video work. I tend to lean towards an encouraging tone but discovered I’m open to trying something new. After my research, the below is a quick guide of elements to include when creating your own dirty talk.

There are 3 key aspects to successful dirty talk: set the tone (whether you are dominate, encouraging, loving, etc), set the time (present, past, future, fantasy) and use the senses (what you see, feel, taste, etc).


Record yourself:  Over the next few days I took my list and used the memo feature on my iPhone to record myself talking dirty (10 mins).  Listen back to your recording and look for areas of improvement such as repeated phrases, or words, too short or not enough pauses, the tone of voice and my favorite… saying the word UM. It is ok to be having fun with this, I did laugh and even used funny voices at one point, then it all started to fall into place after the fifth recording.

Solicit input: I forwarded a few of my better recordings to a friend who gave me some constructive feedback. They suggested some word alternatives for me to use, and how my heavy breathing and long pauses alone were a turn on. All solid advice that I have been putting into practice. 

Watch porn on mute: That weekend I carved out some time to watch porn on mute, where I added the dirty talk for them. This exercise was not only fun but challenging as I didn’t know what they were going to do next, therefore, keeping me on my toes and challenging my creativity. I did realize this could be a fun game to play with a lover to spice things up a bit. 

Report Card:

I’m moving up the scale of dirty talk quality, improving over time and with continued practice I see myself gaining a larger vocabulary and confidence as I practice and watch other videos containing explicit talk. I’ve started to read more erotica and short stories, paying special attention to what might work for me and what I enjoy.  As I continue this dirty journey my interests are expanding beyond basic dirty talk and into writing and giving voice to my own erotica stories. With a small investment in an ebook and about two hours a week in research and practice, I’m hoping to get an A+ in dirty talk.  

Please feel free to share your own dirty talk fails in the blog comments, let the laughing begin!  

Lots of love,

Lynsey Naughty Hottie

Akhilak Jul 11

Love dirt

Really good, I love dirty talk. And this are definitely good exercises, like recording yourself to explore and make it better. Watching porn in mute and recreate the dirty talk sounds super fun:apple:

Really good, I love dirty talk. And this are definitely good exercises, like recording yourself to explore and make it better. Watching porn in mute and recreate the dirty talk sounds super fun

Really good, I love dirty talk. And this are definitely good exercises, like recording yourself to explore and make it better. Watching porn in mute and recreate the dirty talk sound super fun

Awesome article, trying to improve on my dirty talking, lol. This will sure help, thanks. :x<3

Great article with some really good ideas on how to improve in that area.  I have a hard time talking in general, and have never done dirty talk.  Most of my videos are dancing and I’ve only spoken in a few of them.  I will be trying these techniques!  Thank you for sharing your insights.

I legit needed this tonight. Had two custom requests that specifically asked for dirty talk and i'm soooooooooo bad at it lol

Just think of it as something to practice and celebrate your improvements

Dirty talk has definitely been a weakness of mine in the past, but your tips will hopefully help me to improve that, thank you!

I’ve never been good with dirty talk but this made me feel better

I LOVE filth talking during sex. All my videos contain a lot of it bc it’s something I do a lot in my real world.


Interesting. As a customer, I must say that, for me, it's more than just talking dirty. It's also about the personality of the girl. I LOVE extroverted dirty-talking women. Something about her being so vocal and outspoken. But that's just me.  :)

Exactly!!! For some people that is hard to do when it is just you and the camera, for others it’s easy.

This is great! :)

Thank you 🤗

Hotwife Jul 9

Love this! Dirty talk has been my biggest struggle,  Working in front of a camera alone has gave me alot of confidence,  its slow coming , but I'm getting better 😀

Dirty talk can add so much to the experience! I love filling my vids with it for my customers.  Hoping it gives them the most intense ejaculations ever.  Great article!:A

For sure!!

I just love to have a mouth as pure as the driven slush!!! :D I am a Lancashire/UK lass, and swearing and vulgar language aren’t really as much of a big think, so having a mouth like a sailor comes naturally :D

*Just* this morning I thought, "I wonder if there are any guides for folks who struggle with dirty talk." I am taking notes for my own practice. Thank you for sharing your tips for success!

Happy dirty talking 😉

This was great

Thank you 🤗

Omg I LOVE these exercises! What awesome ideas! Thanks Lynsey!

Good luck!! 🍀


This is one of the best how-tos I’ve seen on here. Great tips Lynsey 💛

KatKiss deleted Jul 8

same. solid and fun to read 😍

Thank you 🤗

Thanks for the love 😘

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